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How to Download WordPress Posts to PDF?

Sometimes you may need to download a blog post or page in PDF format for various purposes. It may be reader satisfaction, making a PDF file to share with someone, or collecting email from readers. 

Whatever you need, but if you are looking for a guide on how to add a PDF download button in every blog post or page to download only post/page as a PDF format, this guide is absolute for you.

In this guide, I’m going to share a plugin for this solution. So you never worry about Menaul things.

example PDF button
Example of PDF download button in below the post

Simple Way to Download WordPress Post to PDF File

The complete guide is really simple. Just simply log in to your WordPress then insert the plugin called ‘PDF Generator For WordPress MakeWebBetter’ then install and activate the plugin like other plugin activation processes.

install PDF generator plugin

After activating the plugin, by default, some settings are enabled, but you can customize them according to your needs.

To customize different settings of this plugin, simply go to ‘MakeWebBetter’ which is located on the left side of the WordPress dashboard then ‘PDF Generator for WP’.

Now In ‘General Setting’, you can switch to include or exclude categories, tag, taxonomy, author name, display postdate in PDF file. 

General Settings

The Next option is the ‘PDF setting‘, here you can enable or disable the PDF download option especially for logged-in users or guests. So choose any of them that you need.

The plugin has an enormous advantage that I like, which is the PDF download condition. You can set the PDF file as a direct download, or after entering an email. 

So if you want to collect email from your readers, you can set the option ‘Email’ as a download condition.

PDF setting

Also, you can set the location of the PDF download icon with alignment in the post or page. 

If you want to replace the default PDF download icon, you can add your customized one using the upload icon option. 

The other big advantage is you can add the PDF download button/icon on a special page or post using shortcode if you don’t like to show it in all posts by default. 

Besides, in the PDF setting, there are Header, Body, and Footer settings. So set your header, body, and footer area of the post PDF according to your needs. 

header settings

In every setting, you can change font family, size, color, and more options that help you make PDF more attractive to readers. You can even add your own logo to a PDF file, which is outstanding.

In Advanced Settings, you can define where you want to add the download button automatically. By default, it has a post and a page. But you can customize it.

Advanced settings

Next option is ‘Meta fields’ where you can show meta fields in posts or pages.

Another next feature is a ‘PDF upload’ poster which means you can upload a specific PDF file allowing specific users to download. Here you can use user roles and shortcode. This is an excellent feature if you already have a PDF file.

PDF upload

What Features You Will Get In Its Pro Version?

In the pro version of this plugin, you will get lots of features. It supports the most popular WordPress themes & extensions [CPT UI, ACF, WPbakery].

The most highlighted pro features are…

  • It provides RTL support.
  • Personalized cover page templates
  • It has bulk export functionality
  • Admin can download PDFs in bulk
  • It offers to set pre-defined templates
  • You can set pre-defined templates
  • Watermark functionality.
  • Download and read content offline.
Cover page templates

Price: Normally it is a free plugin that is suitable for basic uses. But if you want to add more advanced and customized features for designing your PDF file, you can use its pro version. The premium version starts from only $45/year for a single site with unlimited updates and customer support.

WordPress PDF generator Pro Price

In Conclusion

There are many free and premium WordPress PDF converter plugins. But In my practical use and research, this is good among them. Using its free version you can test and continue with basic features. But I will recommend its pro version for professional purposes and for advanced features.

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