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Master Addons for Elementor Review [Ultimate Elementor Block Plugin]

When it comes to designing a WordPress website, Elementor is always the designer’s favorite pick. The only reason why Elementor kept ahead itself of all its competition is its customizability.

To get even beyond the Elementor’s everyday experience, Master Addons comes with a vast array of features and widgets. Your website will be far ahead of any general website. Master Addons is an addon to Elementor’s page builder that allows developers to adapt and customize their designs. 

The addon brings extended usability to the Elementor’s existing features along with new features and widgets. With a total of 70+ widgets and features, Master Addons could be your trusted companion on building your WordPress website with drag and drop features. 

It has both free and paid versions that will eventually benefit you regardless of your budget. 

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Master Addons for Elementor Review: The Features 


I would like to begin the review section by giving an overview of what this Elementor addon brings to the table. After that, I will try to conduct a detailed hands-on review of Master Addons. 

  • Some forefront features based on popularity are:
  • Custom responsive breakpoints
  • Header, footer, and comment builder
  • Mega menu builder
  • Content restriction: controlled access to content and templates
  • Display conditions: show or hide widgets. 
  • Entrance animations for sections, columns, and widgets
  • Custom positioning
  • Custom CSS at the individual element level
  • Custom JavaScript
  • Particles
  • Hover effect
  • Template library (rich with pre-build designs)

In addition to these features, the addon offers some extra set of elements to make customizing work more fun and easy. Here are a few prominent element lists from the 45+ elements of Master Addons. 

MA templates builder
  • Form elements: Ninja Forms, Contact Forms, Gravity Forms, Web Forms, etc.
  • Image hotspot
  • Image comparison
  • Content toggle
  • Animated Headlines
  • Dual Heading
  • Advanced Accordion
  • Tabs
  • Progressbar
  • Progress bars
  • Instagram feed
  • Gallery slider
  • Dynamic table

Master Addons Pricing

Master Addons offers both free and premium versions. The free version covers basics and moderate features, which are a handful if you are just testing the water. 

But if you want to try out the paid version, it comes in 3 tires of the following. 

  • Personal– 1 website, exclusive features,$39 per year, $129 for lifetime
  • Business- 3 websites, exclusive features, $49 per year, $149 for lifetime
  • Developer– 1000 websites, exclusive features, $199 per year, $399 for lifetime

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14 Days Free Trial and Money Back Guarantee: 

You can enjoy a 14-day free trial with 30 days money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the services, they are obliged to return your money with their hassle-free return policy.  

To get a detailed look at pricing and features, please visit the pricing page of Master Addons.

Let’s Explore Master Addons in detail

Let’s dig a little into the hands-on experience of Master Addons. Although this article is not enough to cover all its features, but I will try to focus on the most popular features of Master Addons here. 

Custom Responsive Breakpoint

Custom Responsive Breakpoint is a feature that has taken it to a different height. The custom breakpoint will enable you to create a responsive website perfect for any interface. While there are only 3 general breakpoints in Elementor by default. 

Enabling the custom breakpoint feature, you can have a new breakpoint tab in your dashboard. There you can set and choose from many custom breakpoints as well. 

After setting them up, breakpoints will be accessible in the Elementor interface. You will find the breakpoints to be very handy and useful while testing page responsiveness. So use the desired breakpoints in responsive design control properly. 

Mega Menu Builder

It’s a pretty handy tool, especially for web visitors to navigate themselves through the whole website. 

Usually, you need to get an additional plugin to get this mega menu option, but Master Addons eliminates the need for this. You just enable Mega Menu, then edit and design it with the Elementor. It’s this simple. 

Just go to Appearance > Menus, and enable Mega Menu there, and you are good to go. 

Header, Footer, and Comment builder

Master addons header-footer

With this feature, you can edit and design header, footer, and comment forms individually. Master Addons enables you to choose from its premade templates from its rich template library. 

One specialty of this feature is that you can use the header, footer, and comment forms conditionally. For example, the same header footer and forms for the whole site or differences in different contents.

header footer design

The plugin has an extensive pre-built headers and footers library. So you can use these pre-made templates for your site for faster design. If you are a beginner, I hope these templates will help you a lot.

Display Condition

Master addons-display conditions

Want to show or hide content audience-wise? This addon enables you to offer selective content for selective audiences. This feature allows you to block or show content depending on: login, age, membership, usage, date time, and different status. 

Entrance Animation


Adding animation in any section, column or widget is very simple with the Entrance Animation feature of Master Addons. With additional features, it makes the animation effects more customizable and interactive in Elementor.

Custom CSS

Although Elementor allows using Custom CSS, but it is limited to page specific. You can not add to the selected column, widget, and section of any page. Master Addons, on the bright side, allows you to have new custom CSS settings that work for specific items as well. 

Image Hover Effect

A wonderful feature gives you the opportunity to put the title and description on your image. With premade 20+ available effects and custom designing options, Image Hover Effect offers you broader freedom in your creative design. 

Gallery Slider


To enhance user experience, the gallery slider showcases a much bigger image with thumbs beside that. It is actually an image gallery where the layout has one bigger displaying image with several thumb images in the gallery.

In addition to that, the plugin offers a range of design and editing options not to be limited to existing layouts and designs. 

Toggle Content

Toggle content offers a visual aid to the visitor to toggle between the options and get desired answer or information in a short time. Mostly used for monthly and lifetime payment details. Just enable the feature in the dashboard and you are good to go. 

Restrict Contents


In some cases, it becomes required to lock or restrict some contents of a page or pages. Using the content locker element of Master Addons you can restrict your contents based on: 

Nav Menu

You can incorporate different types of navigation menus with the Nav Menu feature. The add-on has a list of menus you can choose from. There are many different types of menus, including multi-page menus, one-page navigation menus, and hamburger menus.

Final Words

When it comes to a website making it responsive, dynamic, and personalized stays at the top of all concerns. With this sole purpose in mind, thousands of add-ons and plugins have been created and are being developed. 

But experience shows only a few could outpace the competition. Master Addons provide enhanced features and widgets to enhance the Elementor design experience.

The end result brings in a much responsive, engaging, and dynamic website for the users to interact with. The Master Addons for Elementor review has hopefully given you some new insights.

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