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Elementor Free vs Pro: Do You Need the Pro Version?

Looking for the Elementor free Vs Pro? Are you confused to build a professional website with Elementor Pro? Besides, is the free version of Elementor enough for all your website design needs? Get the best answer more below.

One of the best things to come up during the modern era of web creation is adding a page builder plugin. Nowadays, you can create, customize and support beautiful-looking websites yourself and without hiring a web developer.

There’re various WordPress themes at your end. The best thing is you can do all of this without the knowledge of proper coding. Elementor is among the leading WordPress page builder plugins available. You can create beautiful-looking websites with it.

Over 5 million people have downloaded it worldwide. Moreover, it has widespread recognition. So you surely cannot go wrong with Elementor.

Elementor interface

Now the question, is the free version of Elementor good enough for all your development needs? Or do you need to upgrade to access all the goodies and tools it offers? 

Moreover, what are the major differences between Elementor Free and Pro? Read along; I’m here to answer all your questions.

Elementor Lite: What You See is What You Get

Maybe you need a functional website design. The free version of Elementor will serve you well. It comes with Elementor’s iconic visual drag-and-drop style interface. You can design blog posts, beautiful-looking web pages, and eCommerce websites easily.

Below are the features of Elementor free version.

Elementor free

It has over 40 drag-and-drop widget libraries. You can create a unique layout for every page within a short time. You can also create a multi-column layout easily choosing from large amounts of templates and blocks. All of them are available in the free version. It covers all the essential bases- HTML, text, images, headers, etc.

Elementor Pro: Unlock the Potential

Elementor Pro is technically an add-on for the free Elementor plugin. The core plugin of Elementor is available in the WordPress plugin directory.

If you buy Elementor Pro, you get all the premium functionalities. You’ll get access to all the powerful features in your needs.

With Elementor Pro, you’re no longer restricted to use only the tools and features. The theme builder functionality lets you modify every part of your site effortlessly. Here are some of the Elementor Pro features that you’ll love using:

All the Widgets at Your Fingertips

The free version of Elementor gives you access to 40+ widgets. With Elementor Pro, you can get access to 90+ pro widgets. Various crucial widgets like the call to action, single posts, sitemap, and nav menu can only be accessed with Elementor Pro. 

You don’t need these widgets for building a page to look great. But widgets can provide you with vast functionalities. 

Elementor widgets

Unlock the Entire Template Library

The majority of the templates are inaccessible in the free version of Elementor. By getting Elementor Pro, you can get access to all of them.

Every single hand-crafted page template available at your hand. You can also modify them however you like. Web designs have never been more accessible.

Theme Builder

Elementor theme builder

Most page builder plugins offer theme builder functionality. Elementor comes with no exception. Unfortunately, the theme building functionality is only available on the Pro version.

Using the pro version, every aspect of the website can be easily modified, from header footer to category page to 404 pages and so on. You can save your custom themes for later use. If you’re planning to build everything on a website, that’s an excellent reason to go with the Elementor Pro.

Live Custom CSS

Elementor Custom CSS

The free version of Elementor lets you add custom CSS classes and IDs. But using Elementor Pro, you can directly add CSS styles to any of the widgets or the sections available.

Elementor Global Widgets

Elementor Free vs Pro: Do You Need the Pro Version? 1

The global widget lets you save a ton of effort, and time while creating multiple web pages. It can allow you to reuse the same widget on multiple pages. If you want to change any aspect of the global widget, every single instance will get an update.

Popup Builder

Elementor popup builder

The popup builder feature is only available on Elementor Pro. It lets you create popups for ad banners, subscription forms, announcements, and so on. If you don’t have the experience of using a popup before, Elementor Pro enables you to use pre-built popups. You can use them for easy integration into the website you’re building.

WooCommerce Builder

Elementor Free vs Pro: Do You Need the Pro Version? 2

If you want to build your site with wooCommerce, then Elementor Pro is a great way to enhance your experience. It comes with a wooCommerce builder, which lets you customize the wooCommerce page according to your needs.

There are six wooCommerce widgets currently available on Elementor Pro. You can use a pre-made template for the custom wooCommerce part.

Integration with third-party tools

You can use premium widgets like forms to your advantage. It also lets you integrate with various third-party marketing tools like GetResponse, Hubspot, and many others. It also allows you to integrate with Yoast, the most used SEO tool available.

Final Verdict

Elementor Pro is a premium-add on for Elementor, you shouldn’t think too hard about it right now. So start with the free version, check if it suits your needs. If you ever feel restricted while creating a web page, you can easily shift from the free version to the Pro version. Elementor is capable of providing you with all the page-building tools you’ll ever need.

I hope this article helps you decide between Elementor free and Pro. You can use the free version for no problem at all. If you want to dive deeper into the Elementor ocean, then the Pro version is a must for you.

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