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7 Best Managed WordPress Hosting 2023 (Updated)

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WordPress is a popular tool that helps people create websites. In fact, there are over 60 million websites that use WordPress!

But here’s the thing: managing a WordPress site can be a bit tricky, especially when it comes to keeping it secure and making backups. That’s where managed WordPress hosting comes in! It’s a service that takes care of all the technical stuff, so you can focus on your website.

In this article, I will tell you about the top 7 managed WordPress hosting companies. We’ll talk about the good things and the not-so-good things, so you can decide which one is the best for your website and business.

Quick Price Comparsion

Hosting ProviderPlanPrice
WP EngineWP$260/Year
BluehostBasic$34.4/Year (36 months cost $178.20)
WPX HostingBusiness$249.99/Year (2 month free)
Nexcess (Recommended)Spark$190/year (with 2 months free)
Note: Price can change from time to time.

Advantages of Managed WordPress Hosting

There are many advantages of WordPress-managed hosting. I have listed some below.

  • It’s faster than shared hosting, which means your website will load quickly.
  • With managed hosting, you don’t have to worry about the technical stuff. The hosting company will take care of all the technical things for you. That means you don’t have to spend time learning about how it works.
  • If you want to move your WordPress site from one place to another, a managed host can help you with that.
  • A managed host will handle important things like updates, security fixes, and making backups every day. This keeps your website safe and up-to-date.
  • When you choose managed hosting for your WordPress site, you get a complete package. It includes everything you need, like security updates, server maintenance, and other features. Usually, you would have to buy these things separately if you use shared hosting.
  • A managed host can easily adjust the resources your website needs. So, if your website suddenly gets lots of visitors, you don’t have to worry about it slowing down or running out of resources.
  • Managed WordPress hosting also gives you expert customer support. If you have any problems, the hosting company will help you figure it out and fix it.
  • Sometimes, things go wrong with your WordPress site. But with managed hosting, you have the hosting company’s support to help you.
  • A managed host knows a lot about WordPress and the different plugins you can use. They can help you make your website look and work better.
  • With this type of hosting, your WordPress site will get automatic updates. You won’t have to worry about doing them yourself.
  • You won’t have any issues with your website being offline or not working. With managed hosting, you don’t have to deal with that.
  • With managed hosting, you can focus on writing your blog and not worry about things like server maintenance, making backups, or updating security.

Disadvantages of Managed WordPress Hosting


Sometimes, certain services don’t give you enough control over what happens to your website when something bad happens, like a firewall being broken.

This can be a problem, especially during times when websites might not be reachable if they don’t have protection after a cyber attack. Also, these services might not have backup generators in case the power goes out.


Managed hosts can be pricier than shared hosting. They usually cost a lot more. For example, a WordPress managed hosting package typically costs over $10 to $30 per month. On the other hand, shared hosting usually starts at around $2 to $3 per month.

Identify What You Require For a Site to be Hosted on WordPress

To make it easier for everyone to understand, let me simplify the content for you:

First, you need a special name for your website and a place to store it called hosting. You can either host it yourself or use a company that provides hosting services.

After that, you need to get some files to install WordPress, which is software for building websites. You can usually get these files from a website called

Once you have the files, you have to install them on your website before you can add any content. The process of installing depends on the company you chose for hosting and the type of account you have. Let me give you some examples:

  • If you’re using a hosting service like GoDaddy, you will need to upload the WordPress files using a special software called FTP client or through a tool called File Manager in your control panel.
  • If you’re using Bluehost for hosting, you can go to your account’s cPanel and select “Files,” then upload the WordPress installation files. You can find more instructions on how to do this on Bluehost’s website.
  • If you’re using a different hosting service like Wix or Weebly, they have their own process for installing WordPress and adding content. You’ll need to follow their instructions.
  • If you’re using a managed WordPress hosting, you should contact your hosting service provider for help with the installation. The best hosting providers usually allow you to install WordPress directly from your control panel.

7 Best Managed WordPress Hosting Providers For Your Next WordPress Site

1. WP Engine

WP Engine Managed WordPress Hosting

WP Engine is a company that helps you create and manage your WordPress website easily. They have tools that make it simple to get your site up and running quickly.

WP Engine offers many helpful features for your WordPress website. They automatically update your site and keep an eye on it to make sure everything is working well.

They also protect your site from cyber attacks and have a team of experts ready to help you with any problems.

