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Impreza Theme Review (2022): Best For Multi-purpose Using

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Would you like to design your website without hiring a developer? No matter what type of business you are running through your website, the Impreza theme is suitable for almost any website due to its versatility.

Among the top 50 best-selling themes on Themeforest, Impreza is a highly recommended theme.

Here, I will share the Impreza theme review so that you can have a clear understanding of this WordPress theme. I will try to cover almost all of the essential elements of this topic for you to gain a greater understanding and make a more informed decision.

Impreza Theme Review

Let’s look.

Impreza Theme

A multi-purpose theme is essential for keeping the website clean and easily accessible for all users. So you should choose a theme that incorporates all of the necessary features to make your website more user-friendly. The Impreza WordPress theme offers so many useful features.

Are you planning on starting a blog or online shop? If so, you can use it for any WordPress site.

This is a premium theme. It was developed by Upsolution. This professional and flexible theme is designed to keep the focus on all the important details. It is one of the most interesting, well-designed, and feature-rich themes available today.

The Impreza offers a wide range of customization options. This theme offers many features, such as pre-designed headers, grid layouts, and much more.

Impreza Best WordPress Theme

The current version of the theme fixes and improves a wide range of bugs and features. Additionally, the auto-optimization of JS and CSS files has been added, which is a more useful feature than the other premium functions.

Approximately 88 thousand + copies have been sold since its creation in 2013. More than 5,000+ users have submitted reviews. The latest version of 7.13 was released in January 2021 with many remarkable improvements.

Core Features of Impreza Theme

Let’s talk about some features

Key Features:

  • Unique demos.
  • Compatible Plugins.
  • Customized Design.
  • Drag and Drop editor.
  • Parallax Effects.
  • Vivid Background and Translation.
  • Typography and portfolio options.
  • Flexible Installation and Animations.
  • SEO Optimization.

Unique Pre-Built Templates & Demos:

No coding knowledge is required to create a unique website. Impreza offers 20+ pre-built templates for various types of websites.

There are some popular pre-built templates available for users:

  • Main-page pre-built/demo: This is the default and basic design. This template is highly customized and optimized for speed and SEO. You can use this for various types of business websites.
  • One-page pre-built theme: Maybe you are just looking to design your website with only one page. You don’t need to worry. The Impreza Theme has a fantastic one-page pre-built theme.
One-page pre-built theme
  • Creative Agency pre-built theme: This pre-built design is perfect for those creative people who have an agency and now want to be visible or serve online. You can run your business smoothly and earn extra income with this awesome customized theme.
  • Portfolio pre-built design/demo: If you are good at something high in demand in the marketplace, you will need to showcase your work samples to get a decent job or project. Creating a portfolio for every freelancer and creative, skilled person is better to show their talents in specific sectors. In remote work, it is more powerful than a resume. The Impreza portfolio demo/pre-built template can help you.
  • Blog pre-built theme: Blogging is the most potent and fast-growing business to make your passive income. Want to create a blog website? This pre-built theme/demo can help. You can learn the pros and cons of blogging.
Impreza Theme Review (2022): Best For Multi-purpose Using 1
  • Restaurant Demo: You own a restaurant, and you want to create a website to generate more revenue. Want a clean and well-designed website for your restaurant? This pre-design can satisfy you.
  • Photography Design template: As a photographer, everyone needs an awesome website to store all of their beautiful creations. People can see outstanding works while they are visiting a photography website. So this pre-built theme must be a well-decorated and responsive design. In that case, the photography demo of the Impreza Theme will be a good option.

Check More Live Demos of Impreza Theme

Compatible Plugins:

Impreza provides a package of premium plugins free of charge. This package includes the original page builder, “Visual Composer.” With Visual Composer, you can design your pages and create them through drag and drop.

Another is the “Add-on” for Visual Composer. Most people refer to it as the “Ultimate Addons,” which you can use for free with this theme. You can also use many other features to customize your site.

Compatible Plugins Impreza theme

Parallax effects and animations are also possible with this add-on. However, there is a slowdown problem with its use. The Impreza team advises disabling this plugin for optimal performance.

Additionally, Impreza provides the slider revolution plugin. So you never have to install a separate slider plugin to add a custom slider section.

Customized Design:

Let’s think you have your content or article setup, and now it needs modification. Besides, you will need to design the website to your desire requirements. Impreza gives you plenty of options to do so.

Such as,

  • Layout options: You can set the width or box design of your content in this option.
  • Styling: You can choose to underline links, either choose a pre-defined color scheme or your own color. You can also select either the corners of your pages are rounded or straight.
  • Header options: You can customize your site’s header here. You can set the main area height, width, Inverted logo position, and so on.
  • Logo options: By using this, you will be able to set that how your site logo will look like as you want. You can also change its color and transparency. 

Drag and Drop editor: 

Let’s say that you have already prepared your content and have now decided to modify it. In addition, you will have to design the website according to your requirements. Impreza offers numerous options for doing so.

