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9 Best WordPress User Login Registration Plugins (Reviewed)

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Looking for the best WordPress user login registration plugin to add & design your website’s custom login and registration page? And want to add more security layers to your login page? Your all in one solution here.

It is no secret that WordPress has become the most popular content management system nowadays. That’s why, you have done a ton of work to create your website, and now you want to make sure that it doesn’t get hacked.

It has also become a favorite target for hackers and malicious scripts looking to hack into your site. So you should think about your site security all the time if you don’t take any necessary steps.

One of the best ways you can protect yourself is by installing a login page plugin on your website. In this article, we will review 9 different login and registration plugins for WordPress-powered websites.

Why Do You Need a WordPress User Login Resignation Plugin?

The WordPress default login page is not customizable. You cannot change the URL, background, or any additional features that are also included with a plugin such as creating custom forms and re-directing visitors to different pages if they do not have an account.

A WordPress login page plugin allows customizing of your login form including adding elements like inputs, text areas, checkboxes, and password fields which can be used when registering for new accounts on your site.

You can also make custom templates for people to check their emails. They will know their username and password when they fill out the form.

There are lots of free and premium login and registration page plugins, but it is better to use one that is custom-made for your needs.

To find the best login registration plugins for your website, we have listed the top 9 plugins below.

Top 9 WordPress User Login Registration Plugins

User Registration

User Registration

If you need to make a simple, yet effective frontend registration form, then you can use the User Registration plugin to power up your site. Providing a drag-and-drop builder function, this plugin will improve your design process and eliminate the need for any complicated coding.

To make your jobs easier, the User Registration Plugin allows you to create any frontend user registration form or any login form without doing any hard work. It is considered one of the most popular WordPress user registration plugins due to its lightweight and extensible features for creating different fine-tuned registration forms.

The most enhanced and notable feature of this plugin is that the registration forms or any frontend profile account page created by User Registration are 100% mobile optimized. You can also extend its features by adding some premium add-ons like style customizer, multi-step form, advanced fields, import users, and many more.

Moreover, it offers basic features for free to use so you can download it free from the WordPress plugin directory. It would be quite outstanding if you don’t want to spend money. However, the premium version offers a few more advanced options.

  • Price: The basic version is free and the premium plan starts from $69/year for a single site with customer support.

Clean Login

Clean Login

It is another simple and user-friendly WordPress plugin for custom user registration and login page that easily syncs with WordPress websites. The working method of this plugin is based on shortcodes. You can easily use this plugin from its dashboard and display any type of login, registration, editor, or password restoring forms effortlessly anywhere on the site.

Also, each category of forms created by Clean Login is responsive. Besides, for spam protection, the plugin supports CAPTCHA and Google reCaptcha.

To add more features, there are separate options to do your job easily. The most awesome part of using this plugin is auto-linked forms. If you put a shortcode on any page or post, the link between them will automatically be generated.

Don’t worry. Clean Login is ready for the latest version of WordPress 5.6 and also compatible with WooCommerce.

However, after creating your forms for registration or login in the frontend easily, if you let your users log in, the user will see a custom profile and will be able to edit his or her data in another form. That’s how simple it is. 

  • Price: Free

Super Forms- Frontend Registration and Login

Super Forms

This is one of the most popular frontend register and login add-on with a user rating of 4-5. With the help of this plugin, you can comfortably create custom forms for registering new users or login the existing users from your front-end.

There is also an option to filter out any specific user restrictions while login. This plugin can help you create lost password forms that allow users to enter their email addresses for generating a new password.

The system is able to send an activation email after completing the registration or let users instantly log in after registration as an option. Besides, while creating a new form, under the form setting there will be a dropdown called ‘Register & Login’ option. Also, under this setting, there will be a dropdown called ‘Actions’ which includes- register a new user, log in and Reset Password. 

Moreover, this plugin is responsive to any device and can be accessed from anywhere on any device.

  • Price: The premium version of the regular license is only $20/year.

Registration Magic


It’s such a powerful login and registration plugin that offers webmasters to have complete control over how the user registrations and logins are conducted and how they are managed.

One of the basic features of this plugin is that it allows you to create multiple registration pages for different users at the same time.

Besides, there are a wide variety of features added to this plugin, such as options for accepting file attachments, showing form expiry countdown above the form, and setting redirections after the user logs in.

Once you install it on your site, you can easily monitor all the incoming registrations from its dashboard.

This free plugin provides every feature you would expect a registration and login plugin to have. So, most site owners are fine with its free version.

Besides, it offers some additional features like token systems, manual approvals, PDF branding, and dozens of other unique capabilities in the premium version.

This plugin is best for general users, especially if you are a rookie, you will find almost an all-in-one solution for user registration on WordPress.

  • Price: The premium plan starts from $99/year for a single site.