When you host your website with WP Engine, you don’t have to worry about slow loading times or your site going offline. It’s a reliable host that you can trust.

If you already have a website hosted somewhere else, WP Engine has a tool that makes it easy to move it to their platform. They take care of everything, so you don’t have to worry about it.

They also have a feature that continuously monitors your website, so if there are any issues, they can fix them quickly. With WP Engine, you can feel confident knowing that your website is in good hands.

One great thing about WP Engine is that they provide SSL certificates for free when you buy their product. SSL certificates make your website secure, so it’s a valuable bonus.

The uptime of WP Engine is excellent. Your website will hardly ever go offline, even when they are doing updates or upgrades to their servers.

Another thing I really like about WP Engine is their “MySQL on demand” feature. It’s easy to ask for more resources for your website’s database and caching memory.

The customer support from WP Engine is fantastic. They are available all the time, every day of the year, so you don’t have to worry about any issues affecting your business.

When you sign up with WP Engine, someone from their team will send you an email to introduce themselves and help you with any questions you have. They want to make sure you’re happy with their product.


  • Get your site up and running more quickly, with less stress.
  • Higher conversions from a faster site.
  • Gain access to a library (StudioPress library) of expertly designed themes that are simple to customize.
  • Enjoy 24/7 monitoring for any potential security breaches.
  • Automatic updates and backups for hassle-free management.
  • Optimizing your site to be fast, efficient, and reliable.
  • Taking care of your site automatically.


  • WP Engine provides excellent security and scalability, but it’s a high-cost solution for small budgets. If you need budget hosting that can scale up as your blog grows, then WP Engine may not be a good fit for you.


WP Engine’s WordPress hosting costs $300 $260 per year. This package includes all the features of WP Engine and is suitable for hosting a single website.

If you want to expand your business and host up to 30 WordPress sites, there is a SCALE plan available for $193/month.

2. Flywheel

Flywheel Managed WordPress Hosting

Flywheel is a popular service that helps you host your WordPress website. It’s really easy to use and has been very reliable for us. We haven’t had any problems with it, like the website going down or anything like that. So if you want to move your personal site to Flywheel, it won’t take much time.

The best part about Flywheel is that it’s really user-friendly. Even if you’re not good with technology, you can still use it easily. So you don’t have to wait to transfer everything and start using Flywheel as your host!

Flywheel is also really fast when it comes to uploading files and making changes to your website. This is important because it means you won’t have to wait for a long time when you want to update your site. At least that’s been my experience so far!

The customer support at Flywheel has been great. They have phone support, which is awesome because you can just call them and ask for help instead of waiting for an email reply. From the beginning to the end, this company has been amazing.

Overall, I’m really happy with Flywheel and I would recommend it to anyone who needs a WordPress hosting service.


  • Your website is automatically backed up every day, and you can easily restore it with just one click.
  • You can set up your website quickly, and it will be ready to use in just a few minutes.
  • Your website will load very fast, which will make your customers happy.
  • You can trust that your website is secure and will be online all the time.
  • You can improve your website’s performance by adding a CDN (Content Delivery Network) with just one click. This will make your website even faster!


  • Flywheel hosting is expensive.
  • When you first open your website in a browser, it may take some time to load. But don’t worry, you can solve this issue by using a WordPress cache plugin like WP Rocket.

Price: Flywheel offers affordable pricing compared to other companies in the industry. Their TINY hosting plan is priced at $150 per year for hosting a single website. This package includes 5GB of storage and allows up to 5000 visitors per month and 20GB bandwidth.

3. Bluehost

Bluehost Managed WordPress Hosting

Bluehost is a really good company for hosting websites. They have a special feature that keeps your website online almost all the time, and they make sure it stays safe from bad people.

If you have lots of people visiting your website, Bluehost can handle it without any problems. They also have experts who can help you get more people to visit your site from search engines.

With Bluehost, you can easily make blogs, websites, or online stores. They make it really simple to use a popular system called WordPress, and if you want to sell things online, they can set up a system called WooCommerce for you.

They even have a special tool that can check for bad things on your site and stop them before they can do any harm.

Bluehost also gives you a special certificate that makes sure all the information sent between your website and people’s web browsers is kept private. This means that important things like passwords and credit card numbers are safe.

If your website is small now but you think it will become bigger in the future, Bluehost has plans that can grow with you. So you don’t have to worry about your website slowing down when more people start visiting.

