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How to Create a Amazon Product Comparison Table In WordPress(Ultimate Guide)

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Whether you are a new or veteran Amazon Associate, you may know the importance of a comparison table in your blog. When we write a detailed article about several products, it can be not easy to point out the features that are important in comparing them.

We know readers want the most accurate information in the shortest amount of time. While detailed information is important, a comparison table can encourage the buyer to click the buy button before making a purchase decision.

Many websites use textbased-style comparison tables that don’t increase CTR much. Compared to those text-based tables, graphical tables with product links and images make a huge difference.

Comparison table using aawp plugin

In addition, making a proper table requires both time and expertise. Adding custom code to your WordPress site may not be appropriate and can be difficult if you are a non-programmer.

Therefore, I recommend using the AAWP WordPress plugin to create the best-looking comparison table for your Amazon niche site.

What is AAWP?

AAWP is not only a comparison table maker plugin. It has more features and esay to use than most other Amazon associate plugins available.

You can add text links, image links, product boxes, comparison tables, etc. It is a compact Amazon affiliate plugin that helps you increase your Amazon affiliate earnings in multiple ways.

AAWP plugin

Unlike most table-building plugins, AAWP handles the majority of the work automatically. It reduces your time spent researching and sorting each product’s details in Excel.

It is true that one of the reasons you might lose your profit even after everything is right is due to the unavailability of the product. In this case, AAWP plugin will help you a lot.

There is no need to add any additional scripts to display in-stock and out-of-stock Amazon products on your affiliate website. AAWP takes care of the work for you by using the API key you specify when installing.

There are many options available to showcase product like Bestsellers, New Releases, a custom CTA creator, and a sidebar widget are just a few. You can easily set selected countries to maximize your affiliate earnings with your Amazon affiliate account.

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How to Create a Product Comparison Table With AAWP?

Setting up Amazon Product Advertising API

The first step is to install and configure the plugin.

Then, you will need an API key from Amazon Associate to search the products to create a comparison table. It will also work to update product data automatically to your site. If you do not know how to create Amazon product API, here is the guide to create API credentials.

Amazon product advertising api

Note- In order to get Amazon product advertising API key you must need at list 3 sales within 180 days.

After creating API key, now go to AAWP setting and enter your API Keys, associate account country, and tracking ID.

Finally click the ‘Save Changes‘ button.

Amazon api keys setting on aawp

Creating a Product Comparison Table

Once everything is set up, click on the “Tables” option from the plugin menu.

Next, click on “Add New” to create a new comparison table and give it a title.

Search product or add new row

If you have already done your product research, you can use the ASIN Code to input the items. The plugin also allows you to do your product research directly from its search feature.

Now click on the “Add new row” and select the level you want. The plugin comes with these presets:

Below are the list of Product & customer output Data

  • Title: Title of the Product (fetched automatically)
  • Product image: Added automatically from Amazon product image
  • Price: Fetched automatically
  • Prime status (logo): This shows if the product is available on Amazon Prime or not
  • Star-Rating: Actual rating from buyers on Amazon
  • Amount of reviews: This shows how many buyers have written a review for the product.
  • Buy-Button: This creates an automatic “Buy From Amazon” button.
  • Custom output: You can add your custom CSS if you want.
  • Shortcode
  • Button: This lets you create a different type of CTA button. Example: “Learn more.”
  • Text: Add custom text or description to your product.
  • HTML: Add custom HTML if you need.
aawp product data for table

Note: you can control level of the table like completely show/hide or hide on mobile device/show on mobile device.

Now add row according to your product features. You can add many row that you need. Do not forget to select product data or custom output from the drop down menu. See the above screenshot.

aawp table customizations add level

The plugin offers a toggle option to switch on/off specific rows from a table. Once you choose all your preferred rows, your table settings will look like the above screenshot.

The next step is to add the product to the table with relevant output data.

Simply copy the ASIN of the product link and paste it into the product search bar of the table. Then click on the ‘Add product by ASIN’ button.

Product search box for table

You can also add product by searching keyword.

