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How to Activate Akismet API Key Free? Step By Step Guide

Looking for a guide on how to activate Akismet API key free on your WordPress site? Read this step-by-step guide for installing the Akismet plugin and activating its API key at no cost for personal use.

Every smart WordPress user should think about site spam. Especially WordPress comments and contact form spam submission. If you want to smartly block all malicious comments submitted by software, you can activate an anti-spam service or plugin on your WordPress site. 

In this guide, I’ll share a step-by-step guide on how to activate Akismet API key for free to run Akismet service on your WordPress.

What is Akismet Anti-Spam

Akismet is a service plugin developed by Automatic. It works for WordPress to block every unwanted/malicious comment automatically. Also, it works against any spam submission of WordPress using their global database.

Akismet can filter millions of spam comments every day. So if you connect your WordPress blog with its API key, you never worry about comment spam again.

Generally, Akismet is a paid service and good works with its pro plan. But Akismet offers to use its API key free. You can use its free API key to connect with your personal WordPress blog only.

Before going to enjoy its free benefits, you need to create a free account for activating the Akismet plugin & API key. 

Don’t worry, I’ll share with you how to activate its free license/API key below. Just keep reading.

Is Akismet Free for Business Site?

It has three paid plans, including one free for personal use. The personal plan has limited API calls per month. So this limitation is not enough to protect a business or commercial website. 

If you want to use Akismet’s service for a professional or commercial site, you can use its plus or enterprise plan. But I’ll recommend checking the API calls limit per month before subscribing to a premium plan.

Overall answer is that a free plan of Akismet isn’t enough for commercial /business use. 

How to Activate Akismet API Key Free?

By default, you can’t find the API key of Akismet for activating its plugin to your WordPress if you are a beginner.

You can activate the plugin using two ways: one is Akismet step wizard, another is manually entering its API key. 

Here, I’ll guide you only on how to activate its free API key using manually, which is easier than another way. So you can try any of them that’s suitable for you.

First login to your WordPress site then go to the Plugin> Add New then search the plugin called Akismet. 

Activate Akismet plugin

Now install and activate the plugin like any other plugins.

Next, you’ll get two options to activate the Akismet plugin. The first one is the ‘Set up your Akismet account’ and another is the ‘Manually enter an API key’ option.

Akismet activation

Now click on the ‘Set up your Akismet account’ if you have no previous Akismet account. Then click on the ‘Get personal’ button.

Akismet pricing plan

Now, this is the major part of this guide, here normally you’ll not see an option to register an Akismet account for free. By default, it’ll show you a pricing plan.

akismet pricing

But don’t worry, I’ll guide you on how to create an account and get a free Akismet API key.

For getting a free API key for personal use, you just simply drag a mouse pointer on the price bar and move it to the left. 

After moving it to the left, it’ll show $0 price value. 

Akismet personal plan

Now enter your email, first, and last name, and finally click on the ‘Continue with personal subscription’ button. After that, you’ll get an account verification email with an activation code. 

Next, activate your newly created Akismet account using the new activation code.

After creating and activating your Akismet account, go to the WordPress dashboard and click on the ‘Settings’ then ‘Akismet Anti-Spam’.

In the next step, click on the ‘Manually enter an API key’ option, then enter your API key which you’ll get in your email inbox.

Akismet API Key

Now check your email inbox and copy the API key, then paste it on the API key box. You can click on the Start using your key to get detailed guides on how to use the API key on the WordPress site.

Connect API Key

Finally, connect the API key with your website. Now your Akismet plugin will work on your WordPress site to protect spam comments.

Akismet Settings

After completing the entire process of plugin activation, you can configure Akismet settings.

It has no more options in its dashboard. But I’ll only recommend enabling the ‘Strictness’ feature, which works for silently discards the worst and most pervasive spam. You can enable other features as well.

Akismet settings

Akismet Free Alternatives

There’re many Akismet free alternative plugins available online. But all plugins aren’t good for blocking spam comments.

In my personal experience, the below-listed plugins I have considered as the best Akismet alternative free anti-spam plugins.

Listed plugins have both free and paid versions. So you can try these free versions first, then try with a premium plan.

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