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Do I Need CodeGuard Basic on Bluehost? Know the Right Answer!

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If you’re like most bloggers and website owners, you’re always on the lookout for ways to make your online presence more secure. If you’re using Bluehost as your hosting service, then you’ll be glad to know that they offer an add-on security service called Codeguard.

But is Codeguard worth it? In this blog post, I’ll take a look at what Codeguard is and what kind of security benefits it offers, and I’ll help you decide if it’s right for you. So read on to learn more!

What is CodeGuard?

Basically, Codeguard is a security and backup service that you can automatically install on your website. Once set up, the service will constantly monitor your site for any suspicious activity or security breaches.

Codeguard features
CodeGuard Features

If anything looks fishy, then Codeguard will automatically fix the problem within minutes of detection.

For example, Codeguard is just like when your mom pays near-constant attention to what you’re doing when you’re in high school or college.

It makes sure that nothing fishy is going on, and it immediately nips any suspicious activity in the bud. The only difference is that Codeguard uses security vulnerabilities to scare away hackers instead of using parental bullying tactics.

It also keeps a backup of your site automatically daily, weekly, and monthly. So you can restore your site at any time.

What is CodeGuard Bluehost?

If you already have a website hosted with Bluehost, you’ll find Codeguard on your control panel for automatic security monitoring & backup service. Once the service is set up, it’ll constantly monitor & back up your site for any suspicious activity or security breaches.

If there’s anything weird going on, Codeguard takes care of whatever issue might crop up within minutes of detection. It essentially replaces traditional security measures with automated ones.

It is currently available on all Bluehost hosting plans, and it can be activated by going into your Bluehost cPanel account and following the instructions found under “CodeGuard.”

CodeGuard in Bluehost

Is CodeGuard worth it on Bluehost?

Well, I can really answer that. The truth is that Codeguard isn’t meant for everyone; it’s actually intended for people who already have a website hosted with Bluehost.

If you’re considering getting your own hosting service that already includes security monitoring and backup features, then Codeguard is another unnecessary monthly cost.

Bluehost might find that too much automation actually weakens its security measures. That’s why to keep their customer site safe and auto-backup, they integrate Codeguard service through their hosting.

Since Codeguard isn’t really for everyone, I can say that yes, it is worth it for only Bluehost users who want to get automatic site backup and security monitoring service. You need to sign up and be a customer of Bluehost first before their CodeGuard service works for you.

So, in short, it really depends on whether or not you are using Bluehost for hosting already. If you are, the service is worth the cost of making your site more secure.

When there is an issue with the security of your account, you can fix the problem within minutes. This will help you improve your website’s security while also saving you hours of time and energy that you would have spent trying to fix the problem manually.

This way, you’ll be able to utilize the service that Bluehost has to offer fully. But, at the end of the day, Codeguard isn’t really for everyone; it’s actually intended for people who already have a website hosted with Bluehost.

Note- If you don’t use CodeGuard, you can use any other WordPress backup plugin to get the same benefits. I recommend the BackupBuddy plugin.

What are the benefits of Bluehost Codeguard?

There are many benefits of using the Bluehost Codeguard feature. Following are the main benefits.

Bluehost site backup feature

Daily Auto Backups:

The Bluehost Codeguard automatically performs daily backups of all your sites and databases. These daily backups are stored for 30 days on the server, where you can download them at any time.


Bluehost Codeguard uses RAID-protected storage to ensure that the data is protected from physical damage. Even if their system ends up getting physically damaged, you can rely on Bluehost Codeguard to ensure that your backup data is safe.

Site Monitoring:

Codeguard uses a real-time monitoring system to detect any new security exploits on your website. It also detects any known exploits so you can prevent hacking attempts.

One-Click Restore Option:

Whenever you need to restore your website, simply use the one-click restore option of Bluehost Codeguard. You can restore your entire website as well as individual files and folders.

Bluehost Codeguard Pricing:

  • Bluehost CodeGuard Basic: You will not get this feature in the Bluehost Basic plan of shared hosting. But if you want to use Codegurad service for your Basic plan, you need to purchase it separately. Then, you can connect it to your control panel. It costs $2.99 per month for on-site.
Package Extras
  • Bluehost CodeGuard Plus: Same is like a Basic plan.
  • Bluehost CodeGuard CHOICE PLUS: It’s good news for choice plan users of Bluehost. Because Bluehost offers Codeguard service with your plan without an extra fee. The Choice Plus plan costs $5.45/m, including CodeGuard features for one year.
  • Bluehost CodeGuard PRO: You will get the same Codeguard features as the Bluehost Choice Plus plan. The service is free for the 1-year of the Bluehost PRO plan at no cost.
Bluehost pricing plans with Codeguard feature

Conclusion: Do I Need Codeguard Basic on Bluehost?

A website’s security and backup are of the utmost importance to any webmaster. Bluehost Codeguard is an excellent service that ensures your website’s backup and security are always at the highest level.

So if you take your website more seriously as a business, you should protect your site from unwanted happen and backup timely. If your host is Bluehost and you use plan Basic or Plus, this service is vital for your website.

If you are another hosting user, you can use CodeGurd separately. In this case, you have to integrate CodeGuard with your site. The entire process is straightforward, like other plugins or services.

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