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5 Best Woocommerce Table Rate Shipping Plugins Review (Free+ Pro)

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You may find many plugins out there for Woocommerce table rate shipping but choosing the best one is challenging. Go through this content to know about wonderful features which you can avail of both the free and pro version. 

According to Statista (2018), approximately 1.8 billion people shop products online. In that same year, around $2.8 trillion global e-retail sales counted! The projection of global e-retail sales shows that it will grow up to $4.8 trillion by 2021. So you can assume online shopping is going to be popular day by day. But there is a shocking thing to consider as well. Recent research proclaimed that nearly 77% of online customers discarded their purchase due to poor shipping experience!

If you are handling your e-commerce store then shipping is one of your concerns. Woocommerce plugin may fulfill some of the basic shipping options, but when customers and orders will increase, things will be complicated. Now you may worry about which plugin will be best for you! Well, no worries. We are here to suggest which Woocommerce table rate shipping plugin will be suitable for your store.

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5 Best Woocommerce Table Rate Shipping Plugins (Free+ Pro) Review

Advanced Flat rate Shipping Method Woocommerce

Advanced Flat rate Shipping Method Woocommerce plugin allows you to create customized shipping options. This full-featured plugin fulfills all your flat-rate shipping requirements including shipping methods and unlimited conditional shipping rules.

Notable Features of Advanced Flat Rate Shipping Plugin

  • Multiple custom flat rate shipping methods.
  • Allows creating shipping methods for particular geographical locations.
  • Allows creating a shipping procedure for particular names and roles.
  • You can add shipping methods for particular products specification such as product weight, name, quantity, cart weight, and many more.
  • It allows for creating custom rules for custom shipping methods.
  • The plugin is good for creating conditional shipping options based on 6 different conditional operators.

Pro version features

  • Free shipping option under specific conditions.
  • Determines shipping zones that were commonly used.
  • Setting up advanced pricing rules.
  • Includes all features of the free version and many more.


  • This plugin will allow you to create a cost range for multiple products under a single flat rate shipping method.
  • You can charge for shipping options in multiple ways based on the product, category, tag, etc.
  • If you use a premium plugin, you will get quality support from developers shortly.
  • It allows you all shipping methods like advanced shipping methods as well as the woo-commerce method.


  • This plugin will cost a higher rate for one site although it provides you a wide range of features.

Price: It has both a free and pro version starting from $99. Pro version users get 1-year support and 30 days money-back guarantee.

Woocommerce advanced shipping

Woocommerce advanced shipping

Woocommerce advanced shipping offers table rate shipping on your e-store site. It allows you to create the most commonly used shipping methods and so many customizable options!

Notable Features of Woocommerce advanced shipping

  • Offers you to set up shipping options based on shipping zones like country level, state level, zip code, state code, and many more.
  •  Allows you to create a conditional shipping method.
  •  The interface is user-friendly and intuitive.
  • Allows to create shipping methods including or excluding tax.
  • Advanced pricing options.

Pro Version Features

  • It offers you control over how shipping will charge in your product based on location.
  • Hide shipping options if customers’ carts hold particular items.
  • Full control on setting up maximum, minimum, or summation of the shipping amount.
  • Charging options based on the number of items in the cart.
  • Full support from developers.


  •  Strong support from developers if any issues occur.
  • Allows you to set conditional logic to control the shipping option to some regions or users. 


  • Documentation process which does not have enough instructions in case of trouble which needs renovation.

Price: This plugin is free but the pro version cost $18.

Woocommerce table rate shipping plugin.

Woocommerce Table Rate Shipping Plugin.

If your shipping cost includes price, number of items,  weight, or a mixture of all these things, you can choose the Woocommerce table rate shipping plugin to make your task easier. This plugin grants you to set up multiple rules of shipping based on the countries and total weight or price of the shipment. You can also set dedicated shipping rules and define the group of countries.

Notable Features of Woocommerce Table Rate Shipping

  • It allows creating shipping options based on country, total weight, total price, and so on.
  • Customized and unlimited conditional shipping rules.
  • Combines with Woocommerce and displays shipping methods on the checkout page.
  • Allows setting shipping rules.


  • You can set complex shipping rules without any complications for all products.
  • It allows for creating different shipping rates for the same time zone.
  • It is easy to navigate in the plugin interface.
  • You can copy any particular table to make your task easier.


  • Although it has a user-friendly interface, it may require time to understand the plugin completely.
  • Table rates need an organized presentation.  

Price: Free and pro version costs $69, $99 ,$199 for 1,5 ,and  29 sites respectively.

Flexible Shipping for Woocommerce

Flexible Shipping for Woocommerce plugin works great in the pro version which creates shipping rules based on total order of a customer, item count, or based on weight. It offers you an easy calculation process.

Notable Features of Flexible Shipping For Woocommerce

  • If the cart exceeds a certain order limit, you will be able to set conditional free shipping.
  • Flexible shipping allows you to create rules depending on the weight of the product.
  • You can set conditions based on product prices in the cart.
  • It easily allows for placing conditions on the number of cart line items and products in the cart.
  •  The display shipping method for registered users after logging in.
  • Compatibility of WPML and multi-language.

Pro version Features

  • Supports shipping classes option.
  • Methods for additional calculation.
  • Rule cancellation.
  • All free features and many more.


  •  This plugin works perfectly with the latest version of the Woocommerce plugin.
  • Support WPML, multi-currency, poly lang, and other options.


  • The ethos of the company needs improvement.
  • Its interface could be more user-friendly.

Price: It has both a free and pro version. Pro version starts from $89.

Woocommerce Conditional shipping and payments

Conditional Shipping And Payments

Woocommerce Conditional shipping and payments plugin helps you to set conditional logic to restrict the shipping method and payment system on your store based on your choice. You can also specify shipping carrier by shipping zone, custom shipping for particular customers, allow free delivery options based on the amount spent, merge shipping option depending on weight, and more.

Features of Woocommerce Conditional Shipping And Payments

  • The plugin allows the creation of conditional rules.
  • Based on the total item, weight of products, cart, etc, shipping disabling option.
  • Control of setting conditions for free shipping and other shipping options.
  • Particular payment gateway.
  • Showing or hiding options for shipping methods -by weight, item quantity, per product, shipping class, for individual customers, customer roles and so many options!
  • Rules to restrict orders to be shipped in a specific country or region.


  •  Allows to discard or enable any shipping method that already exists.
  • Includes conditional logic to support different shipping costs.
  • Alleviate customer issues with a helpful support system.


  •  According to the user, although it’s a useful plugin, it requires perfection.

Price: This plugin costs $79 which includes 1 year of updates and support and 30 days money-back guarantee.

Woocommerce Table Rate Shipping: Final Words

There are lots of Woocommerce table rate shipping plugins out there but you need to identify the best one for you to give your customers the best online shopping experience. 

If you are looking for premium features within a lower budget, you can go for Woocommerce advanced shipping plugin. But if you are searching for the best one, you can install flexible shipping for the Woocommerce plugin. Hope this article has helped you to some extent!

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My favourite is Woocommerce advanced shipping!

Sabrina Hossen
Sabrina Hossen
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Good choice indeed!

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