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AzonPress- 20% OFF!

AzonPress is a premium Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin for boosting sales.
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AzonPress- 20% OFF!

AzonPress coupon is a promotional code that you can use to get up to 20% price OFF. You can use this coupon code unlimited, even using this coupon code ‘WPBASICPRO’ you can purchase any product of WP Manage Ninja’s product.

Why AzonPress Plugin?

AzonPress is a premium WordPress Amazon affiliate plugin designed to make your Amazon affiliate marketing easier. You can seamlessly integrate products from Amazon to your blog or website with no technical skills needed!

Core Benefits of AzonPress Plugin

  • Design your own Amazon product widget that matches the design of your site.
  • Display any type of products including books, clothing, and electronics with no restrictions on categories or brands. 
  • Product images are taken directly from Amazon to ensure they’re up to date and accurate every time you publish new content.
  • Users can easily integrate their affiliate links into WordPress posts without having technical skills in HTML codes by using a “one-click” option.
  • Build unlimited Amazon product widgets with no monthly fees.
  • It displays Amazon products with updated prices on your website.
  • Powered by Amazon Product Advertising API to provide you with accurate product information including prices, availability, and other details.
  • It does not violate Amazon’s associate product advertising policy.

How to Use Discount Code on AzaonPress?

Using AzonPress discount code during buying time is easy. Just simply choose an AzaonPress pricing plan then click on the ‘Have a discount code?’ and enter your 20% OFF code WPBASICPRO.

AzonPress Discount Code Apply

Finally, click on the ‘Apply’ button. Now you are done.

To complete the entire checkout process, choose a payment method and pay for it.

AzonPress/WP Manage Ninja Checkout

This is a mega discount code for only WP Basic Pro users. So why late? Grab this special 20% discount and buy the AzonPress Amazon affiliate plugin to boost your sales from the Amazon niche affiliate site.

Saeed Khosravi