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FeedHive Review (2022): AI-Powered Social Media Engagement Tool

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Social Media has become a crucial part of any company or organization that wants to improve sales and reach more customers. Nowadays, the impact of social media is very much on every person across the globe.

You’ll hardly find anybody who doesn’t use social media. So, social media is everywhere. It’s at the fingertips of every person from all over the world.

For this reason, if you want to increase profits by reaching a wider audience, you should have a page on popular social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.

If your audience is most likely to use Facebook, you should have a Facebook page by your company’s name and target them.

Here comes the main problem. When you have social media pages on different social media sites, you need to manage them well. You need to post/updates at regular intervals with correct information and the latest features of your products.

This particular thing takes a considerable amount of time. So, now, I’m here to reduce your efforts and keep your page updated with everything your audience needs by using a tool named FeedHive.

FeedHive is such a tool that manages your social media pages and eases all your efforts into zero. You can relax on your bed while your pages are posting Infos and reaching your customers. Isn’t that interesting? It is.

So let’s jump into the next part of this article, where I’ll take you to the full features of FeehHive and review this tool entirely.

FeedHive AI

You never know how your posts will perform or how many people will be engaged with your post. You will know if your post is successful or not. 

This is why, FeedHive has a mighty AI, which predicts the success of your every post. FeedHive’s AI tells you everything you need to know about writing a post and what information to include.

feedhive welcome interface

It also enlightens you by predicting how the post will perform and how many people can engage in that post. You can see some hashtags related to your post, which are also generated by AI.

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How FeedHive works?

Using the power of Al, FeedHive creates fresh and engaging content. With it, you can manage all social media channels in one place with a single, all-in-one tool that will enable you to maximize engagement through post templates that Al generates by pulling the best-performing content from across the internet.

feedhive supported Social networks

In addition to its extensive template library, FeedHive allows you to customize its scheduling plans. Create rich content posts that push to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Also, FeedHive’s AI-generated copies suggest you add your videos, images, and text where possible.

The FeedHive content schedule was created automatically based on your brand’s trend, theme, and topic labels. You can set up a schedule to update your posts on your social media pages.

Also, FeedHive helps you take full advantage of your time by recycling your posts. In order to increase social media engagement and growth, content creators and marketers should accelerate their efforts, and in this case, FeedHive can help you the most.

Content that generates high engagement can be converted into sales via automatic posting on connected social networks.

With FeedHive, you can analyze data, schedule posts, find post ideas, etc. Also, it makes it easier to manage your social media accounts. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

feedhive connected social accounts

According to the performance of different types of posts and when audience engagement is highest, Feedhive provides detailed analytics. This tool reduces your workload and helps you to work more efficiently.

FeedHive Review: Features 

Here are some of the notable features of FeedHive

Dashboard of FeedHive

FeedHive Review (2022): AI-Powered Social Media Engagement Tool 1

The Dashboard of FeedHive is very convenient and straightforward. You get options on the left side of the screen and a button on the top side in the right corner to add a post to your social account.

Also, there are some options like Scheduled posts where you can schedule and create a post to publish it at a particular time.

There is a post slot option to see how many slots you have available for the post. If you click on the “See posting plan” button, you will get a full plan where you can set when you want to post something on any of your social pages.

If you click on any slot, you will be asked to select a label for your post. Select one of them and click on the ‘Create‘ button to add a post to your page.

There is a ‘Get Inspiration‘ bar on the Dashboard. Besides that, it helps you get more than 500+ AI-generated templates for posting, which is quite helpful.

Settings Bar

In the Settings Bar, you get some options. Let’s know about the most crucial parts of Settings.

Feedhive settings
  • Profile: Here, you get your Social Media Account linked with FeedHive.
  • Plan: This shows which plan you’ve purchased for FeedHive.
  • 24-hour clock and Time zone: You can turn the 24-hour clock system and set the Time Zone according to your current location.
  • Publish Notification: If you enable this setting, you will be notified when a post is published to any of your social accounts.
  • Auto Retweet: The Automatic Retweet section in the Settings bar allows you to retweet your posts on Twitter automatically. You do not need to check Twitter constantly. The powerful AI of FeedHive automatically does the job, makes it easy and convenient for you, and gives you more tweets on your Twitter account.
  • Add Social: This bar is for adding other social accounts to FeedHive. You can link your Twitter, Instagram, and other accounts here.