Search product by keyword

In the next step, add product data according to the product/row level per section. Continue this process for each product that you want to add to your comparison table.

Add product details on table

After adding all product data, click on the ‘Publish‘ button.

Note- You can highlight specific product rows in the table with special text like the top pick, best overall, etc. You can also overwrite data values by simply clicking the drop-down menu for each level.

How to Show Newly Created Table on Post/Page

You can save your table and use it whenever you need it. The most noticeable feature is that you can show your table using its auto-generated shortcodes.

So you don’t have to worry about breaking your website design. However, to display AAWP table, Just copy the shortcode and paste it wherever it suits.

How to Create a Amazon Product Comparison Table In WordPress(Ultimate Guide) 1
AAWP Product Comparison Table

Why Should You Choose AAWP?

When it comes to table builder plugins, there are many to choose from, so why would you care about AAWP? Honestly, there are a few reasons.

No Need to Learn any Programming Language

You must know HTML and CSS to make any changes to a website. For solo website owners, learning these skills could be a challenge. To do this, you can hire a programmer but what if you could create the exact item you want by yourself?

AAWP lets you do that without knowing almost anything. If you are familiar with basic WordPress settings, AAWP is an automatic tool that can reduce the cost and time of managing your website.

You can easily create some awesome comparison tables or product boxes without knowing any programming language.

AAWP product box demo

Time-Saving and Easy to Use

If you want to design a Amazon product comparison table yourself, there is no problem. After just one use, you can understand about the all features because it is so beginner-friendly.

Besides, with the AAWP plugin, I have seen it easy to create a table that looks like the original Amazon product comparison table.

However, the plugin is easy-to-use that saves lots of time. You just need to choise the products you want. Once you have a list of products, creating a comparison table will only take you a few minutes.

Increase Revenue

With the plugin, you can show affiliate products with links in multiple ways. Besides the table, you get a product box, bestsellers, and a new arrival feature to display niche-related products.

You can increase CTA without adding additional buttons to your website. This increases the CTR, which results in more sales and link clicks.

Scrap Details Directly From Amazon

When you use any comparison table, one of the issues is getting the exact information. AAWP took this into consideration and added the API feature to make the whole process easier.

Simply select the product from the search results or enter its ASIN number, and the plugin will handle the rest.

All the data will automatically be filled in using your Amazon API. Overall it’s time-saving and very accurate. There is no risk of having incorrect data.

More Affiliate Clicks

If a person buys a product within 24 hours after clicking a product affiliate link, Amazon shares its revenue with its associates. Therefore, one link is good, but multiple links are better.

The plugin automatically adds your affiliate links to your tracking ID’s images, text, and buttons. So you have a better chance of having someone click on your link without hand-putting it and spamming.

User Interface

If you create an awesome comparison table that may look great on a desktop, it can be messy on mobile devices.

That’s why it may result in a bad user experience for mobile consumers. Also, sometimes creating a table may require a lot of CSS, which makes your page design look broken.

From this prospects, the AAWP is mobile-friendly & it supports all the themes and plugins. This makes it easier for mobile users to read the information on the small screen without having to zoom in and out constantly.

Pricing of AAWP Plugin

In my opinion, the plugin’s pricing is just as fair as its features. You can purchase the plugin in four types of licenses.

aawp pricing plans
  • Personal: For a single site, it costs €49 or 64.26$
  • Plus: Their most popular package is the Plus pack which costs €129 or 169.18$. You will get the multisite license that you can use for up to 3 sites.
  • Pro: If you are a Pro marketer who has more sites, you can try the €249 or 300.24$ package that allows you a maximum of 10 site integrations.
  • Ultimate: Elite users who depend on Amazon affiliate programs should get a €399 or €527.39 package, which can be used on up to 25 sites.

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If you want to increase your Amazon affiliate sales, you can use a comparison table. To increase sales revenue, you should focus on increasing the CTA of your affiliate links. Using the AAWP plugin, setting up CTAs on your website is both automatic and simple.

One of the key features of buying this plugin is its user experience and ease of use. Any beginner can make a high converting table in their WordPress site to boost Amazon affiliate sales.

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