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How to Follow a Blog? 10 Excellent Ways

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Blogs are text entries on the internet that often are written in informal styles. The focus of the blog can range from daily life tips to the most complex scientific discoveries.

They vary in size, form, and topic. They are typically run by a single individual or by a small group of people. Most of the blogs are like informal opinion editorials.

In this article, we are going to talk you through how you can follow a blog. Hope you enjoy the read!

10 Ways on How to Follow a Blog That Works Better

(1) From the Reading List 

The reading list is the most preferred and convenient way to follow favorite blogs. It is an option that you will find in your blogger dashboard menu.

First, sign in or create your blogger account. A default blogger account is created when you first open a Google account.

After signing into your blogger account, you will find an option named reading list in the dashboard. It should be on the top left-hand corner of the interface.

Reading list

Click on the reading list and edit the list from the right sidebar of the dashboard. You will find the option to add there on the top. Again, click there and type the URL of the blog.

add url

Now click on the Next button then choose your following option.

Now you will be prompted to follow either publicly or privately. Choose accordingly to your taste and follow.

(2) Email Subscription System

E-mail subscription is one of the oldest yet effective methods for following a blog. Most bloggers offer this option. The gist of the process is that the blogger will have permission to send you emails when posting a new blog.

You will be immediately notified when a new blog arrives via e-mail. A blogger will know your email address, so you have to keep in mind that as well.

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(3) Bookmarking Blog Categories

No matter which browser you use, the interface will always give you the option to bookmark categories. This will keep the blog posts separate from other emails, and you will be easily able to differentiate.

How to Follow a Blog? 10 Excellent Ways 1

So bookmarking categories will give you quick and personalized access to the blogs.

(4) Comment Section 

After enjoying a blog, it might be a good idea to have a little sneak peek in the blog posts comment section. In the comment, you might find sources for further enriched content. At least you will find a vibrant conversation when scrolling down the discussion panel.

(5) RSS Feeds

RSS feeds are another easy and quick way of following and catching up with your desired blogs.

This way shows in a very colorful and innovative manner. The processing is done in such a way that you are incentivized to read.

(6) Asking a Fellow Blogger or Reader

Chances are that your favorite blogger has a fan base of his own. Ask for their opinion or inspiration on the topic at hand. You might find someone whose writing skills are more elegant. Your friends who have the same interest might also help you track down some interesting material as well.

(7) Simple Keyword Searches

A simple keyword search is the most basic yet effective way to find your desired blog. Conferred, the algorithm works based on the tags. But the blogs that pop up will be your favorites. So if those worked for most people, those could be suitable for you too.  

(8) Social Media Posts

It seems that bloggers are now mainly focused on their promotion on social media. That’s why they maintain a vibrant and robust profile in those outlets.

Sometimes they even post the contents of the blog itself on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. So keep your eye out for blogs in social media posts to find the best one for you.

(9) Blog Directories

There are various blog directories and platforms which help you find the best blogs for you. Such as bloglovin and blogarama. These websites will first take some input to get the idea of things you like.

After they know your tastes, they will suggest to you some of the best blogs on the relevant topic.

(10) Using Feedly

Feedly has a very user-friendly interface. It also has a minimalistic design that does not consume much memory. It gives you a personalized summary of the blogs.

Feedly organize and streamline a news feed full of blogs of your preferred topic. 

Final Words

These were just some ways you can hook up with your favorite bloggers and stay in touch with their content. If you are new to blogging, the best decision should be for you is to check and manage the reading list.

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