how to track visitors on wordpress website

How To Track Visitors On WordPress Website [Easy Guide + 12 WordPress Visitor Tracking Plugins]

Hundreds of millions of people use the internet daily, and a good chunk of them visit websites. If you have a WordPress site, it’s important to track your website visitors to see which pages they’re visiting, where they’re coming from, and how long they’re staying on your site.

This information can help you improve your website’s design, content, and marketing strategy. As a beginner, it can be confusing for you to track the website traffic in the right way.

In this article, we will guide you through setting up the traffic tracker and how to utilize that for your benefit.

What is Website Traffic Analysis & What Are Traffic Analysis Tools?

Traffic analysis means tracking the number of visitors to your website, their location, the time they stay there, and what they do when they visit. It’s a vital part of any web business, as it helps you improve the efficiency of your website and increase your online income.

In the past, there were very few tools you could use for traffic analysis. But now, plenty of good tools are available to help you track your website’s statistics.

Traffic Analysis Tools

Traffic analysis tools are software that helps you analyze your website’s statistics. There are many traffic analysis tools available for you to use, but not all of them are good.

Some of them lack the necessary features that make it difficult for you to traffic analysis. When the tool provides data on multiple mandatory variables, you can list it as a good traffic analysis tool.

The tool you choose should have page-level tracking, real-time tracking, traffic source tracking, device tracking, and conversion tracking. If you are serious about utilizing your traffic to grow your business, you must invest in a good traffic analysis tool.

How Does Website Visitor Tracking Software Work?

A good website visitor tracking software helps you track your website’s visitors, their actions, and where they came from. It also provides you with insights into what content is driving the most traffic so that you can make changes accordingly.

Tracking Softwares use rDNS (Reverse Domain System) and script to collect data from the visitor. rDNS collect the IP address of the visitor’s device, and the script collects other data such as an address, Country, etc.

Why You Need to Track Your Website Traffic?

By tracking your website visitors, you can learn where they are coming from, what pages they visit, and how long they stay on your site.

Tracking your website visitors gives you valuable insight into what information they are looking for and how to serve them better. When visitors come to your site, the aim is to convert them into leads or sales.

You can look at which content is getting the most visitors and look at the pages that are getting the least amount of visitors. You can improve the low-performing pages and bring similar content to high-performing content.

Sometimes you might get maximum traffic from a specific country. You can tailor your content to suit the needs of your visitors from that country. Also, you might want to change or translate your site to that country or use their tone in writing. 

How to Track Visitors on WordPress Website [Easy Ways]

You can track your WordPress website traffic using a plugin or a third-party website. You can use Google Analytics to track any website traffic. You can collect and show the data from your google analytics directly on your WP dashboard using the MonsterInsight plugin.

Setting Up Google Analytics Account

First, you must create a Google Analytics account using your Gmail ID. Give a name to your Google Analytics Account and click next.

Google Analytics account form

It is also mandatory to set a GA4 property, an advanced tracking system from Google. Name it and proceed to the next step.

google analytics property details form

Add your business details and mark everything you want to track. Now click on “Create.” Then accept Google’s terms and conditions.

google analytics business size category form

Google Analytics can track data from Android apps and IOS apps apart from the website. But in this case, we will choose Web.

selecting data collection source for google analytics

Add the website name and URL, and choose the data you want to measure. Then click on “Create Stream” to create the property.

measuring action on your website

Once everything is done perfectly now, you will have to configure the tag to track your web visitors. For that, click on “View Tag Instruction.” 

setting up GA tag instruction

You have to copy the Code from this tab and paste it into the theme coding just before the </head> tag.

GA data collection code

Your Google Analytics account is active now.

Google Analytics is solely capable of providing you with all the data, and the UI is very user-friendly. However, if you want to track everything from the WP dashboard, we recommend using MonsterInsight.

Setting Up MonsterInsight

Monsterinsight setup wizard

If you want, you can purchase the MonsterInsight Pro plugin. However, you can start with the free plan as well. Install the plugin from the WP repo. 

Once activated, it will guide you through a setup wizard. Follow the instruction to set up the plugin properly. 

