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Enfold Theme Review 2022 (Features, Price, Benefits & Demos)

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You may manage a blog or an online store, a business website, or a creative portfolio. Choosing the right premium theme for your website is an integral part of a business’s growth.

There is no need to worry about the type of business or theme to use, is there? With the Enfold theme, you will benefit greatly from its multipurpose design and responsive features.

We hope this article will provide a clear understanding of the Enfold theme so you can select it in order to enhance your online business.

What is Enfold Theme?

Enfold theme was created by Kriesi in Vienna, Australia on 16 April 2013. Since then, Kriesi has continued to develop this theme to add more features.

This is a popular multi-purpose theme that can be used for various types of websites. The theme comes with 36+ demos that you may choose from according to your needs.

Furthermore, it has a gorgeous & responsive design, which is why it is the top-selling theme on Themeforest with 220000+ sales, and you can also find reviews from customers about its unique features and fast support.

Who Should Use Enfold Theme?

Many people choose the Enfold theme for their business purposes due to the compatibility of various plugins and features. It is possible to design any type of website, an online store, or showcase your talents as a portfolio using Enfold themes.

If you plan on making your content available in several languages, Enfold theme provides a multilingual feature in which you can add almost 20 different languages.

My recommendation is for you to purchase Enfold Theme if you are running a business with your WordPress websites, such as an online store or company site.

It is not recommended for people who have a personal blog or a niche blog. You can choose another theme to make it simple.

By purchasing an Enfold theme, you can:

  • Make a portfolio of your creative work, such as photography, painting, designing, etc.
  • Design your offline business’s website like a restaurant, travel agency, etc.
  • Create your ecommerce store
  • Build your affiliate site
  • Combining the above businesses.

I highly recommend this theme as I have used it on one of my WordPress websites and I’ve gotten the most effective results.

Enfold Theme Pros & Cons

What I like about Enfold

  • Quite easy to use page builder and comes with a lot of premade templates. Templates cut down the time to build from scratch and make it for beginners to understand how a feature works.
  • Inbuilt SEO support helps Google bots to crawl websites easily and find the internal links for better SERP ranking.
  • Responsive views for users. Automatically changes content according to the user’s device or when the user changes browser width.
  • The UI and content management is excellent. Also, it allows users to keep the elements according to their preferences. 
  • Supports over 20 languages which makes non-English speaker website developers work more flexibly.

What I don’t like about Enfold

  • You have to keep it updated or else after new updates your site could break and look ugly.
  • The documentation and forum are quite helpful but still, I think the live support is a must. You may find most of the solutions on the forum but some of the problems will always need a personalised approach that takes a lot of time. 

Key Features Enfold Theme

Enfold theme is a well-known dominant theme for its many excellent features. To know more about this theme, I will specify some key features.

Easy To Setup

Enfold theme has been designed for both professional and newbie people. It is so much easier to install with one click. It takes around only two minutes to install on your website. 

You will find lots of pre makde demo content to design a website as your need. You can choose any of them from the demo.

That is how the installation & setup process will be more easy for your website. No matter if you are a developer or not, you can smoothly run this theme following some instructions.

Incredible Performance

The most outstanding feature of the Enfold theme is its speed performance. It is more flexible for any user; you don’t need to worry about handling any problematic option. 

Most importantly every feature is more user-friendly so that you can access those things correctly. 

Responsive Design & Layout

The theme is responsive, that is why people can quickly access the website with any of their devices like computers, tablets, mobile, etc. 

Moreover, if you have any knowledge of CSS or want to make your website visually more appealing with a developer, you can do that. Also, the unique retina-ready feature makes it more fantastic on mobile or tablets.

If you are looking for a recommendation as a beginner you can check the CSS Hero plugin to design your website easily.

Customized Page Builder

If you use Enfold theme, the Kriesi team will provide their own customized advanced page builder. You don’t need to depend on other third-party page builders. So you can design your website as your desired requirements with Avia Page builder. 

Avia page builder is one of the high performed page builders among all of them. You will feel the impressive flexibility while using it and it will be fascinating for the new users as well. Also, you can use it in your image gallery, about us page, content page, etc as your choice. 

Inbuilt drag and drop page builder 

Many awesome themes eventually get left behind in theme designing as a result you have to get a page builder like Elementor or WP Bakery. There the Enfold theme has the advantage of its own drag and drop page builder feature. 

You will get a lot of drag and drop elements like columns, dividers, buttons, tabs, tables, etc. Because it is a WYSIWYG editor building the website becomes much easier than coding.

Easy to use Sliders 

You may find many page builders to edit your theme but when it comes to slider making you need a premium plugin. Therefore, if you take Enfold as your first choice you will get both the premium theme with premium page builder feature.

