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Divi Theme/Builder Discount (10% – 55% OFF)

Divi is the most popular designer-friendly WordPress page builder plugin. Get up to 55% OFF On Divi theme for WordPress users. Hurry up!
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Divi Theme, Divi Page Builder 10%-55% Discount

Divi is a popular WordPress theme/page builder. This page builder is the number one choice for WordPress bloggers because of its excellent drag-and-drop page-building features. It has 1000+ pre-built themes for using different categories of websites. The best thing is that now, with this special Divi Page Builder discount, you can get up to 55% OFF on the purchase of the Divi Theme / Page Builder.

How to use the Divi theme discount code?

Get from 10% to 55% OFF On Divi Theme For WordPress

Click the above link or grab this offer by clicking on the button on the right to get up to 55% OFF! This special discount does not require any coupon codes to be added at the payment step; use the above link, and you will see the discounted pricing.

Why use a WordPress theme builder?

Sometimes, a custom-built WordPress website or a pre-built theme cannot fulfill all your expectations for your desired WordPress website. Or you want to have a custom website but at the same time be able to make changes yourself or add new pages in the future without the need to learn coding. In these scenarios, a page builder like that of Divi comes really handy.

Yes, the best solution for those who want to easily make changes to their WordPress site, add new pages, and edit existing pages without the need to learn coding is to use a page builder. A high-quality page builder, like Divi, helps you to design a website with less effort using pre-built elements and drag-and-drop features.

When it comes to choosing the best WordPress page builders, Divi is one of the best, and we got you the best pricing for 2024; check out the Divi Theme/ Page Builder Special Offer 2024.

Why Divi Page Builder Plugin?

Divi is a drag-and-drop page builder plugin. It has 1000+ pre-built premium design themes/templates.

Most people call the Divi Page Builder “the Divi Theme” (check this out: Divi theme or Divi page builder.) The main difference is that Divi builder is only a page builder that can work with any free or premium WordPress themes, while the Divi theme is, in essence, a theme that works with Divi page builder, so it is both a theme and a page builder at the same time. That means it works like 2 in 1.

You can easily design a site with different layouts, colors, and effects, so you do not need any extra plugins or coding skills to add any custom features related to site design and layouts.

The Elegant Themes created the Divi theme builder, which has become more popular over the past few years. They also have developed many essential plugins such as Extra, Bloom & Monarch. With this discount offer, you will get all ElegentThemes products as a bonus if you buy the Divi Theme/Builder.

How do you buy the Divi page builder/theme with a special discount?

Normally, the price of Divi (theme+page builder) is $89/year for the Standard plan and $569/year for the Pro plan. They also offer a lifetime plan, which is $249 lifetime for the standard plan and $365 lifetime for the Pro Plan. But with this Divi Page Builder special discount, you can buy a Divi page builder for only $80/year ($224 per lifetime) for the standard plan, which is a 10% discount, and $258/year ($330 per lifetime license) for the Pro plan which translates to 55% discount.

Divi Theme/Builder Discount (10% - 55% OFF) 1

After landing on the above special Divi discount offer landing page, select your desired plan (either Standard or Pro plan and lifetime or yearly one), then fill out the registration form with your name, email, username, and payment info.

After that, hit the ‘complete registration’ button.

Divi Theme/Builder Discount (10% - 55% OFF) 2

You are done. Now, you will be able to download the plugin files from the ElegantThemes dashboard.

  • Both yearly and life plans come with unlimited sites and the Extra, Bloom, and Monarch plugins.
  • Elegant Theme also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee.

What are the payment methods they accept?

The buying process for Elegant Themes products is super easy. You can either pay with any credit card or use your Google Pay account. Elegant Themes no longer accept PayPal. But a wide range of credit cards are accepted, and you can even pay with a Visa gift card if you have one. 

How to install the Divi theme + Builder?

The installation process is very easy. You have to install it as a plugin using the plugin section of the WordPress dashboard.

Just log in to your WordPress site, then go to Plugin > Add New > and click upload, and finally upload the Divi zip file that you have already downloaded (if you have already purchased it from the Elegant theme’s store).

After completing the uploading process, it is time to activate the plugin. So, click on activate the plugin and start designing your dream design.

So we hope you will enjoy this special Divi theme/builder discount.

Saeed Khosravi