Choose the category of your business. Business and eCommerce website owners should choose the right option between them. Apart from these, if you have any other category, you have to go with Blog.

Monsterinsight website category selection

You will have to connect your plugin to your Google Analytics account on the next page. Click on “Connect MonsterInsight” to proceed.

Connect monsterinsight with GA

Now select the Google Account that you used to create your Google Analytics Property. 

Connect Google account with monsterinsight

And now you have to choose the right property for the website. You might have multiple GA properties, and you won’t be able to connect one with another. Choose the right property and click “Complete Connection.”

select GA4 property for monsterinsights

Save and continue the next few tabs and your setup is all done.

Viewing Tracking Reports in Google Analytics

If you want to track your visitors from Google Analytics directly, you need to understand its feature. We will also guide you to check these data from the WP dashboard, yet let’s look at what you will get.


You will be able to see the active visitors on your site and their activities. This report also shows the best performing content with the top keyword it ranks for. 


The audience report will complete audience activities. The number of new users, returning users, and their sessions. You can also check the session duration report to justify the strength of your content.

If you want a deeper report on demographics like country, language, and browser, you can get them here too. This tool is so advanced that it will also show the operating system of the visitors.


Here you will be able to get an overview of your traffic source. If you are investing heavily in a specific marketing strategy, you will be able to understand whether that is working.

You can check the organic traffic, paid traffic, social media traffic, or if someone landed on your website from your brand name. 


Here you will have a report on the content performance of the website. It shows where most visitors come to your site and which page loses the most traffic. You can restructure your strategies utilizing these reports.


An eCommerce website can track its Funnels, Goals, and Product performance. You will have to set up these manually, and they won’t appear automatically. 

Viewing Website Visitor Reports in WordPress

That is also possible if you prefer to check all the reports from the WP dashboard. You can check all the GA data on your WP dashboard using MonsterInsight. You can use other plugins to track visitors as well. But let’s look at MonsterInsight first.

Viewing Tracking Reports in MonsterInsight

Overview Reports

You can get from the name that it will provide you with all the necessary data on your site. Your website’s real-time traffic, visitor demographic, and device info all of these will appear in this report. 

You can get a basic idea of what you need to do with your site. You can identify if your web traffic is mostly from mobile or desktop. Tailor your content accordingly to maximize your business profit.

Publisher Reports

If your website is monetized with Google Adsense, then you can use this segment to identify the performance. You will have to link both Google Analytics and Adsense to check the data. You can see impressions, CTR, bounce rate, etc. 

Search Console Reports

Search Console Reports show what Google is watching on your website. You won’t be able to see the data directly on GA(Google Analytics), but you will land on the GSC account. 

Ecommerce Reports

This is helpful mostly to eCommerce websites as eCommerce websites don’t have to rank for every keyword but generate more sales.

You can choose between Standard Report and Enhanced Report; both provide sales, revenue, purchase, and goals information. The enhanced report can show you the customer’s journey to the checkout page.

Dimensions Reports

A dimension report is not a regular report you can use and understand easily. It is more of a complex and comparative report.

For example, if you want to compare the traffic count on Paid vs. Organic traffic, that will be a dimension report. However, this data can create a custom report for your site.

Real-Time Report

Real-time reports show you the current number of visitors to your website. Also, it includes which landing page the visitor is and what device he is using.

This is especially helpful when you upload new content and track the performance of that content. 

More Website Tracking Plugin for WordPress 

Google is the top search engine used to get traffic but is not the only one. Your website may get a lot of visitors from Bing, DuckDuck Go, or Yandex. Google Analytics is not able to get you those data. 

Also, even if you like GA, there is a way to check all the data from your WP dashboard without using MonsterInsight. Now, look at other plugins you can use to track website traffic. 

Site Kit by Google

The first plugin to get all the data directly on your WP dashboard is Site Kit. This official plugin from Google connects all the Google Tracking websites in one place.

This plugin lets you connect your Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and Adsense account.

