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DiviFlash Review: [PROS & CONS]

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Divi is a popular multipurpose WordPress theme with a visual page builder. And we were happily using it for one of our WooCommerce projects. However, we felt like we needed some additional features to make our product pages more attractive.

So we were looking for a third-party plugin for this assistance. Most of the recommendations were for Divi Supreme. However, we didn’t find this plugin useful for our purpose.

We then found DiviFlash with WooCommerce modules like Product Carousel & Product Grid, and we were exactly looking for something like that. 

What’s more unique about DiviFlash is that they facilitate the only CPT (Custom Post Type) solution for Divi.

We have shared why we choose DiviFlash over other third parties of Elegant Themes. 

Now we are exploring all the modules and extensions in our comprehensive DiviFlash review from our practical experience. Hopefully, it will help you to make the most informed decision.    

Review Summary


DiviFlash has the perfect combination of modules focusing on blog & WooCommerce. Particularly their Carousels, WooCommerce, and CPT modules are impressively feature-rich compared to others in the industry.

Therefore, it will be the best choice if you want to make attractive Divi websites effortlessly. But, it costs a little more than other Divi third-party plugins. Therefore, the question arises in your mind, will it be a worthwhile investment?

To find out the answer, we’ll see what DiviFlash offers.

DiviFlash Review: Key Features

In this part of our DiviFlash review, we will break things down feature by feature, including modules, layouts, section layouts, and extensions.


First, let’s start with the 39 DiviFlash modules. Then, check below to know more.

DiviFlash Modules

Advanced Heading Module  

DiviFlash’s Advanced Heading Module allows customization of every heading text individually with elements like typography, background, border, box shadows, spacing, sizing, etc. You can also achieve a unique design with dual text, divider, and clipping mask options.

Dual Button

Divi Dual Button Module from DiviFlash plugin lets you create a dual button with a separator in the middle. You can add texts or icons in the button separator to make the button super engaging.  

Image Masking

The image masking module provides 30 attractive image masking presets to give your website an aesthetic look. The Mask Customizer feature helps to control the size, position, type, and degree of rotation of image masking.

Advanced Divi Blurb Module

Advanced Blurb Module empowers users’ design capabilities through features like Z-indexed, Badge Customizer, Image Filter, etc. You will be able to build an interactive and enticing blurb section with the help of versatile content options and the ordering system.

Advanced Tabs Module

Advanced Tabs Module allows you to show plenty of information concisely in a compact area. Using navigation containers, it is possible to show content in a smart way. This module also produces features such as Animation Styler and Navigation Menu Styler for making persuasive content areas.

Divi Business Hours Module

Business Hours Module shows your company’s operating hours in an organized and stylish catalog. With this dedicated module for showing business hours, you can also place a stylish separator. Child items in this module are extremely helpful for polishing each item specifically. 

Divi Table Module

Table module doesn’t only fill up the needs of a table module in the Divi theme but also provides a wide range of elements to decorate a compelling table. Further, this module offers Merging, and Column Design features to display your data in an organized and stylish way.

Advanced Divi Table Module

Advanced Table Module is an extensive version of the Divi Table Module. You will find five different ways to import vast data from files like CSV, Google Sheets, TablePress, etc. For comfortable navigation, there are advanced features like searching, sorting, and info bar. And, makes an appealing table with features like images, icons, custom spacing border styler, box shadows, and so on.

Advanced Divi Person Module

Your team portfolio will be more attractive with the Advanced Person Module. Multiple beautiful layouts and amazing animation effects make a unique team profile.

Also, social Media Styler, Custom Spacing, Alternative Images, and Multiple Content Areas are other effective features to create an impressive visualization of a person.

Divi Animated Heading Module

Animated Heading Module has nine types of cool animation effects to grab visitors’ attention. Prefix, Suffix, & Fancy are three different areas where you can add text.

Best of all, a wide range of easing functions can be applied to the fancy text to give it a unique appearance. Further, you can adorn the heading with three different border styles and 6 gripping box-shadows effects.

Divi Flip Box Module

Flip Box Module presents the content engagingly. This module brings a two-faced blurb to your website with high customization and spacing control. You can style flip cards by adding interactive animation and content floating effects.

Divi Tilt Card Module

Tilt Card Module gives an aesthetic 3D effect when your visitors hover over a blurb content. Multiple Content Floating options and 7 types of animation effects make an attractive container. 

Divi Hover Box Module

Giving a stunning Hover effect to your website with Hover Box Module is effortless. According to your wish, you can choose to display any of the title, subtitle, body text & button on the hover effect. For suitable Gap, this mobile-friendly module facilitates the Custom spacing feature.

Divi Image Hover Box Module

Image Hover Box Module provides an amazing user experience. To create exclusive hover effects, You can use overlay gradient color, border animations, and caption styler. Custom Spacing is beneficial for aligning all the components.

Divi Image Accordion Module

You can easily display several images in a compact area with the Image Accordion Module. Images can be presented in two accordion types: horizontal & vertical. Along with implementing overlay & hover effects, you can also control the image transition for a subtle zoom view.

