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7 Best Woocommerce Wallet Plugins Compared

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Adding a wallet system to a Woocommerce store is a smart decision. Most professional online store owners are using this feature. It enhances sales more than regular payment methods.

Using a wallet system on an online store, existing and new customers can add funds/credit to their account wallet for future purchases. 

If your customers have no sufficient wallet balance, they can purchase products using other payment methods and they can add a balance in their wallet using the same methods. 

Moreover, as a Woocommerce store owner, you can fully control a wallet system for users. Most wallet modules allow adding funds/credit for users manually if they transfer money by check or other methods directly to the store admin.

A store owner can control fund transfer, add credit and debit, fund lock and unlock for specific users, and more.

There are lots of Woocommerce wallet plugins, but you don’t know which one is the best.

In this post, I’m going to share a review of the 7 best Woocommerce wallet plugins. From this list of WordPress digital wallet plugins, you will be able to choose a good one for your online business store. 

Also, at the end of the post, I’ll share my best recommendation on which WordPress Woocommerce plugin should you use.

Now let’s start plugin reviews.

Best Woocommerce Wallet Plugins Review

In our list, most Woocommerce wallet modules are premium. As an online store is a professional business, and you have invested in it a lot, so investing money in premium plugins is not a terrible decision.

Besides, a free version of wallet plugins doesn’t offer more features than the premium version.

So don’t choose a free WooCommerce wallet plugin if you want to see your online WordPress-powered eCommerce business at the next level. 

Yith Woocommerce Account Funds

Yith woocommerce account wallet funds

Yith Woocommerce Account Funds is a WooCommerce wallet plugin developed by the Yith team. It’s a complete solution as a woo wallet system before making an actual purchase.

According to the Yith status, over 7200 WooCommerce store owners are using this plugin to add a wallet feature to their online store.

It offers a new and incredible way to manage customer loyalty. That’s why YITH WooCommerce account funds increase sales of online business.

Admin can offer run discounts on deposited amounts if users add funds to their wallet balance before making any purchases. This loyalty discount offer can inspire customers to deposit money into their digital wallets. 

Money incentives increase the conversion rate of any online store and boost product purchase rates, even returning customers.

Not thus, by adding a money deposit feature on a website, customers/users will spend lots of time in it, which reduces the bounce rate that is good for search engine ranking.

Yith account funds plugin allows depositing funds for both store owners and customers. A store owner can add funds to any customer account if they pay by manual method.

Also, customers/users can easily add funds using other WooCommerce payment systems like a single product purchase.

Customers can check their money deposit statements directly from the plugin dashboard. The best feature of this plugin is that a store owner can define a role for users to add minimum and maximum funds to their wallet. 

Key Features of Yith Account Funds

  • It offers deposit discount to customers
  • Send an email to customers when they reach the minimum amount of wallet balance.
  • Widget for displaying account wallet balance on the website sidebar.
  •  It allows other woocommerce payment methods to deposit money in the wallet.
  • It allows store owners to set a quick load button so that customers can quickly load money. 
  • Yith account funds allow partial payment while checkout.
  • WPML compatibility (currency switcher)
  • The plugin has a refund feature.
  • You can easily offer points and rewards to customers because it is compatible with YITH WooCommerce Points and rewards plugin
  • It supports Avada, Divi, Flatsome, Neighborhood, Storefront, X, and plugin Aelia Currency Switcher. 

Price: Yith Account Funds has two pricing plans, both plans are for a year of use. It costs only 79 Euro for a single site with unlimited updates and support for one year, whereas it costs near 240 Euro for up to 6 sites.

Woocommerce Wallet

woocommerce wallet

WooCommerce wallet is a WordPress user wallet credit system plugin developed by the elite author of the Envato market. The plugin has sold over 400 on Codecanyon and accrued 20+ five-star ratings.

The plugin is compatible with WooCommerce and WordPress’s latest version. So you do not need to worry about version compatibility. Because the developer team updates it frequently.

Woocommerce wallet is an all-in-one solution to woo wallet system. The plugin ensures all essential and advanced features that let you create a professional user wallet in WooCommerce stores. 

Using this wallet management system, clients/customers can easily add funds and spend funds while purchasing products instead of partial payment. They can also store their money in their wallet for future purchases. 

One of the best features, a store owner, can set cashback offers to customers for a specific product or service. When a customer purchases products that are under the cashback offer, they can back cash which will be added to their wallet balance. 

Note: a store owner can set the cashback percentage.

Besides, the plugin lets users send refund requests if they want. As a shop manager or store owner, you can approve or reject the refund request. 

Displaying a wallet widget in-store is much more flexible because of its shortcodes feature that lets you display deposit, balance, and translation history anywhere on the site. Shortcodes are…

  • [fsww_deposit] Add a deposit/Top-up form.
  • [fsww_balance] Current user account balance.
  • [fsww_transactions_history] Current user transactions history table.