If you ever have any problems or questions, Bluehost has really good customer service. They are available all day and all night to help you, and you can talk to them through chat as much as you want. They will make sure you get the help you need quickly.


  • Your website will always be available.
  • Your website will be fast and safe.
  • Your data and information from customers will not be lost.
  • Your website will be very fast because of special technology.
  • They will protect your website from bad people who try to harm it.
  • You can try new designs or words for your website without changing the real one.
  • Special storage system that makes your website deliver content quickly.
  • Everyday backup, so if anything goes wrong, they can bring back your lost things.


  • You cannot control how your website is saved or how fast it works.
  • You cannot use your own special website name unless you pay extra.


Bluehost offers three different plans for hosting WordPress websites. The basic plan starts from $2.95/month for a single with with 10 GB SSD Storage, Free CDN, 1 Website, Free Domain 1st Year.

When you choose this plan, you’ll also get some extra features for free, like SSL, CDN, daily backups, and protection against malware.

4. WPX

WPX Managed WordPress Hosting

WPX is a special type of hosting called managed WordPress hosting. It’s really good at keeping your website safe. It has something called a web application firewall that protects your site from bad people trying to break in. They try things like guessing passwords or overwhelming your site with too much traffic.

WPX also stops spammy sites from bothering you. It blocks robots that try to load up your site with junk. That way, you don’t have to worry about annoying messages or unwanted stuff showing up.

Another great thing about WPX is that it saves your website’s information every day, week, and month. It keeps a copy of everything for 28 days. This is helpful in case something bad happens, like if the computer that runs your site breaks or if someone makes a mistake.

WPX also checks all the files you upload to make sure they are safe. It doesn’t want any bad software or viruses to sneak onto your site without you knowing.

If you need help with your hosting or website design, WPX has really good customer support. They are available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. You can chat with them really quickly if you have any questions or problems. They can help you with things like installing WordPress, fixing plugins or themes, setting up email accounts, and much more.

So if you want really good hosting for your website without spending too much money, WPX is a great choice.

Here’s an edited version of the content that is simplified for an 8-year-old boy and a non-English speaker:


  • You can feel calm and not worry because they promise that their service will work 99.95% of the time.
  • They will check for and remove bad software from your website for free.
  • You can move your website as much as you want without any limits.
  • They have a special system that makes your website load really fast in many places around the world.
  • You can talk to them and get help through live chat anytime, even on weekends and most holidays.
  • They will give you some extra security and a special area to test your website for free.


  • Some other companies have faster servers than them.


WPX Hosting has three different plans. the Basic plan costs $20.83 per. With this plan, you can host up to 5 websites and store up to 10 gigabytes of data on the server. Up to 5 Websites, 15GB Storage, 200GB Bandwidth, Free Malware Removal. You will get 30-day Money-Back Guarantee.

5. Kinsta

Kinsta Managed WordPress Hosting

Kinsta is a very popular hosting provider for WordPress. They take care of everything for you, so you don’t have to worry about installing or managing different software.

And it was designed to handle lots of visitors and work well for all types of businesses. They have special features that big companies would love.

The best thing about Kinsta is that they give you support from experts whenever you need it. They will help you with any problems and make sure your website runs smoothly.

Kinsta also keeps your site safe and secure. They use special tools like a firewall and protection from Amazon Web Services. You can also run multiple sites on Kinsta.

One great thing is that Kinsta helps you move your site to their platform for free. They also provide a built-in tool to make your site faster and secure.

In short, Kinsta takes care of everything for you, so you can easily set up your WordPress blog or website without needing to be a technical expert. They also handle updates for you, so you don’t have to worry about that.


  • This hosting solution for WordPress is very powerful.
  • It can keep your website safe from DDoS attacks.
  • Your site will be automatically backed up every day, with an extra backup.
  • If something goes wrong with your site, a team of experts will fix it quickly.
  • It uses the Google Cloud Platform as its base.
  • It has a built-in CDN (Content Delivery Network) with 25 locations all around the world.
  • You can access your site securely through SFTP or FTPS encryption protocols.
  • There is a dedicated support team available 24/7 to help you with any problems.


  • This hosting solution for WordPress is quite expensive.
  • Unfortunately, there is no free trial available.


Kinsta offers different hosting plans to choose from. The STARTER plan is $30 per month and allows you to have one website. With this plan, you will have 10GB of storage space, up to 25,000 visitors every month.

