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Divi Theme Review(2022): Is It Worth Money and Time?

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Divi is the most used page builder /theme in the WordPress industry. It is the number #1 alternative page builder of Elementor. But as a theme + builder, it is better than Astra and GeneratePress, even other popular themes.

Divi theme is more populer for its built in funcationaly. The best part is that for those who don’t want to mess with coding, Divi is a great deal for website customization and page builder. It is a simple and effective WordPress tool for any website design.

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  • Now the question is, is Divi Theme worth money and time?
  • Is the Divi theme preferable for your website?

For all the confusion, it will be worth checking out our derived discussion below.

What is Divi Theme?

Although the term Divi is one, there are two segments in it. One is the Divi Theme, and another is the Divi builder. With Divi Theme, the page builder will be able to create any website as per your needs.

It is one of the most updated and preceding themes I’ve ever observed. There are some advanced features & many templates. However, it has relatively extra options compared to the others.

In practical terms, it is more usable among the WordPress themes and more flexible than any other theme in the same category. Even users with very little coding knowledge will be able to build a website using it.

PROs and CONs


  • A truly multipurpose theme that can be used for any type of project
  • Editable, high-quality templates
  • Easy-to-use powerful  page builder
  • Documentation that is very useful
  • Value-for-money purchase options


  • Mastering the page builder takes a long time
  • Such a wide range of creative freedom could overwhelm some people

Divi Theme/Builder Review: Key Features

User Interface

The UI in the DIVI theme is very self-explanatory but it can be overwhelming for beginners. You need to click on elements and then a popup will appear that shows what you will be able to do with it. 

You will be able to see a little info box icon on each setting. You can read that to understand what you will be able to do with the feature.

Overall the User Interface is quite sleek. With each update, the theme becomes much faster and snappier to use. Also, the drag and drop feature is quite intuitive and helps you to create your website from scratch. 

Customization Options

On the customization panel, you will see three options to customise the selected element. Content, Design, and Advanced.

Divi theme customization
  • Content- You can edit the actual content on the content section. Add cackground color or image to the element. You can add links or anchors from this tab as well. 
  • Design- This tab contains the designing option like padding, spacing, and sizing. However, if you want an advanced design like transformation or animation you can find those in this tab too. 
  • Advanced- Form the name you can identify this tab lets you do some advanced customization. You can add custom CSS, conditions, choose where to show/hide the element, and add transitions. If you want to have a scroll effect on your web elements you can set it on these settings. 

Website Elements

Divi website elements

One of the concerning factors in choosing any theme or page builder is having enough website elements. No matter how many you have within the theme you may miss one or two. 

Here in the DIVI theme, you can get 38 web elements integrated from the installation. When you install the WooCommerce plugin it will unlock 25 more elements.

There is nothing to complain about that is missing in these 63 elements. Text, Image, Gallery, Portfolio, Slider anything you desire you will get it in the theme.

Undo & History Feature

Divi undo-redo

While designing your website you will make mistakes. You will get to a point when the previous or some step back your design was better than the final one. There comes the easy undo and history feature.

If you want to go one step back “Ctrl + Z” will do the job but if you want to go some more steps further you can use the history tab.

Ease of Use

DIVI is one of the easy-to-use themes for a WordPress website. The Developers of Elegant Themes are trying to make it more efficient for both beginners and expert website builders. 

However, there is a learning curve. Most of the things are easy to understand. You will have a powerful website builder with every element you need to make a stunning website at your fingertips.

But you will have to give enough time to learn to use it flexibly. That is totally expected because you can’t use advanced tools as you wish until you master them.

If you give it enough time it will become easier and even from the start of learning it is much easier than I can explain.


One of the awesome features that most users love about DIVI is its portability. DIVI has built-in templates and sections that everyone can use. Yet if you are a website builder who will build multiple websites, you can create your own templates and export them to other sites.

Also, I like that you can share those templates with the community to help them set up their website faster. 

Many DIVI experts share their custom designs on their resource pages. I had problems with making a hero section like “Image on the left and Text on the write.” 

To solve that problem all I had to do was just download a template from a DIVI expert and insert it on my website and that’s it. 

Prime Theme Builder

Like any other theme builder, the earlier versions of Divi Theme only work with custom pages and content. However, I appreciate the updated versions of it. The updated version will not only customize the post and page vaults but also allow the customization of all fields of the website.

Custom Headers and Footers

Divi header

Header and Footers are the basics of any website. If you visit any website each has their own uniqueness. Most of the time if you rely on the theme header it will look similar to other websites on the same theme.

DIVI has its premade header and footer like any other theme but you can customize it or create a custom header/footer from scratch. 

You can go to the DIVI theme builder from the left sidebar on WordPress then select the Global header/footer that you want to create. 