After installing the plugin, click “Sign in with Google” and verify your domain. Then allow all the recommended settings by google and click on connect.

site kit sign up

If you already created your Google Analytics property for the domain, it will detect that automatically. However, if you need a new one, you can select “Create a New Property” and hit the Configuration button. But in our case, we will use the premade GA4 Account.

site kit analytic configuration

Click on proceed and allow the requirements from your google account. And you will be able to track your website visitors from your WordPress dashboard.

WP Statistics

WPSatisitics home page

WP Statistic is an excellent plugin to track your visitors without Google Analytics (GA). You can track visitors from multiple search engines. It also provides data on daily, weekly, and monthly traffic. 

You can get a real-time user count on your site along with the top 10 content of the site. This plugin also shows which search engine brought the most traffic to the site. 

If you are not satisfied with these data only, it can track visitors’ countries, devices, and platforms. You can check your best backlink from this plugin as well.

AFS Analytics

afs analytics home page

If you want to track your eCommerce visitors but don’t want to rely only on Google, then you can use AFS Analytics. They offer a 15-day free trial to track the web traffic for an unlimited number of sessions.

You can check data on the number of visitors, unique visitors, demographics, browsers, and much more. For eCommerce, the website AFS has a WooCommerce plugin that will allow you to check funnel reports, Top customer reports, and Top Product reports as well. 

You can monitor all these directly from the WP dashboard or using the ASF dashboard. ASF will enlist visitors from any source or any search engine in the data. 

Jetpack by WordPress

jetpack wp plugin page

Jetpack is an all-in-one solution for WordPress. It is not a dedicated analytics plugin, but you can get basic data from this one. On the free plan, you can get daily page view counts on your page and maximum all-time page views.

Although it counts the bot’s clicks and your clicks on the traffic counter for basic tracking, it’s usable. 


mixpanel dashboard

Mixpanel is an excellent traffic tracker for an eCommerce website. You can have multiple data of your visitors, their device, and people who make the most purchase. You can also find real-time data and interact with a customer.

Push notification to a customer leaving the sales page can increase conversion. The best thing about this tool, it is quite easy to integrate with WordPress.

Go to the project settings on the Mixpanel Dashboard and copy the Project Token. Go to Mixpanel Option under Settings in WordPress, paste the token, and save. You can track your visitors from Mixpanel Dashboard but not in the WP dashboard.


Matomo wp plugin page

If you are looking for a GA alternative, then Matomo is a powerful option. You can track almost everything you can do with GA. Whereas GA can track visitors from only Google channels, Matomo will track everyone who lands on your site.

You will be able to track daily page views. Top page, best performing keywords, landing page, exit page, and dwell time on your page. You can also set up your goals and conversion tracking on Matomo. 

If that’s not enough, you can track your visitor’s country, device, and browsers. You can also use the eCommerce tracking feature if you have an eCommerce website.

It is also a plug-and-play tool. Install and activate the plugin on your website and that it. You can track your visitors from the WP dashboard. report page is a premium analytic tool that provides you with multiple data. It lets you collect data from your content and campaigns across various platforms and channels. 

It is designed to help you understand your campaign analytics on every one of your channels in real-time. View which sources drove engagement and figure out how to continue.

Parsely has several integrations, making it simple for you to connect it to your website or app. Its smooth integration into WordPress ensures you receive the best experience when using the software.

You can start with a demo account in and upgrade when you feel it is right.

Clicky Analytics

clickly analytics wp plugin page

Clicky Analytics is an excellent option if you don’t want to go through too many setup wizards. You can easily track all the necessary data and visitors from your Dashboard directly. 

You can track your new, returning, and unique visitors daily. If you have an event or downloadable content on your website, this plugin will help you trace those. If you are worried about pageviews, you can also track that.

Including all these, you can track your visitor’s Country, Language, and device. Tracking the top, landing, and exit pages are relatively easy. That is also possible if you want to track your download or event precisely.

You can track your traffic source and top referring domain as well. The plugin will show you the top-performing keywords on searches that your website is ranking.

Installing the plugin is as usual as any other plugin. You can create a free account on Clicky if your website has less than 3000 pageviews per day.

Go to Clicky Analytics under Settings in the WP dashboard and paste the Site ID and Site Secret Key from your Clicky Analytic account. 