You’ll also get free SSL and CDN, which are extra features to help your website. You can change to a different plan whenever you want based on how many people visit your website and what resources you need.

6. Nexcess

Nexcess Managed WordPress Hosting

Nexcess is a very popular company that helps people with their WordPress websites. They have different packages that offer enough space and features for your website.

If you want to use WordPress, Woocommerce, and cloud hosting all together, Nexcess hosting has a lot of good things for you. But there are also other companies that offer similar things for a lower price.

Nexcess hosting can make your website load faster by caching the things it needs. It also has an easy-to-use dashboard where you can manage your website easily. You can set up SSL, add plugins and themes, and more.

And it takes your website’s security seriously. They have features that protect your website from hackers and other bad things. They also back up your website every day, so you won’t lose anything if something goes wrong.

If your website gets a lot of visitors, Nexcess can handle it. They have a feature that can handle more visitors when you need it. They also have a feature that makes images load faster on your website.

Nexcess hosting also has a special feature for WordPress websites that makes your pages load faster. It saves a copy of your pages, so they load quickly.

With any package from Nexcess, you will get special tools that can help you with your website. They also offer a hosting service that is cheap and good for small businesses and new bloggers. The price depends on what you need, but it can be a good option if you don’t want to spend too much money right away.


  • It has a special feature called CDN with 22 different places.
  • Customer support is really quick and responds to questions within 24 hours (in most cases).
  • It is built using the latest version of PHP, MySQL, and Apache web servers, which you can use for free.
  • It includes a free iThemes Pro plugin.
  • When you renew your package, there are no extra or hidden fees.
  • It is cheaper compared to other managed hosting options when you consider the extra features and iThemes plugins.


  • One big downside is the price. It costs a lot for what you get when you compare it to other WordPress hosting services available today.
  • At checkout, there is no option to protect your domain’s privacy.


Nexcess hosting offers reasonably priced plans for managed WordPress hosting. The service starts at $190 per year (with 2 months free).

The price may increase depending on the amount of resources you require. This plan is for one website and includes 15 GB of storage space, 2TB of bandwidth, and all the features of other plans.

7. Best WordPress Hosting Convesio

Best WordPress Hosting Convesio

Convesio is a company in London that helps people host their WordPress websites. It was started by a successful entrepreneur named Tom Fanelli in 2018.

Hosting your website with Convesio is easy and safe. You don’t have to worry about your website crashing or being unsafe if you use their hosting service.

The people at Convesio want to make sure you have the best experience using their service. They even let you try it for free before you decide to buy it. This is great for new website owners who want to test the hosting service first.

Convesio specializes in hosting WordPress websites. It doesn’t matter what type of website you have, they can help you. Their hosting service includes lots of useful features like free SSL, Global CDN, Integrated Cache Purging, plenty of bandwidth, and storage.

If you already have a website with another hosting provider, Convesio will help you transfer it for free. They also make sure your website stays online all the time with load balance protection.

loading time comparison of Convesio web hosting

When you compare how fast websites load with different hosting providers, you’ll see that Convesio is just as good as the rest. They say they can make your website respond quickly and be faster than any other hosting provider.

If your website is made with WordPress, Convesio is the best choice for the price. They have a great team to help you if you need it, so you can solve two problems at once by using their service.


  • 24/7 live chat, phone, and email support.
  • Strong focus on WordPress hosting.
  • Free trial period.
  • Free website transfer.
  • Insanely fast website page loading speeds.


  • Expensive.

Price: They have four options for how much it costs. The basic one starts at $50 per month. It includes 15,000 visits every month, 5GB of storage, load balancing, CDN (content delivery network), cache purging, and other cool things to use. You can access 7 Day Free Trial.

Final Words & Which One Is The Best? 

I have reviewed the top 7 managed WordPress hosting with key features, pros, and cons that will help you choose the right one for you according to your website resources and visitors limit.

But after reviewing a total of 7 managed hosting providers, there is one clear winner that stands out from the crowd. 

The company is WPX and their managed WordPress hosting service. Their team manages everything for you including security patches, backups, site migrations (including databases), malware protection/scanning services as well as website speed optimization techniques to make your site load faster than ever before. 

If you have not enough budget to purchase a Kinsta hosting plan, you can go with Nexcess managed WordPress hosting. Their plan starts ($19 $13.30 for 3 months and then $19/mo) is enough for starting a WordPress site with more advanced managed features.

I hope this article was helpful in narrowing down which provider might be best for your needs.

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