It makes creating sliders so easy for a beginner. Enfold lets you create both 2D and 3D sliders on the same interface. 

Also, it has a layer slider feature which comes with some premade sliders. The benefit of using this is you can make a slideshow and use it anywhere on your website.

SEO Friendly

Probably, your primary aim will be to engage more traffic on your website. But if your website is not SEO optimized, you will face a difficult situation.

The Kriesi team has designed their Enfold theme more SEO optimized, and you can also boost your theme performance by using an SEO optimization plugin. So search engine optimization can rank your site at the top of the google rank position.

Sidebar Manager

Managing a sidebar is a crucial part of any website. For many other themes, sometimes it is so tough to manage sidebar settings on the website. But by using an Enfold Theme, It is so much easier to operate, and they provide your own sidebar tool for your flexibility. 

You can use it for any posts and pages. You will also create any widgets on your website by using this sidebar tool and Avia page builder.

Enfold Theme Supports Events

Enfold theme is a universal theme but it specializes in the need of business websites. If you want to show an event on your website, Enfold got you covered. Also, you can integrate it with an Event Calendar Plugin and show your events directly on the website. 

Extra Features of Enfold Theme

Without those key features above, there are many other exciting features you will find in the Enfold Theme. I am telling you in short that you can get some basic idea about those features:

  • WooCommerce support- If you are planning to open an e-commerce store, the Enfold Theme will allow you to use the best e-commerce plugin, WooCommerce to grow your business.
  • Booking with Enfold theme- Besides helping you with making an eCommerce website for products Enfolds helps you to create Booking and Reservation CTA with WooCommerce.
  • WPML support- If you want a business for different regional people, the theme has a WPML support option. You can access almost 20+ languages to create pages and content.
  • Visual Shortcut Editor– You can add a video or any visual content to your website. If you need any editing help, they will give you a fantastic flexible video shortcut editor.
  • Free Lifetime Update- The Kriesi team is developing their theme day by day, and you will get all those new update features free of cost.
  • Portfolio- You can showcase your creative works in the unlimited portfolio pages. They have a pleasant feature of the Ajax Portfolio as well.
  • Child Theme- If you have a plan to customize your website well organized, you will use their child theme to increase your potential with advanced use. Learn more about the child theme.
  • Unlimited colours and fonts- You can access unlimited colours and fonts to design your website.
  • Enfold style-generator- The Style Generator on Enfold lets you change the look of your website with one click.  You can choose a preset style that matches your page design and content and refine it later according to your preference.
Documentation & Support

Documentation & Support

When you are buying a premium product, it is also essential to make sure about their customer support. A quality service can hamper without a strong support team because many times the users can face many problematic situations. 

When you purchase an Enfold theme, they will give you step-by-step guidelines with some video tutorials and documents to install the item correctly. 

If you still have faced any problems, you will get help from the Kriesi team at any time. They are more friendly, and they are available to serve you so that you can solve your problem in a few minutes.

Enfold Theme Pricing

Though Enfold theme has many features and high-quality performance, it is quite affordable to purchase. 

In the Themeforest market, the cost of the Enfold Theme is around $59 with a free six months of customer support from the Kriesi team. If the six-month support is not enough for you, you can extend to add more $17.63 money for a yearly time. 

Kriesi team is a quality service provider with an excellent support team, and you will get it at a reasonable price. 

So don’t hesitate to purchase because there is no reason to go back. The Enfold theme will pay you back more than you spend on buying it.

What to Consider Before Buying a Premium Theme?

You will find various best premium themes in the marketplace. But every item is not suitable for your website so it is essential to choose the right one among all of them. 

You can be a technical expert, or you can be a newbie. Depending on your skills, it is essential to choose the right theme. 

If you are not familiar with developing your website, you will face many difficulties to set up a theme. In that case, you need to select one which has easy setup options like a one-click installation process. 

The niche of your website is also a matter of choosing a theme. Besides, it is also mandatory to know about your needs.

Make sure that you will purchase a theme that has a well-responsive design, user-friendly, is SEO optimized, and has many other unique features as you spend money on it. 

How to Get Started with Enfold Theme?

Now maybe you are planning to build your website with an Enfold theme so you need to know how you can start in the right way. 

I hope you already have a WordPress website if you haven’t, don’t worry, it is so easy to create. You need to buy a domain and hosting and install WordPress and login. 

Now I will share with you a step-by-step guideline that is why you will get a rational idea to set up your website with Enfold theme:

Purchasing the Enfold theme will be your first task if you want to build your site with this theme. In this case, go to the largest marketplace Themeforest, and purchase Enfold premium theme and save the purchase file on your computer.