Now you can track your visitors from Dashboard> Clicky Analytics in the WP dashboard.


woopra home page

Woopra has a straightforward solution for everything from installation to visitor tracking. You can track your visitors just after installing the plugin on your site. Create a Woopra account and track everything from the Woopra dashboard.

With Woopra, you can do a lot, along with visitor tracking. The Woopra dashboard shows you the number of Visitors in a month and the number of returning visitors. You can see a journey map of your visitors before they purchase or complete an event.

You can also monitor the custom activity of the visitors. You need to set up a custom trigger to track the activity. For example, you can track your CTA button click or special PDF download from this analytic tool.

You can check the visitor’s country, device, and browser on the people tab. Analyze your top page, top cities, and devices your visitors come from. Best incoming and outgoing links and more. 

Also, if you have Google AdSense or any Email Marketing tool on your website, you can also track those conversions from this Dashboard. 


statcounter home page

Statcounter is another easy-to-install plugin that can track your visitors directly from the WP dashboard. You have to create a Statcounter account with your website URL first. Then install the Statcounter plugin on your WordPress website.

Add your site ID and security code from the Statcounter Project config page. Update Options in the plugin. You can track everything from the Statcounter platform; however, if you want, you can also do it from the WP dashboard.

First, Go to Dashboard > Statcounter Stats in the WP dashboard. Login with Statcounter Username and Password. The plugin will embed all the data in your wp dashboard from the Statcounter platform.

Statcounter provides data at the overview and Page level. You can track your website’s overall stats or individual pages’ performance. If you want to check your visitor’s country, device, or refer source, you can find that in the Report tab.

You can also track top-performing keywords, landing pages, exit pages, visitors maps, and many more stats. You can start with the free plan to track up to 500page views per month but have to upgrade as your website grows.

What Visitor Activity Should You Be Tracking?

Any analytics tool can track a lot of activity and information on your visitors. Yet, not everything is necessary. You have to understand what you should prioritize in tracking your visitors.

  • Demographics: The location and language of your visitors play a massive role in growing your website. If you are targeting a specific country, but the result is getting better in a different country, then choosing a new strategy is the best way. Suppose you have an English website, but most of your visitors come from Spanish-speaking countries, then having a Spanish version of your site can increase engagement.
  • Click Through Rate and Traffic Flow: If you have a lot of impressions but much less CTR, you must change your titles and meta description. Having low CTR can hurt your ranking in the long run.
  • Bounce Rate: Bounce rate means the percentage of people coming to your website and leaving without clicking on other pages. A higher bounce rate is a bad signal for Google. You must improve your visitors’ CTA and content suggestions for a healthy bounce rate.
  • Source of Traffic: It is crucial to measure your marketing strategy. If you are investing a lot in SEO but getting more social media traffic, you may change your marketing strategy. Also, you might find some potential channels that you wouldn’t have considered improving.

FAQs Related To Visitor Tracking Tool

Is Google Analytics free?

Yes, Google Analytics is a free tool that helps you to track your website visitors. However, you can only track those visitors from Google channels and its partner.

Is Google Analytics easy to learn?

Google Analytics is an intermediate tool for SEO specialists. In that sense, it is not that easy to learn. You need to understand a lot of data and use data sorting tools to utilize those data for your business. However, if your only purpose is to get the number of visitors to your site, then you can do it easily.

What can Google Analytics measure?

Google Analytics creates customizable reports that can help you view and calculate the site’s number of users, the bounce rate of each website session, the average duration of each website session, sessions by channel, the page views per user, and goal completions and more.

Is website visitor tracking software GDPR compliant?

Most of the visitor tracking software is GDPR compliant. The tools ask for visitors’ consent before they track any data from them. Also, tracking software only collects data that is classified and EU-approved.


We hope you understand how to track visitors on WordPress website. Tracking your visitors is a mandatory strategy if you want to run your business for a long time. Also, it helps you understand if your hard work is paying off. 

If your content and marketing funnel is not bringing any visitors to your website, then all of those will go in vain. You must track your website traffic correctly and use that information legally to grow your business.

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