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5 Best WordPress User Profile Plugins Compared (Free+Premium)

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Did you notice that businesses are shifting online nowadays?  I hope you did. So it has become important to build community online now. You might notice that social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc allow you to build a community for your own business. But you can make your community as well on your business website!

Are you wondering how is it possible?  WordPress makes it easy. All you need is activating a WordPress user profile plugin that meets up with your requirements.

There are lots of plugins available to make a user profile. But you have to choose a suitable one for your site. Here we are coming up with the best solution for you to review which one will give your users the best experience. Let’s move on to the topic.

Ultimate Member

Ultimate Member

There are over 200000+ active installations of this plugin, and its ratings from user’s reviews are also satisfying. It is more friendly, lightweight, and extendible for all users. To make an advanced membership site and online community, this plugin will allow you to add a user profile to your site.

This is a versatile plugin and gives you the power to create a wide variety of sites. It’s full-featured and has wide functionality.

There are lots of features of this plugin but mentionable features are- role assignment with multiple registration forms, member directories along with search filtering, drag, and drop form builders, and more. Also, users can manage their accounts like changing passwords, privacy or deleting an account, content restrictions for specific user roles, pre-design templates, conditional logic, etc.

Ultimate Member profile setting

The best thing about this plugin set up is really simple and instant to create a member site. It also allows using extensions that make the plugin more powerful. Some of the most useful extensions are-social login, MailChimp, bbPress, user reviews, myCRED, notices, real-time notification, Google reCAPTCHA, and many more! Even though most of the features are premium, there are a few which have free versions. 

Pricing: There are three pricing systems of this plugin -you can avail it for free having access to free features only and paid versions cost $249/yr along with access to all 23  extensions, unlimited site licenses, support system via email, savings of thousands of dollars with 1year updates. If you want extensions, it will cost $299 and access to all extensions and themes with 1-year email support. 

Profile Builder

profile builder

Profile Builder is one of the easy WordPress frontend user profile plugins that allows you to include user login and registration forms. It supports shortcode, all you need to do is paste the shortcode to a page where you want to display the form. It has an inbuilt role editor, users who have admin power can customize the form fields or add different fields.

Profile-builder interface.png

Drag and drop builder is one of the significant features which let you manage and reorder custom profile fields. This plugin supports Google reCAPTCHA, user restrictions for particular content based on conditions, widgets, email confirmations, integration with Woocommerce, social sharing sites, BBPress, and many more.

Pricing: You can avail yourself of both a free and a pro version, but premium features cost $69 per year.

WP ULike – Most Advanced WordPress Marketing Toolkit


WP Ulike gives you the power to create amazing content. Receiving feedback from audiences is important to improve the quality of content on the website. There is limited opportunity for you by default. But WP Ulike gives you the power to collect feedback by the voting system, like-dislike buttons on all your content such as bbPress topics, BuddyPress activity, Woocommerce products, post or comment, and collect relevant information from the audiences.

WP-ULike setting .png

This plugin comes with 20+ pre-design templates along with customization options, WP Ulike is a comprehensive statistics tool that allows to track user-experience, easy backup. It allows extending functionalities and features to give a great user experience. It also supports Elementor page builder, has widgets and controllers that make your task easy.  You can add a meta box to generate a custom snippet & equip you with lots of Search engine optimization options.

Pricing: You can buy this plugin in three different ways like Personal( one site)- $39 yearly and lifetime $80, Plus (up to 3 sites)-$48 yearly and $149 lifetime, Expert (up to 1000 sites) $119 yearly and $849 lifetime.

Userpro-Userprofiles WordPress Plugin

UserPro User PRO

If you want to give your audiences a good user experience and turn your website’s membership portion into an exceptional one, here is the right choice for you. This plugin allows you to create a community site with front-end profiles, registration, login, social connect and integration with Woocommerce and BuddyPress, restrictions of content according to user roles, verification systems, and many more options.

UserPro WordPress interface

The pro version’s features are more prominent. It allows you to build a searchable member directory for your community, Unfollow, and follow options to connect or disconnect with other members. Also, you can show activity streams of users on the site.

This plugin can handle your user management system effectively starting with customizable front end profiles of users, adding profile fields, restrictions forms, badges, and achievement, and what not!

Pricing: This plugin costs $39 for a regular license and $154 for an extended license. Again, pay an extra $12  for 12-months extended support.


Youzer profile builder

Youzer is a BuddyPress plugin that takes your online community to the next level. If you want to add colors and excitement to your site user’s profile, this is what you need.  It showcases the brand experience to your customer, which helps your business forward. It liberates the power of the crowd to drive amazing ROI.

The plugin offers 700+ user options along with comprehensive membership features like unlimited profile widgets, 9 schemes, lifetime updates,  fully featured customizable options, user profile features, community social features, and many more. It simply allows you to set up secured membership systems like secured passwords, information privacy, integration with other plugins, a dedicated support system & excellent documentation.

Pricing: Regular licenses with a 6-month support system cost $49, extended support will cost $16.50 more. Also, the extended license cost $199.


By this time, hoping that you have chosen the right plugin for you to create a WordPress user profile. There are lots of plugins, but choosing the right one is challenging and a little more confusing.

You can avail here of both free and premium plugins. But if you want to enhance your users’ experience and enlarge your community, go for any of the premium plugins. You can use the Ultimate Member free version if you have a tight budget or premium version, as it gives you the full power to customize your user profile portion.

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