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BirchPress Scheduler Review: WordPress Appointment Booking Plugin

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Are you Looking for a hassle-free solution to make appointments online easily? If yes, then you are in the right place. BirchPress Scheduler Review will help you to know about one solution for the BirchPress Scheduler plugin.

Notice: BirchPress is a WordPress Appointment Booking tool. If you are looking for a WordPress Post Scheduler plugin, check out the other article linked in this notice.

BirchPress Scheduler is a WordPress appointment booking plugin with an intuitive interface that is easy to set up and maintain. You just need to create a form and paste the shortcode where you want to show it.

Let’s see what it will offer you and how easy it is to configure.

What is BirchPress Scheduler?

BirchPress Scheduler is a WordPress appointment booking plugin. It allows you to create appointment forms to let your visitors check booking availability, book appointments, or make reservations. 

This plugin works amazingly to make appointments without direct involvement with visitors. It’s a perfect tool for small businesses of all sorts that have users all over the globe who book appointments online.

BirchPress Scheduler

BirchPress Scheduler Review: Features and Configuration Process

BirchPress Scheduler plugin allows you to book appointments online easily. You can add your booking form to any page or post using shortcodes. Visitors can check availability,  make reservations, or book appointments online directly.

Also, it collaborates with calendars like Google, iCal, Android, Outlook, or iPhone). Calendar Sync features can automatically export or import your appointment and check availability. 

You can configure notification emails for an appointment that is canceled, booked, or rescheduled. You can also send customizable, friendly email notifications and reminders to make clients aware of upcoming appointments.

It’s more popular for its built-in form editor that allows you to quickly build and design your booking forms. So that you can easily choose any type of field that fits your business requirements.

It supports PayPal and credit cards for accepting payments. To add other payment gateways, you can integrate those through WooCommerce. 

BirchPress plugin is developer-friendly. It offers thousands of functions, filters, and action hooks that developers can use without touching the core code.

BirchPress Appointment  Configuration

BirchPress Scheduler plugin has a different interface for business owners and staff members. Here, you will get to know the configuration process of both business owners and staff members.

Let’s jump into the topic. 

BirchPress has different configuration options, such as creating appointments and configuring locations, providers, and services. Let’s see how it actually needs configuration. 

BirchPress Scheduler Calendar

The calendar option lets you know who has booked an appointment. You can see the appointments on your dashboard. To See appointments, go to the dashboard and then click on Appointment > Calendar. 

BirchPress Scheduler Calendar

If you want, your visitors can see the calendar by adding the shortcode as follows : [bpscheduler_public_calendar]

calendar shortcode

The output of the public calendar shortcode will be as follows :

Public Calendar BirchPress Scheduler Demo

This feature lets you add a calendar on your website frontend for your users. But showing a public calendar is available for business and business + users.

BirchPress Scheduler New Appointment

BirchPress allows showing a new appointment interface in the front end. You need to create a form and paste the shortcode to the page where you want to showcase it. To create a new appointment form, go to Appointment > New Appointment. 

BirchPress Scheduler Appointment form

Now paste the shortcode [bpscheduler_booking_form] to the page where you want to show.

Appointment info will be shown to the visitors as follows :

BirchPress Scheduler demo

BirchPress Scheduler Locations

To add locations, go to Appointment > Locations > Add location. Then you will find a page as the below image where you will need to add location details. 

BirchPress Scheduler add location

BirchPress Scheduler Providers

Providers are those who will serve the service. It can be different as individuals or different agencies. For example, if you are a service provider around the globe or at different locations, then you will need to add a provider in particular locations. If you have a hospital, then your provider will be a doctor. 

To configure providers, go to Appointment > Providers> Add  Provider. Now, you can add the provider’s title and email address, integrate it with the calendar, and fix off day. Also, you can set the work schedule of the provider.

BirchPress Scheduler Add  Provider

BirchPress Scheduler Services

Configuration of BirchPress services allows you to add service names and descriptions. On the right panel, you will see an option to choose the location and provider for that particular service. The service panel also includes settings for length (in minutes/hour), padding, price, capacity, timeslot, and prepayment options.

BirchPress Scheduler service

BirchPress Scheduler Settings

BirchPress scheduler comes up with an intuitive user interface that helps users set an appointment form without hassles. 

In the settings option, you will find different options to configure. 

General options include timezone, date and time format, the first day of the week, currency, calendar view format, and policies.

In the policy section, you can set policies about when clients will be able to book, cancel or reschedule an appointment. They also include an option to set a policy about booking appointments for the future in advance. 

BirchPress Scheduler setting

Form Builder allows you to create customized forms. But BirchPress has inbuilt premade forms that you can use to save time. If you don’t intend for any particular change in the form, you can use default forms.

BirchPress Scheduler form builder

The notification option enables the sending of a notification to the providers and to clients. You can configure the email templates, cancel page, and reschedule page as well. 

BirchPress Scheduler notification

The payment option allows you to integrate PayPal and by using a login ID and transaction key. You can enable or disable PayPal integration and according to your requirements.

To integrate another payment gateway except for PayPal, you can do it through WooCommerce.

BirchPress Scheduler payment

WooCommerce option helps you enable or disable Woocommerce integration, set up autocomplete orders, set up WooCommerce products, and more settings.

BirchPress Scheduler woocommerce

Besides, it has a custom code feature that lets you make changes according to your choice. You can add CSS, PHP, and Javascript in the custom code section.

If you are a coder and want to make changes or add more options in the form according to your choice, then use the custom code section. They allow custom code for a booking form, public calendar, cancel or reschedule  an appointment,

BirchPress Scheduler Clients 

BirchPress scheduler allows you to add clients from the backend. Also, you can view the client’s name, phone, email, and address. 

BirchPress Scheduler Clients Demo

User Interface Who Login As  Staff Member

Staff members will be able to make changes to a limited extent. They will be able to configure Calendar, New Appointment, and Providers.

Also, they will be able to view clients’ areas and add clients to the list. The configuration process is as shown before. 

BirchPress Scheduler staff member

BirchPress Scheduler Pricing and Support

BirchPress Scheduler has three pricing options, namely personal, business, and business+. Currently, they accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and PayPal for payment.

If you want to explore a personal license first and then upgrade to a higher license later, you can do it easily.

Moreover, they offer a money-back guarantee within 1 month. Another good thing is if your license expires, your scheduler will not stop working, but you will not have access to product updates, new features, or support.

BirchPress Scheduler pricing

Summing Up

BirchPress WordPress plugin is a comprehensive plugin in its way with access to customizable features. It allows you to create an appointment form according to your choice. It will enable you to add services, providers, and locations and configure other settings.

You can add your form to any page or post using shortcodes. So it has every feature that you need on an appointment booking online site.

So you have got a clear overview from this BirchPress scheduler review and I hope this will help you to decide whether it will be an excellent booking plugin for you or not.

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