Moreover, as a store owner, you can ON/OFF wallet displays with specific roles from the plugin setting page. You can set a display role of wallet balance widget for users who have at least added one fund to their account.

Key features of Woocommerce Wallet

  • It allows Cash Back and withdraws wallet balance
  • Lock/unlock user wallet credit
  • Refund request
  • In-depth transactional history
  • Credit products
  • Shortcode for deposit button, balance, and transaction history
  • User-friendly plugin
  • Secure and encrypted database
  • Translation ready
  • Excellent work with popular themes and plugins
  • Enough documentation
  • Fast customer support

Price: Envato ensures the product’s quality, so don’t think about it. It costs only $59 for a year of updates and 6 months of customer support. Spending around $20, you can send customer support for 12 months.

WordPress WooCommerce Wallet System Plugin

WooCommerce wallet system plugin

This is the most well-known plugin as a virtual wallet of WooCommerce. The plugin is developed by the WebKul team which is good for WordPress products. This wallet module allows customers to pay online for goods and services using an advanced wallet system. 

It has huge advanced features over other WooCommerce wallet system plugins. OTP Authentication is one of the best features which lets users complete the verification process while adding money to the wallet balance or transferring any balance to other registered users.

Also, an admin can add or edit wallet titles, descriptions, instructions, and more. It also offers faster checkout than other plugins.

Like other plugins, it allows users to send requests for credit refunds. Admin can set credit refund reasons as well. Moreover, a store owner can set cashback based on percent or fixed amount and minimum, maximum card amount. 

This wallet module supports users to pay via partial payment methods if they have no enough balance in their wallet.

Users can easily check their wallet transaction history to navigate the transaction details page. Using its advanced feature, a user can manage wallet credit using any other payment methods like credit/debit card, PayPal, strip, etc.

Key Features of WordPress WooCommerce Wallet System Plugin

  • SMS and email authentication
  • Realtime update
  • Cashback and refund system
  • Retract wallet balance for a specific product
  • Support partial payment to credit deposit
  • Wallet transfer system to other registered users
  • Details transitional history
  • Invoicing system
  • Maximum and minimum wallet balance limitation
  • Codes are open source so anyone can customize the features according to their needs.
  • Accept or reject payment and more

Price: The plugin costs only $59 in Codecanyon for a year of updates and 6 months of customer support. But don’t worry, you can extend support for 12 months by paying around $20.

WooCommerce Wallet And Cashback Plugin

Wallet and cashback plugin

This is another virtual wallet WooCommerce plugin for growing stores. This wallet module allows an admin to set wallet title and description. 

Admin can enable or disable the wallet system from the plugin setting page. Like other plugins, it has cashback and refund order features. As a store admin, you can control all features using its ON/OFF buttons.

Additionally, an admin can set a minimum and maximum deposit amount restriction for users. And also can set cashback or incentive percentage.

Moreover, customers can deposit funds using other payment methods of the store. So they will not be worried about how to add money to their wallets. Even they would not worry to check transnational history because it offers an in-depth live report feature.

The plugin has become more popular for its unique features, these are

  • Custom wallet title and description
  • Cashback and Refund system
  • Wallet recharge restriction
  • Support partial payment methods to top up
  • Wallet transaction history
  • Shortcode available
  • Excellent user guide
  • Good customer support

Price: It costs only $49 per year with 6-month customer support and 12-month unlimited plugin updates.

Account Funds

Account funds

Account Funds is a WooCommerce digital wallet extension developed by Automatic. The extension is a total solution to a simple money depositing system of WooCommerce online stores.

As this is the official extension of WooCommerce, it nicely works with the WooCommerce plugin and its other extensions. But one thing this extension has no more features like other wallet plugins.

Account funds help to build loyal customers to your online business and recurrent business, which ensures customers will spend their money only at your store.

It makes the product or service purchase process easier than partial payment because customers/clients can spend money directly from their deposited accounts. 

Moreover, as a store owner, you can offer rewards to customers, if they pay via their account funds even you can offer a discount or cashback for adding a specific amount of money to their wallet balance.

Key Features of Woocommerce Account Funds

  • A store owner can enable cashback or rewards for customers.
  • It allows a discount for a specific amount of deposit.
  • A store owner can set minimum and maximum top-up balance.
  • The extension allows partial payment if wallet funds don’t cover the total amount of purchase.
  • Detailed report.
  • Store owners can refund deposited funds of customers if customers send requests.
  • A shop manager can edit, remove, and check the customer’s fund from the dashboard.
  • It has a robust report system with a graphical interface that shows how many customers have deposited over the period of time. 