Such as,

  • Layout options: You can set your content’s width or box design in this option.
  • Styling: You can choose to underline links, either choose a pre-defined color scheme or your own color. You can also choose whether the corners of your pages are rounded or straight.
  • Header options: You can customize your site’s header here. You can set the main area height, width, Inverted logo position, etc.
  • The logo options allow you to customize how your site’s logo will appear. You can also change its color and transparency.
supported plugins

Parallax effects:

Parallax is a modern graphics technique in which foreground images appear to move faster than background images. You can apply the parallax effect to the header’s background image when creating a new page.

There are three types of effects in the Impreza WordPress theme.

  • Vertical Parallax: The header’s background image scrolls at a slower speed than the page. It swipes from up to down.
  • Vertical Reversed Parallax: Vertical Reversed Parallax is the opposite of vertical parallax. The header’s background moves down while users scroll down.
  • Horizontal Parallax: Image moves left or right according to mouse or hover movement.

Vivid Background & Translation:

It allows you to create a website that is both creative and interesting. You can add video backgrounds to any section of your website. The video formats .mp4, .webm, and .ogv are supported.

With this video background, the courser’s movement is reflected on a horizontal parallax background that is also compatible with mobile devices.

Impreza is optimized for the WordPress Multilingual Plugin (WPML). This allows you to work with multiple languages.

You can use one installation to create content for different versions. Users can also select their preferred language during installation. Impreza provides a vast library of language files for efficient translation.

Typography & Portfolio Options:

To demonstrate your site’s capabilities, the portfolio is essential. With Impreza’s portfolio tools, you will be pleased with the level of functionality. You can build your company’s portfolio with indents, adjust column numbers, and adjust item ratios in this option.

Thus, you may display breadcrumbs, enable or disable navigation, enable user comments, and more.

Additionally, you may customize the portfolio and portfolio category slugs. There are over 17 portfolio grid styles available for customization.

For all textual elements, advanced typographical options are available. Just select the fonts of your content. In addition, you can also change the font’s weight and size. If you wish to use your own created font on your website, that is possible.

However, you must be careful when using typographic and portfolio options. Whatever you change here will affect the entire website.

Flexible Installation & Animations:

The installation process of Impreza WordPress Theme consists of three ways:

  • Cpanel
  • FTP
  • WordPress dashboard

We prefer to use the WordPress dashboard to upload, install, and activate the theme.

WordPress theme Installation

It enhances installation flexibility in terms of customization and options for modification. Impreza provides advanced portfolio options for generating customized databases based on various products.

With Impreza, you can create an excellent company portfolio using interactive animation tools.

SEO Optimization:

For a website to be successful, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial. All WordPress themes would not be complete without SEO. However, Impreza takes care of these matters appropriately.

It can achieve high SEO performance because it was created with proper HTML semantics and significant interactions for search engines.

Other Features:

  • Over 1300 icons are available for a better typographical experience.
  • Eight different layouts have been added.
  • Included a blank child theme to save your changes automatically.
  • Responsive and Retina ready.
  • It’s WooCommerce ready.
  • Unlimited customs area included with a default sidebar and four-footers.
  • Easy and quick configuration saves time.
  • User support and updates are helping while facing any problems.


  • Responsive Design
  • Optimized for speed & SEO
  • Lifetime free updating
  • One-click and quick demo installer (20 sec)
  • Easy to design and develop
  • Highly customized
  • User-friendly function
  • Affordable


  • The support team takes 36 hours to fix a problem.

Theme Test & Child Theme Support

It is an excellent, unique method for judging the quality of the Impreza Theme. It is advisable to test different websites to determine whether the Impreza Theme is adjustable before purchasing it.

You will be required to migrate all of the content from your website to the testing site. That is how you will know whether it is appropriate for your website or not.

If you are a developer or wish to make further modifications to the design, you may use a child theme. A child theme will save you valuable time, and you will be able to customize the theme to your liking easily.

Documentation & Support

The Impreza theme is very flexible and provides you with step-by-step instructions on using it. By following these instructions, you can quickly set up your website.

Developer friendly

Moreover, the support team of the Impreza theme is very friendly and professional. The UpSolution team provides you with sufficient support to resolve any problem within 36 hours.


While the Impreza Theme has many attractive features, including premium plugins, its author has not maintained a high price level.

Therefore, it is very affordable. You may purchase this theme for a reasonable price of $59. If you purchase the Impreza theme, you will receive six months of free support. This can be extended if necessary.

Buy Impreza Theme

Impreza Theme Review: Last Words

The selection of the right premium theme is critical for improving the design and speed of your website. Since you are spending money on it, that ensures it will be worth your money.

Before purchasing a theme, you must consider which element will be the most suitable for your website. You already know that the Impreza theme works well for nearly all types of sites, but we encourage you to learn more about it; for example, is it cost-effective?

We hope that using the Impreza theme is not an unacceptable decision for you and that, of course, it will not waste your money and time.

Throughout this article, you will find the complete Impreza theme review. If you could find your solution in this review, we would appreciate it. Thank you for reading.

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