After purchasing, it is time to install your file. So login to WordPress and navigate appearance then theme and select add new

Then upload your parent theme file from your computer. It is unnecessary to install the child theme. But I will recommend installing a child theme at first if you want to add more extra features on your site as you need it after. 

Then you can install the parent theme as you have to design your website correctly. You need to know that you should activate a single one because it is better for use. 

Once you have activated your parent theme, you must export and import all of your plugins and features to build a complete website with Enfold theme.

Top 16 Enfold Theme Demos

Enfold demo gives you the proper idea to build your website. You can use the demos to determine whether or not this theme is appropriate for your needs. The Kriesi team is constantly updating their demo collection, so you can find over 36 demos.

The following are popular demos that will help you clarify your decision before purchasing an Enfold theme:

(1) Enfold 2017 Demo

There are two main demos of the Enfold theme, and the Enfold 2017 demo is one of them. Users prefer it because it is the most well-known and preferred one. There are various pages for blogs, features, portfolios, and shops.

(2) Enfold Default Demo

One of the main demos of the Enfold theme is the default demo. There are many features available in this theme such as headers, blogs, shortcodes, shops, etc.

(3) Enfold Startup Demo

The Enfold theme contains some functional demos for a variety of websites. If you are planning to start your new business, Enfold theme offers you an incredible startup business demo to enhance your business.

The startup business is more flexible for a new company with some features like pricing, product pages, etc.

(4) Enfold One Page Portfolio Demo

As part of this one-page portfolio demo, you can only showcase all of your creative work by using an Enfold theme. A portfolio demo like this is best suited for someone who is a designer or a photographer who wishes to maintain an online store.

(5) Enfold Shop Demo

For WooCommerce store, the Enfold theme is the ideal theme for opening an e-commerce business. It has an exclusive demo Enfold shop demo to give you the proper idea for designing your online shop with an Enfold theme.

(6) Enfold Classic Restaurant Demo

Maybe you have a restaurant nearby. Now you would like to make it visible online and provide home delivery services as well. As an example, the Enfold theme presents a beautiful classic restaurant demo that will make your dream a reality.

(7) Enfold Medical Demo

For instance, if you are a physician and you wish to assist people who are far from you. Don’t worry! For medical purposes, the Enfold theme has a user-friendly demo.

(8) Enfold Travel Blog Demo

You can be a professional travel guide writer, or you can be the owner of a travel agency. Kriesi will provide you with a travel blog demonstration to help you grow your business.

(9) Enfold Church Demo

The Enfold theme offers many demos not only for businesses but for donating and volunteering purposes as well. The church theme is one of them. Using this type of item, you will be informed of recent upcoming events, church locations, giving systems, etc.

(10) Enfold Resume Demo

Every professional needs a resume if they wish to obtain employment opportunities. Maintaining a resume is crucial for our everyday lives, and the Enfold theme provides you with a well-designed resume example. The Kriesi team designed this type of demo theme to analyze the needs of the potential customer.

(11) Enfold Band Demo

The Enfold band demo theme is the unique innovation of the Kriesi team. In this demo theme, you will see there are many pages such as album, live concert, news, booking pages, etc.

(12) Enfold Consulting Demo

Maybe you are an expert at something, and you want to start a consultancy business. If you have a plan to be available online too, you need a well-designed website. The Enfold Consulting Demo will give you enough knowledge to build your website as per your requirements.

(13) Enfold Landing Page Demo

Entrepreneurs sometimes need to launch original prototypes or products. To introduce your product or prototype online, you will need a specific website location that is well organized. The Enfold Landing Page demo will enable you to visualize what you must accomplish in order to achieve your goals.

(14) Enfold Gym Demo

If you want to run a gym training website, probably you will need to decorate your website so that it looks like a gym center. There are several different pages on the Enfold Gym Demo, including a class page, a news page, a contact page, a pricing page, etc.

(15) Software company website

Software company theme demo

Here is a demo of what a software website will look like with Enfold theme. This could especially work for affiliate websites. You can customize the theme with your favorite feature.

(16)Spa website with Enfold

Spa website with Enfold

This is an awesome pre made theme for any spa business. You can just edit the demo contents and your website will be completed. However, if you want you can change this template to any other spa website as well. 

I recommend buying this theme if you are playing to make a spa website for men, women, or even for pets from this template.  

See Live Preview of All 36+ Enfold theme Demos

Conclusion of Enfold Theme

Since I have been using this theme for a long time, I can certainly recommend it for your business website. While this theme can be used for a variety of different websites, it is highly recommended that you apply if you are planning to create an online store.

Enfold theme has more flexible and user-friendly features, so there is no reason to hesitate when purchasing it. This theme will be the best option for you if you want to make your business visible in an attractive manner.

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