FeedHive Post Ideas

Say you need to add a new post to your page, and you are running out of new ideas regarding your post. This can be a big issue for you. But when you have FeedHive, you don’t need to worry at all about post ideas. 

FeedHive Post Ideas

All you need is a click. Just a click there, and it will provide you with some fantastic post ideas. And most importantly, it follows new trends and knows people’s recent interests, and generates post ideas accordingly using its powerful AI, which is a great feature to have.

FeedHive Post Scheduling

If you own a company, you must maintain a very tight schedule. You can hardly have time to post at regular intervals on your social media pages in this tight schedule. In that case, Feedhive offers you a great solution to this problem. 

FeedHive Review (2022): AI-Powered Social Media Engagement Tool 2

If you want to post something on one of your pages the following Tuesday at 02:32 PM (it’s an example), you can schedule it and relax or be busy with other important works. This feature helps you post several times in a day by just scheduling them.

Besides, you can set up an entire week schedule there as well. This tool makes it so easy that you never have to be worried about adding a new post at a particular time. It saves your time and keeps you updated constantly as well.


FeedHive Detailed Analytics

We often don’t know what kind of post can engage more audience. So, when we add a new post to your page, it doesn’t reach more people because they don’t find any interest in it. 

FeedHive Detailed Analytics

FeedHive has a feature called FeedHive Analytics which helps you publish posts that perform well and engage more and more people. This feature provides you with content with information that people are looking for.

As a result, they engage with the post and share it. These posts perform very well, and your page reaches more people resulting in more profit. Using this tool, you can track the growth of the followers of your page as well.

feedhive post schedule

FeedHive Custom Labels

You may have thousands of posts on your page, and they are randomly posted as usual. So, when someone new visits your page, he can’t get his desired post on a particular topic.

This is why FeedHive comes with another feature that helps you categorize all your posts into relevant categories. So if all your posts are classified into different categories, it will be easier for visitors to find any particular post on a topic—such a convenient feature to have.

You can categorize the posts into categories like Info, Tips, FAQs, Hacks, Thread, Price, etc. Also, this analytic feature lets you know which label is performing the best and engaging more visitors. This helps you maintain your posts as well. 

Auto synchronization and saving drafts

If you post something directly on your Facebook page, tweet on your official Twitter account, or do the same on your other social media pages, then you don’t need to post that on FeedHive again.

FeedHive syncs them automatically, which you post on Facebook, Twitter, or other accounts. The posts are synced to FeedHive’s account so that they can be tracked and analyzed effectively. 

FeedHive also saves your posts in drafts that you mistakenly or accidentally left in half. Therefore, you need not worry about writing an important article and having your device die suddenly; the auto-saving drafts feature saves the post automatically so that you can rewrite or edit it at a later time.

FeedHive Pricing Plans

If you want to purchase FeedHive, you get four different plans, including a free version. Let’s look at the four plans.

FeedHive Review (2022): AI-Powered Social Media Engagement Tool 3
  • Free– The free plans offer you minimal features. You can manage only one Social Media Page with the free plan.
  • Creator– This plan costs $19 per month. If you purchase the Creator plan, you will be able to manage 4 different pages by FeedHive and get other advanced features.
  • Brand– It will cost you $29 monthly. You can manage 10 different pages and have 5 workspaces, including around all the advanced features
  • Business– It costs $99 per month. You get unlimited scheduling and unlimited other features in this. So, this could be the best plan for you.

Buy Feedhive with a lifetime price of only $59


As social media has become one of the most crucial parts of our daily life, you need to maintain a page for your business and add social media to your marketing strategy; otherwise, you won’t compete with others.

So, I suggest you use the FeedHive tool to manage your social media pages and accounts. Do late, purchase a plan according to your needs, and get started with this powerful AI-powered social media engagement tool.

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