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How To Create A Free Business Email[3 Ways With Step By Step]

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When starting a business, one of the most important things you can do is create a professional email address. This will give your business a more polished and credible appearance to potential customers and partners.

Creating a business email is not as simple as making a Gmail account, but it is not that difficult too. So today, I will share three methods that you can use to create a business email for free. Keep reading till the end to understand the step-by-step process.

What is a Business Email?

A business email is a professional email address that is only used by your business. It is often used to send marketing emails, and sometimes, you can use it to send important information regarding your business.

It is not structured like a personal email with the email provider’s name. For example, a personal email will look something like “[email protected].” Although you can make a professional email like “[email protected]”, it still looks amateurish and is non-brandable.

A business email has 2 parts to identify, a username/contact name and a business domain. So, your business email should look like [email protected] or [email protected].

Why Do You Need a Business Email?

Email is an essential part of doing business. It’s a way to communicate with customers, vendors, and other companies. It’s also a way to promote your products or services and build relationships.

You’re missing out on opportunities if you’re not using a business email. Here are some reasons why you need a business email address:

  • It makes you look more professional.
  • Easy to remember
  • Create brand awareness for your business in each mail.
  • It gives you credibility.
  • You can use it to build relationships.
  • You can use it to promote your products or services.

Creating a Business Email for Free

To create a business email, you must have at least 2 things: a domain name and website hosting. If your hosting offers unlimited email storage, you can stick with that. But for better email management, you can use an email service provider.

Method 1: Use your Hosting Service

You can create your free business email with your hosting service. Almost every premium hosting service includes an email service under their plans.

We recommend using Hostinger as your hosting plan as they offer premium service at a cheap rate and also include unlimited email.

Watch this tutorial to learn how to create a business email with Hostinger

Create a Business Email with cPanel

Let’s understand how to create a business email with any hosting. Most of the time, settings are similar on all hosting services as long as you manage your site from cPanel.

First, log into your cPanel and look for “EMAIL.” If your hosting cPanel doesn’t have a Menu box for “EMAIL,” search for Email using the search bar. 

email menu in cPannel

Then click on Email Accounts. You will land on a page where you can see all your email accounts. Usually, you will not find any as you are just creating a new one. Now click on the “Create” button to open a new registration form.

email account list

Now, you will have to select the domain name you want as a business email. Enter your preferred username and password, then click on “Create.”

email registration form

Once you create your business email successfully, you will be redirected to RoundCube or Webmail login page. Enter your email and password you just created and click login.

web mail login page

When you land on the email dashboard, you will be able to receive and send emails on your business email.

webmail email server dashboard

Connecting your Business Email with Gmail

Although the webmail email dashboard is usable, it’s not as user-friendly as Gmail or Yahoo mailbox. You can get your emails directly on your Gmail or Yahoo mailbox from your business email. 

Using a Gmail mailbox is both easier and more user-friendly than webmail. Let’s see how you can connect Gmail with your business email for better mail management.

Log in to your Gmail Account, then go to settings. Click on All Settings> Account and Import and scroll down to “Check email from other accounts:

Click on Add an email account, and a popup box will appear. Write your business mail in the text box, then click “Next.”

add business email to Gmail

As Gmailify is not available anymore, you will have to import emails using POP3. Click next for further setup.

import emails from business mail

Now put your whole email address in the username and the password you used to create that business email. To avoid getting copied messages, you should tick “Leave a Copy of retrieved message on the server” and “Lebel your incoming message” as your business email.

username and password prompt for adding business account

Now remove your Name and add your Business Name to the email. Also, untick “Treat as Alias” for branding.

Name of your email account

Now it is a crucial step to send the email from your Gmail Mailbox as well. Allow, sending mails as your business email from Gmail.

permission for sending email

After clicking next, you will have to confirm your email address and password for the last time. Hit Add account, and you will get an OTP code in your business email.

confirm your business email and password again

Get back to your webmail mailbox, and you will see a confirmation email from Gmail. Copy the OTP or Click on the link to confirm the account connection directly.

