CSS Hero Vs Yellow Pencil

CSS Hero Vs Yellow Pencil(2022): Which Is Better?

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Editing CSS properties is a mandatory task for web developers. As a non-coder without having CSS knowledge, it becomes difficult to design or modify a site according to own choice. But a live editor makes it much easier for non-coders.

In this article, I’ll help you find out the core of CSS Hero Vs Yellow Pencil plugin and suggest which is the best.

There are many CSS live editor plugins out there. Choosing the right editor is challenging. Here you will get to know about CSS editor plugin & a comparison between CSS hero and Yellow Pencil. So let’s get into the topic!

CSS Hero Vs Yellow Pencil

CSS Hero Plugin Vs Yellow Pencil: CSS Live Editor

CSS live editor is a WordPress plugin. It helps to design a WordPress site attractively. It lets you work frontend, meaning you can observe the changes live in real-time. CSS Live Editor is like a drag-and-drop frontend live editor plugin like Elementor, Divi, Thrive Architect, etc.

You can edit any CSS file from the front. You do not need to switch between editor and tabs to refresh the page. It allows you to control the designs through a control panel. CSS editor plugin is impressive for those who don’t have coding knowledge but want to change the site’s appearance.

The Major Consideration of CSS Live Editor

CSS live editor can use both professional and beginner who doesn’t have any coding knowledge. The plugin has unique features that make them exceptional than other live CSS editor plugins. Before choosing it first have a look at the features that include –

  • Pre-made templates
  • Supports with your theme or not
  • Documentation, support, and tutorials
  • Price if it is worth spending
  • Allow draft mode or not before publishing
  • Undo and redo options after making changes

Every time you should have a clear conception of the plugin in which you invest.

Features of CSS Hero Plugin

CSS Hero allows you to design your themes without working directly from the CSS style sheet. It also allows an option to customize and edit the CSS visually.

This plugin saves the editing history to the database that is good for undoing any previous work or return to any particular point.

It gives 29 pre-made layouts, around hundreds of designs with “Ready-made styles” and “Theme skins”. 

There are different animated options to apply on the website. An inbuilt color picker is excellent for picking any colors to design easier. You can reuse previously used colors as well. 

CSS Hero works perfectly with common plugins like Elementor, slider revolution, BB Press, Beaver Builder, and more.

How it Works

After activating CSS hero on a WordPress site, you will find a draggable pop-up window. When you click on the circle button, CSS hero will be activated, and then you can edit CSS properties from that pop-up panel.

Note that CSS hero may not be compatible with your theme. So before buying, you can communicate with the support team.

CSS hero Interface

CSS Hero works without changing the theme files and site of origin CSS. It has an intuitive interface that allows you to tweak your site without affecting the speed and performance. The plugin will not cause slow loading because It works with a static file and another thing it will override your theme’s CSS stylesheet.

It doesn’t add any other script, PHP, JS, bloat. As it does everything in the browser, so it doesn’t create much impact on the server-side.


  • Available Undo and redo options.
  • Intuitive interface and allows frontend styling options.
  • It doesn’t require coding knowledge .
  • Budget-friendly price.


  • It doesn’t have any free trial.
  • The lifetime license is costly.


The plugin provides 1-year support after buying, but the lifetime pro version provides priority product support.

CSS Hero Pricing

csshero pricing

CSS Hero is a comparatively cheap plugin. The starting package allows using the plugin in one site with one year upgrade, which costs $29. Personal (activation on 5sites) and pro (999 sites) costs $59 and $199, respectively.

CSS Hero Plugin Vs Yellow Pencil: Yellow Pencil

Features of Yellow Pencil

Yellow Pencil allows you to add your CSS code and helps grab the right CSS selector. Visual resizing lets you resize the image to any proportion. It has a drag and drops feature to move any features around. You can create an animation to the elements with animator tools.

Yellow Pencil

The Yellow pencil has an intuitive graphical interface where you can click any of the elements and use simple drop-downs and other options. Its interface includes the right bar containing customization panels such as global customization, template, and one-page customization. The left bar contains tools like an inspector, 60+ CSS properties,800+ font family, drag and drops elements, measuring tools, wireframes, and so on! It works with any themes and plugins seamlessly.

How it Works

For working with Yellow Pencil, install and activate it on your WordPress site. Now go to WP admin and launch the plugins interface. You will find two sidebars in the interface, including the left sidebar where you find the options, and the right panel shows active elements for editing.

You can choose the single page, template, or global options to edit. It doesn’t change theme files rather it loads generated CSS codes. It has a live CSS editor and preview option.

Yellow Pencil options


  • 60+ CSS properties
  • Both free and premium versions available 
  • Tons of features customization option
  • Live frontend editing
  • Cost is relatively low
  • Free support from developers for 6 months for premium plans.


  • One site usage permission

Yellow Pencil Support

Yellow Pencil provides extensive documentation, so users can easily customize each part following the documents. Also, you can avail help via their video documentation.

Yellow Pencil Pricing

Yellow Pencil allows its users to use the free version. To avail of the premium features, you need to buy the regular license at the cost of $26 for one website or $125 for extended versions, which is for WP developers.

CSS Hero Vs Yellow Pencil: Which is the Winner?

CSS Hero and Yellow Pencil, both plugins are amazing in their own way. Which one you should buy depends on your requirements and the features they are providing. Considering functionalities and licensing, I’ll prefer CSS Hero.


Considering CSS Hero Vs Yellow Pencil plugins features, pros and cons, and pricing, this article hopefully helped you decide which one you need. Invest in something best that brings outcome.

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