Divi custom headers footers

Design the header as you like with Website Icon, Menu and custom link then save it. It will appear on the whole website. 

Divi footer

One of the reasons for using this feature is to make your website unique and more eye-pleasing. Every visitor lands on a website and the first thing that gets their attention is the header.

So if you fail to keep your visitors’ attention on the top of the website, I guess it will be hard to keep them engaged with the core of the site.  

High-Quality Templates

Divi templates library

This theme moves with a wide range of content templates stored. You can give the most delicate look to your website by choosing a niche-related template as per your requirements. It carries a vast collection of templates for almost all projects, which leads to a quick jump start to your website.

Divi theme already comes with a complete website template for any website you want to build. Any website has a Homepage, About Us, Contact Page, and Blog Page as the basic structure.  

But for a tech website or an eCommerce store you might need a guide page or shop template, you all get on Divi. Also, the DIVI Theme has dedicated templates for Restaurant, Agency, Studio, Shop, Portfolio, etc.

You can select one template according to your niche to get your website completely ready with a few clicks. You can choose the layout bundles of 7/8 pages each from the library and customize your website according to a suitable type. You can search layouts by niche category.

Ready-made Layouts

Divi theme presents 1000+ eye-catchy layouts that are premade to use instantly. Customers are satisfied with different colors and designed layouts to give a cool individuality to their page. These ready-to-use layouts boost the customer’s experience and overwhelm their mind.

Custom Body Layouts

Besides your regular pages, you can make your Archive page or 404 pages with the DIVI theme. Creating a custom 404 page with optimized CTA can increase your traffic a lot. 

To create a custom 404 page you need to go to Theme builder under the DIVI setting. 

Divi theme builder

Then click on “Add New” and select 404 Page. You can design the body of the page like any other page with a Call to Action button like “Visit the Blog Page.”

A unique and directional error page will give your visitors the push they need to stay on the site for longer. 

Divi builder settings 404 page

Powerful Support

Whenever you are struggling with any problem, you can contact their intelligent support team. By clicking on remote access through the website for your asking, the team will allow you to open a communication channel.

Over there, you will get the privilege to fix your problems via a discussion forum or chat system. It is a powerful feature, especially when you are in a stuck situation, and you can’t just work out. I don’t think any other page builder has such an admirable service.

Messenger Support Channel

Email and Forum support are great features but those are old and time-consuming methods. You might need instant assistance with a problem you face. The chat feature on the Elegant Theme website is very effective and high quality.

Their response is very fast and you can talk one on one instead of a robot. It works like the Facebook Messenger app. You can send screenshots links and anything you want to show the support technician. 

This makes both the contact and problem solving much more effective.

Divi Theme/Builder Documentation

It goes through three building blocks. Every single item is amazing.

  • Sections: Sections are used to originate various broad contents like site footer, header, etc.
  • Row: It is included in the section which helps find any content of the column.
  • Modules: You will get over 46 fantastic modules. These modules are call-to-action, portfolio, header, slider, blog, tabs, videos, and many more.

Divi Compatibility

Whether your website is for blogging, e-commerce, or a review site, the Divi theme is compatible with all websites. It is a fast theme for all kinds of website design.

One of the particular reasons for its universality is that it can be used in 32 languages. Besides, it offers RTL support, WPML support, etc.

Divi Leads

DIVI Leads or Spilt Testing feature is a very rare feature in any theme in the market. Usually, you need to use third-party software or plugins to measure what is working on your website.

You can create multiple versions of the same call to action button/form and check which one is performing the most. 

Moreover, you can run multiple campaigns on the same or different pages in one go. 

Divi split testing statistics

You can utilize this feature most on your landing pages. You can create different buttons or CTA or Forms on the page and measure how your visitors engage with them.

You can track the statistics directly from the backend. Once you are satisfied with the testing you can choose your winner. Divi will keep the winner and remove other CTA leads collectors.

This feature can help you to maximize sales, especially for eCommerce or Product selling websites.

Divi Theme/Builder’s Security

For any online business, security is the most concerning factor. From missing an SSL certificate to having a major bug in coding can make your website vulnerable. WordPress is very secure but still, there are ways that hackers can exploit your website.

DIVI developer ensures that you have the best user experience with the product without having any data leak. The coding is justified by the WordPress security team Sucuri and also has a certificate.

Some Other Outstanding Features

  • Security: Divi doesn’t compromise website security.
  • Update notification: You will be notified through your WordPress notification bar whenever the Elegant themes team makes an update.
  • Customization: Divi theme has a great deal for website customization, where everything will tidy up on your own. Customers can choose the color, font, style, size as per their need.
  • Reusable section: It has the authority to recreate sections for further use.
  • Mobile-friendliness: When you come to design a website, it is vital to make it friendly for all devices. Divi theme has a mobile icon to adjust the pages with mobile users’ screens.
  • Live-preview: For a better experience of how your site will look after installation, you can check their live preview feature while customizing any feature.