Gmail Confirmation Code

You need to paste the OTP on the last pop-up window and verify. 

Add your OTP

Now you can receive or send an email from your Gmail mailbox using your Business Email account.

Method 2: Create Business Mail with CloudFlare

You can create a business email with Cloudflare and a normal email service provider to send and receive mail. First, you must sign up on Cloudflare using your personal email address. 

Now click on Add Site, then put your domain name without www or “/.” Now you have to verify the nameservers with Cloudflare. Changing your nameserver won’t detach your domain from hosting but only redirect it to Cloudflare.

Changing Nameservers

domain control panel nameserver setting

First, log in to your domain control panel and go to Nameservers. Now remove the hosting nameservers and add Cloudflare nameservers.

cloudflare nameserver setting

It will take minutes to hours to update the nameservers,  so you must be patient for the next few steps. Click on “Check Nameservers” and move to the next step once you get confirmed.

Now you will have to add MX records and TXT records on your hosting from Cloudflare to use your hosting for your email. You will get all the required code on the email setting. Click on Email under the domain you add on Cloudflare.

Edit DNS Zone

Go to your hosting cPanel and look for MX record and TXT record editor. Usually, you will find these under the DNS Zone editor. Click on manage for the domain for which you want to create a business email.

DNS zone editor panel

Now go to Cloudflare and find Settings in the Email tab. You will get 3 MX records and 1 TXT record for your email setup. 

Required records for cloudflare email forwarding

Click on Add MX record, copy and paste all the values from Cloudflare, and add those records to your hosting DNS. Similarly, add the TXT record as well.

Adding mx and Txt record for cloudflare

After adding these records, go back to Cloudflare email settings and click “Add and enable records.” Now your email service is enabled. 

Click on Routes in your Email setting tab and write your preferred username for the business email. Remember, all emails will be rerouted from your business email to your personal email for Cloudflare.

Click on save, and your free business email is all setup.

routing for business email

Method 3: Business Email with Improve MX

This is another free method if both Cloudflare and Hosting service fails to satisfy your need. Cloudflare is providing email service in beta version, and many hosting providers may not offer free email service. Therefore you can use this method to get your free business email. 

Sign Up with Improve MX

Sign up to Improve MX with your domain name and destination email account. Then you have to confirm your account on the confirmation mail on your destination email. 

Now click on “DNS Settings”, and you will find 2 MX records and 1 TXT record for your email DNS.

Go to DNS Zone editor and add these records to your domain DNS records. 

adding mx and txt record for improvemx

It will take an hour or more, but once the DNS servers are on, you can send and receive emails using your business email to the destination email.

To make a business email, you must go to Aliases, Click on New-alias and give it a suitable username. 

creating business email on improvemx

And your business email is now ready and active.

Where to Start Using Your Business Email

Once you have created your business email now, it’s time to understand how to use it for your benefit. Simply put, a business email is not like your personal email for messaging your friends or querying anyone. You must use it like a professional to get credentials and maintain your brand.

On Your Contact Page

Keep your business email on your contact page. This is the best way to gain trust from Google and also from the users. Even if you have a contact page, adding a contact email gives your visitors dynamics in communication.

One Special Advice: If you are running a business website, you should use multiple business emails for specific tasks. For example, use [email protected] as your email for support tickets email and [email protected] as an information-sharing email.

When Sending Your Newsletter?

Every growing and established business sends a newsletter to its customer and potential leads. You must utilize an opt-in email tool and email management tool like Mailchimp to collect and send emails to your visitors. 

While sending out emails, you must use your business email to get more attention and branding of your business.

For Industry Outreach

Email outreach for collaboration is a common marketing technique. However, from an SEO perspective, you can get authority from link juice. For that, using a brand email makes your offer more acceptable than someone who just used their Gmail. 

So, when reaching out to someone similar in your industry, use your business email for authority and trust.


I hope you understand how to create a free business email. Any business needs to have a business email. It’s not only for sending or receiving emails but also includes your business’s branding. 

Feel free to use any of the methods I shared here to create a business email. However, going with hosting an email service is the best and safest suggestion. 

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