Price: Account funds extension has an only plan that costs $79 per year for a single site with unlimited updates. It offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Hoicker WooCommerce Wallet

Hoicker woocommerce wallet

Most WooCommerce wallet plugins offer the same features, but some plugins have unique features that show they are more professional. Hoicker is one of them which has more unique premium features than its free version. 

Hoicker wallet plugin offers a shortcode for showing wallet balance anywhere in the store. Using its custom top-up button clients can easily load money to their wallet than the WooCommerce traditional checkout.

Hoicker wallet fund provides a robust insight to the shop manager or admin about the feature sales. One of the best benefits, customers can quickly purchase products using an inbuilt payment gateway. It supports partial payment if they do not have enough credit in their wallet.  

The plugin also provides controlling more features to store owners such as uses of wallet restriction, unlock or lock wallet for specific users, and more. 

Besides, Hoicker automatically sends emails to customers, if their wallet balance goes to the minimum balance. This automatic email will enhance to get back existing customers and increase the possibility of adding funds to their WooCommerce account.

As a shop manager, you can enable a fund withdrawal feature for customers. Somehow, if customers don’t want to spend their wallet funds on your store, they can withdraw money to a PayPal or Bank account. 

Another best feature is a shop manager can set expire date of wallet balance means if a customer doesn’t spend account money to your store at a certain time of date, the money will be automatically empty from their account balance. So this feature will increase product selling rates and provide additional benefits.

Key Features of Hoicker Woocommerce Wallet

  • It has an Inbuilt online payment gateway to make the depositing process quicker.
  • Shop manager can display top-up balance in any place of a site using shortcode/top-up widget
  • Top up restriction
  • It offers to set maximum wallet balance threshold per user
  • Email and SMS notification for low wallet funds
  • User can transfer funds to other users
  • User’s fund transfer processing fee
  • A customer can use a cashback balance to purchase a product
  • Users can set up auto top-up for their wallet balance
  • Translation ready and more

Price: Hoicker wallet has a free version that has no more features for a busy online store. It offers one site license for just $5 with no support and updates, $19 for one site license for 1 month of customer support and updates. Lastly, it offers you a purchase premium version at only $49 for a single site with one year’s support and unlimited updates. 

Don’t worry, Hooker offers a 30-day full money-back guarantee if you purchase any premium plan.

Woocommerce Wallet Plugin Free Download

If you don’t want to spend money on a premium WooCommerce wallet plugin, you can try a free one. Although you never get desired features in a free plugin. But you can test free wallet features well. 

As a good free wallet plugin, I will suggest below:

TeraWallet–For WooCommerce


Tera Wallet is the best free plugin out of other free plugins. The plugin has active users over 20k and accrued 100+ user reviews on Besides, it is easy to use and has a clean dashboard interface that is good for both professionals and beginners. 

TeraWallet is compatible with all popular WordPress themes and plugins, including the WooCommerce plugin. So as a free version of a wallet plugin, you can use it.

Key features of TeraWallet free version

  • Customer can use different payment methods to add money
  • Wallet transfer facility to other user accounts
  • Transaction history for both admin and user
  • Real-time wallet transaction email notification
  • Partial payment
  • Admin can adjust wallet balance from backend
  • Admin can enable/disable wallet payment while checkout

These are the free features. If you want to check its all premium features, you can check its official website or WordPress free plugin page. 

For using premium features, you have to buy its extensions. Below are the available extensions of TeraWallet.

Premium Extensions

  • Wallet Coupons:
  • Wallet Withdrawal
  • Wallet Importer
  • Wallet AffiliateWP

You will get these premium extensions on its official website.

Price: It’s a free plugin, but to get the benefits of pro features, you need to buy its pro extensions. The price of TeraWallet is high compared to other wallet plugins. Each extension costs between $15 to $49.

Another good thing is that you can purchase a single extension according to your need.

Which One Woocommerce Wallet Plugin Should You Use?

In our every review post, we try to include the best products, especially most treading products. The above wallet plugins are good for their unique features and support. But you know, all are cannot win in the same game, that’s why I have shared the best two plugins for you below from this list.

In my research, YITH wallet plugin has taken first place as the best-rated WooCommerce wallet plugin. So I highly recommended it. Another recommended plugin is WooCommerce Wallet.

The price of both plugins is reasonable, so you can buy any of them. But I highly recommend before purchasing, you should check every feature of these plugins. If all features fulfill your all expectations, then you can make a buying decision.

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Kinza Tariq
Kinza Tariq
2 years ago

Hi, i’m using terawallet and wanted to bill the buyers and sellers same time as the digital currency goes from one wallet to the other and send monthy fee invoices through paypal, is it possible.

Saeed Khosravi
Reply to  Kinza Tariq
2 years ago

Hi @Kinz Tariq,
Thank you for your comment. We know that this plugin allows users to transfer the Terawallet balance from one Woocommerce user to another. However, you cannot use it to send any invoice or charge fees with PayPal.

Saeed Khosravi