Things that Could Be Issues

DIVI is undoubtedly one of the best theme and website builders for WordPress. However, among all the benefits, there is one thing that might pull you off from using DIVI.

DIVI uses shortcodes to build your website like any other page builder. As long as you are sticking with DIVI these aren’t any issues. But if you ever wish to switch themes you are going to get into a lot of trouble. 

DIVI embeds the code into your posts. You can change your theme but the shortcodes will remain in the HTML coding behind the pages. This will result in ugly-looking posts on your website.

Although this is not a drawback of DIVI solely any page builder you choose will have the same problem. So, the only thing that should be your concern is that you won’t be able to change the theme.

Divi Theme Pricing:

It has good pricing options. The Divi theme has two schemes.

  • Yearly access
  • Lifetime access

It cost only $89 for access to use all the features for an entire year. If you forget to renew it, it doesn’t mean your website will die. If you are not paying after a year of using it, you won’t just get access to use it and not get the latest updated version to upgrade.

Moreover, the Divi theme offers the lifetime use of everything with a one-time payment of about only $249. Can you imagine how cheap it is considering the investment for other kinds of customized website builders?

One of the best parts is that you will get free other premium plugins of Elegant Themes like Bloom and Monarch with the Divi theme price.

Check Divi Theme Special Discount

How to Install Divi Theme?

Go through a little process to install it. First, you require purchasing a Divi theme then login into your user account and open the download tabs from the menu bar. Download the theme file as divi.zip from Elegant Theme’s dashboard.

Now, login to your WordPress site and follow the steps-

Appearance > Themes menu

Tap the add new button option (on the top)

Click upload Theme

Select the divi.zip (from hard drive)

Once the file gets uploaded, click install

Now activate it

Is The Use Of Divi Theme Worth It?

Overall, it is easy to use in different aspects. It’s worth getting 4.8 out of 5 ratings for useability. However, one of its contradictory problems is that it has more useful options than it needs, which undoubtedly overkill the speed and time of use.

So from this aspect, it is not a big issue for many people. We ignore this error; it is a usable WordPress theme with an enormous fan base.

The current price is worth it, as you are getting many features in one thumb. Its user experience is unique from any other, according to my experiment. I suggest knowing everything before using it to understand the entire package properly.

Divi Theme Review FAQ

Can you use just the Divi Builder without the theme?

DIVI theme comes with the DIVI builder pre-installed. However, if you another theme on your site you can use the DIVI builder for customization. It works on any theme just like the Elementor plugin. 

Is the Divi theme slow?

Many users complain that DIVI is slow in the backend. The theme feels bloating but it’s not slow. It can be happen on your internet connection. Also, if you have poor hosting speed this could occur because DIVI uses a lot of resources that needs faster loading speed. 

If you compare to other themes that are made only for speed the DIVI theme can feel slow. The reason behind this is the DIVI builder. The theme loads the builder along with the core feature which makes it slower than most speed optimized themes.

Is the Divi theme good for SEO?

The past versions of DIVI themes had this complaint about being slow. The new SEO algorithm gives faster loading a priority in SEO ranking. But DIVI 4.0 has overcome the slow tag it had. 

Elegant Themes developers are trying to make the code more SEO friendly to cope up with the competitors. The bloating code still may get embedded but that’s not an issue if you use a caching plugin. 

Any Premium caching plugin like WP RocketPerfmatters, WP-Optimize will do the trick. 

Does the Divi theme lock you in?

Unlike the previous versions, DIVI 4.0 doesn’t lock you in. The DIVI builder now works as a standalone plugin so you don’t need the theme to use the builder.

You can easily download the DIVI builder directly from the Elegant Themes website and install it to edit any theme you like. 

Can I use the Divi theme on multiple websites?

Yes, you can use the DIVI theme on multiple websites. The theme comes in 89$/year one website or 249$ for an unlimited lifetime deal. 

If you have an unlimited license with DIVI you can generate multiple API keys that you can add to any website you like. This is especially beneficial to web developers and agencies. 

Overall, you can get the theme once and use it forever for any type of website you build.

Which is better: Divi or Elementor?

Before I give an answer to this you have to understand that DIVI is a theme and a page builder whereas Elementor is just a page builder. 

Both have their pros and cons but when comparing the speed Elementor is better than DIVI. Also, learning Elementor is easier than DIVI because that is directly a page builder plugin that allows you to do things frontend.

Divi Theme Review: Last Words

Here I am going to summarize this review. According to my judgments, it is a must-try website builder. If you are still in doubt whether the Divi theme is preferable for your website, I would suggest you can check all the services and then compare them with other themes at the same price range.

Alternatively, you can use the Elementor page builder. I hope this detailed review helps you to make the right decision.

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