Divi Before After Slider Module

Before After Slider Module illustrates comparisons of two images. So you can show what changes your service brings. This plugin offers two types of image sliders: vertical & horizontal modes. Also, you have a variety of customization and spacing options.

Divi Floating Multi-Image Module

Floating Multi-Image Module will allow you to add floating animation effects to make images more animated. You can horizontally and vertically position the image on the Floating Multi-image container.

To suit any design, you can define the floating image effect’s animation type, distance,  delay, duration, etc.

Divi Image Hotspot Module 

Image Hotspot module lets you show product features with expressive tooltips. Several animations and customizations can be applied to these tooltips to make them suitable for numerous spots. Moreover, you can add any type of module or element to adore the tooltip.

 Divi TypeWriter Text Module

Typewriter Text-Module adds a vivid animated effect to your text. You can embed an eye-catchy cursor with an icon for an intuitive look. The customization is also easy due to three separate text sections.

Advanced Divi Image Gallery Module

If you want to show multiple image categories, Advanced Divi Image Gallery Module will help you organize them into different groups. Displaying photos with grid and masonry layouts is appealing. You can include up to 8 images in a single row and customize the gallery with filter navigation, load more buttons, lightbox, and hover effects.

Divi Justified Image Gallery Module

Justified Image Gallery Module extends the functionality of the Divi Gallery Module. It makes your work easy by giving equal height to different dimension images.

You can style the gallery border with fifteen animation effects. This module also has features like overlay & hover effect, lightbox, and custom spacing for an impressive look.

Divi Justified Image Gallery

Divi Packery Image Gallery Module

Packery Image Gallery Module is another suitable way to display your images. This module brings 10 exclusive premade packery layouts for a stylish presentation of images. You can also grab the visitor’s attention with sixteen border animation effects along with overlay & hover effects.

Divi Image Carousel Module

Image Carousel Module shows a series of images in the carousel intuitively. It lets you present with Slide & Cover-flow carousel.

Cube & Flip image mode can also be implemented with this module. You can even define the number of image slides according to different devices for accurate responsiveness. 

Divi Logo Carousel Module

Logo Carousel Module is a dedicated module for showcasing countless logos with carousel sliders. With two types of scrolling effects, you can also activate the ticker option to give smooth scrolling effects. Other excellent features include loop effects, arrows, dots, and logo customizers.

Divi Content Carousel Module

Content Carousel Module helps to show a bunch of content in a short space. You can add unlimited carousel sliders and fix the number of sliders for different devices. There are also Cover-flow effects and intuitive navigation styles.

Divi Testimonial Carousel Module

DiviFlash Testimonial Carousel is a compelling way to show your clients’ reviews. You can use slide & coverflow carousel styles to motivate your customer to purchase. Along with the spacing features, this module also offers a range of customization options for content order management. 

Divi Blog Carousel Module

Show countless blog posts within a short area of your website with the Blog Carousel module. With the wrapper customization feature and attractive animation effects, you can give an appealing appearance to your posts using 11 post elements.

Divi Instagram Carousel Module

Instagram Carousel Module lets you embed photos, videos, captions, and other content directly from Instagram under two different types of carousels- Slide and Coverflow. You can also apply Cube and Flip image mode with custom spacing features and carousel decorating functionality.

Divi Product Carousel Module

Product Carousel Module showcases an appealing product page with Coverflow & Slide carousel. It facilitates 11 WooCommerce elements and catchy animation effects to ensure an intuitive display of your products. Further, you will fully control the product carousel with extensive setting functionality.

Divi Product Carousel

Divi CPT Carousel Module

CPT Carousel Module extends the artistic presentation of the CPT Grid Module. You can show your portfolio, recipes, projects, and products in an interactive carousel slider with 10 design elements.

Moreover, this module includes enormous design possibilities, including the coverflow effect, shadow effect, extensive spacing, and navigation styles.

Divi Blog Grid Module

Blog Grid Module provides grid & masonry layouts with limitless design possibilities. Along with 11 drag and drop elements, it lets you apply 7 image scale animation effects. Other useful features include specifying the number of columns for a single row, column controls, inner-outer wrapping, and many more.

Divi Custom Post Types Grid Module

Custom Post Types Grid is an inclusive module with advanced features and two different layouts- Grid & Masonry. You can display any type of CPT by a custom taxonomy. Along with 10 different post-type elements, it also facilitates ACF supports, pagination styles, icon settings, and other beneficial customizations.

Divi Filterable CPT Module

You can make the visitor experience easy with the Filterable CPT Module. Using the grid and masonry layouts, you can categorize the custom posts according to different taxonomies. Moreover, there are vast customization options for making the filter button more stylish and clickable.  

Divi Product Grid Module

Product Grid Module is useful for classifying your WooCommerce products in grid & masonry layouts. This module is available with 11 embellishing WooCommerce elements, spacing features, and various animation effects for making a fascinating and informative product page.   