Ultimate Member

Ultimate Member

The Ultimate Member is another good WordPress plugin that has high download rates and impressive ratings. It provides a go-to solution when trying to make front-end user profiles, login options, and registration forms.

It will surely improve your user experience as a designer to create login or registration forms. As it includes a smooth drag-and-drop builder function.

The most amazing and awesome part of it is that the core plugin is free, which comes with some excellent features like user account pages, member directories, conditional logic for forms, etc.

So while looking for a free and great WordPress plugin for user registration and login, this can be something to rely on assuredly.

Moreover, using this plugin you can implement anti-spam measures and create a custom password reset link effortlessly. If you want, you can also have the opportunity to expand the functionality of Ultimate members with individual extensions.

The pro extensions of this plugin include plenty of unique features like Instagram integration and private messages.

UserPro-Community and User profile


This powerful plugin lets you create different beautiful front-end user profiles and community sites in WordPress very comfortably and without doing hard work.

It is packed with a pretty good number of amazing features like User badges, content restriction, social content and integration, customizable login and registration forms, verified accounts, viral marketing, and much more.

This is a simple and all-in-one featured plugin that helps you create any complete community site. It offers to create a beautiful front-end profile, login, and registration page for the WordPress site.

UserPro is such a plugin that lets you do just about anything you might need for your WordPress community website. Besides, this plugin is user-friendly and offers a great user experience.

However, for those who are looking for a free plugin, it is not something that can meet their demand. Because the UserPro can only be purchased as a premium plugin.

This is an entire package plugin with budget-friendly features and offers users to create any login and registration forms with full freedom. We assure you that this plugin will certainly be worth your cost by reinforcing your user experience.

Theme My Login

Theme My Login

If you wish that your WordPress login page will match the rest of your site, then today your dream will come true. This plugin will create a custom admin application screen, that is branded differently from your site. That means you can use login, registration, and password recovery pages in your theme.

The best part of using this plugin is that you don’t need any sort of configuration to take back your login page.

Theme My Login has been grounded in simplicity. So for rookie users, this can be the best choice as a free and simple login and registration plugin.

Theme My Login, comes with some basic features for user registration and login for WordPress users. This plugin also includes plenty of other features such as users’ login or register from, recovering passwords, customizing the slugs used for login, and so on.

Besides, this plugin is free for all features. You do not need to pay anything for it. Just download then install and activate it. This is a popular plugin with a rating of 4 to 5 and has 100,000+ active installations.

  • Price: It is a free plugin. But spending a little money, you can use its extensions for enhancing more features.



Saraggna is another good premium WordPress login and registration plugin that allows users to log in or sign up anywhere from the site with just a single pop-up form without refreshing the web page. It is a simple and lightweight plugin that syncs with any WordPress site. You can enjoy 10 different styles to show login/sign-up options and 30+ pre-built layouts.

Besides, one of the most awesome and notable features of this plugin is that if you don’t like the default WordPress login and registration page, you can use its shortcode feature to show login or registration forms anywhere on your website.

Using shortcodes, you can easily create a brand new page that is similar to your pop-up and can use different layout options using style parameters.

The plugin is a mobile responsive plugin and works with any theme. Once you download the plugin, the amazing beautiful views for both desktop and mobile users will blow your mind.

For security and spam protection, it supports Google Captcha as well.

  • Price: Starting a regular license for a year is only $19, and if you want to extend the support for 12 months, it will cost an additional $5.25.

WooCommerce Registration Fields Plugin

WooCommerce Registration Fields

The plugin will allow you to add extra custom fields to your customer registration form, such as text area, text box, check box, select box, radio button, time picker, password, date picker, and numeric fields.

This plugin will also offer you to enable or disable the default WooCommerce fields. You can also enjoy the Facebook and Twitter login functions.

It has over 14 different fields to customize the registration page, and another wonder offered by it is the ability to add fields quickly with no havoc.

The additional fields are displayed on the checkout box. This plugin also enables you to display a custom message to block users or users awaiting account approval on the registration page.

Besides, to let the customers register with a specific role, the plugin helps you to enable user roles on the registration page.

In the premium version, it has lots of features that you can straight-forwardly fine-tune any registration form or login page.

Final Words About Login Registration Plugins

If you are looking for a way to design and protect your WordPress site from brute force attacks, then installing one of the login registration plugins is a good solution.

Each plugin has its own strengths that can help in different scenarios and they all offer varying levels of design & protection.

Remember, the best way to protect yourself is by installing a login page & a security plugin on your site and using strong passwords for each of your accounts!

The top 9 WordPress user login registration plugins are worth checking out if you need an extra layer of protection against hackers who may try to steal sensitive data from you. So, install any one of these plugins on your site to design & secure your login and registration page today.

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