Divi Instagram Gallery Module

Add your Instagram feed aesthetically with the Divi Instagram Gallery Module. To create an outstanding gallery look, it comes with features like custom spacing, animated border, hover effects, image scale effect, etc. you can show up to 8 images in a single row with the load more button option.

Divi WP Form Styler Module

With the WP Form Styler Module, you can transform the simple look of WP Forms into something super intuitive and fascinating.

This dedicated module has features for customizing the background, form label, button, checkbox, border, and so on. Custom spacing is also a notable feature of this module.

Divi Contact Form 7 Styler Module

Change the traditional look of Contact Form 7 with Contact Form 7 Styler Module. This module lets you decorate every portion of your form. You can style uniquely by changing color, text, size, border, etc. Even more, there are functions to customize the dropdown, background, label, text area, button, and so on.

Divi Content Toggle Module

Content Toggle Module is a great way to display your content concisely. You can add a pricing table, a team member, a carousel, or a gallery within a content toggle.

The switcher option lets you place two different content in the same place. Along with 5 different toggle switch buttons, you can customize every part of this content toggle module. 

Divi Lottie Module

Give your visitors a lively experience using Lottie animations instead of web images. You will have full control over the animation of Lottie files for your desired illustration. For the unique appearance of the website, 4 more intuitive animation triggers can be used, including On Click, Hover, Scroll, and Viewport.

Layout packs

DiviFlash Layouts

Diviflash extends the design compatibility of Divi. However, if you are looking for an easy way, using a premade template can be ideal.

To help with this, DiviFlash Comes with 7+ layouts based on various niches for Divi theme and builder. You can download and import easily.

Further, customization needs no coding, and you can publish these professionally designed premade layouts to your Divi websites.   

Section layouts

DiviFlash Section Layout

DiviFlash has a vast collection of free section layouts. Currently, they have 240+ section layouts in their stock. Using these layouts, you can even get design ideas for different purposes.


DiviFlash Extensions

DiviFlash includes a set of various useful extensions that helps to build your Divi website. Here is the extension list:

  • SVG file upload- let you upload SVG files to your Divi website, which is by default restricted in WordPress and Divi.
  • JSON file upload- JSON file is also blocked in WordPress and Divi for security reasons. But, the DiviFlash extension safely enables this kind of file. 
  • Divi Library shortcode- Generate Divi library Shortcodes and place module or layout within another module.
  • ACF Support- Let modules take data from ACF fields to build Grid, Carousel view, and pages.
  • Menu bottom line- Give control of Bottom line color, Bottom line weight, Bottom line distance, Bottom line distance for fixed nav, Line width, Line hover animation, etc.
  • Hide menu bottom border- Let you hide the bottom border from the navigation bar.
  • Menu item space between (px)- Controls the spacing between each menu item. 

Ease of Use

There is hardly any difference between Divi and DiviFlash plugin interfaces. From installation to using modules, DiviFlash functions the same as Divi builder.

Thus, regular Divi users can easily use it without any additional learning curve. Further, the overall setup provides a clean and simple user experience.


DiviFlash is committed to providing the best possible service. You can easily open a support ticket if you find any difficulties. Their dedicated support team is always active to answer any queries you have with DiviFlash.


DiviFlash is fully compatible with the Divi theme and builder. You can also use this plugin with the Extra theme of Elegant Themes. Most importantly, there will not be any issues if you are using DiviFlash with other plugins.


DiviFlash has a reputation for its clean code. So, you will enjoy the faster performance. This third-party plugin developer comes with some powerful modules which don’t only unlock limitless design possibilities but also give you super ease for saving a lot of time.

Moreover, premade layouts and extensions are immensely helpful for building Divi websites. Overall,  you will have a simple Divi life. 

What did we like most?

Below here, there are features that we find most impressive:

  • 7 different Carousel modules.
  • Get complete CPT support with Several modules.
  • Multiple WooCommerce modules to adore product pages.
  • Ensure speedy performance due to clean code.
  • Dedicated customer support from the team DiviFlash.
  • 7+ complete website layouts and 240+ section layouts.

What Could be Better?

Now, we have figured out some downsides compared to other 3rd parties.

  • Comes a little behind in terms of the number of modules and extensions.  
  • Couldn’t fulfill Divi’s lack of a pop-up builder.
  • A little bit more expensive.

DiviFlash Pricing Plans

DiviFlash has three different packs. Pricing differs depending on which plan you choose. Plans start at $39 per year, named Personal Pack, which lets you use all modules for one website only.

Further, you have access to all premade layouts with 1-year premium support and updates. Another similar plan that offers unlimited websites is the $89 Business pack.

However, there is a lifetime plan called Agency Pack that costs $299 with never-ending advantages. Don’t hesitate to choose your preferred plan since there is a 100% money-back guarantee. 


There are a few limitations with every plugin in the market. But, the difference DiviFlash makes here is ensuring customer satisfaction. It happens to us as well.

So, this is what we have found from our experience with the DiviFlash plugin. Now, we want to hear about your experience. If you are considering using this third-party plugin, share with us how DiviFlash improves your design experience with Divi Builder.

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