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7 Best Google AdSense Alternatives With Account Approval & Payout Details

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More and more bloggers/ad publishers are abandoning AdSense as their primary ad network every day. There are many reasons for this, but the most common reasons are poor click-through rates, low ad revenue with no way to improve it. Another great reason is not to approve new applications due to site quality, other facts!

Also, with Adsense, it can be frustrating when you’re trying your best and still struggling to get the results you want! But don’t give up just yet – there are plenty of great alternatives out there that could work better for you than Google AdSense does right now.

Let’s explore top alternatives and why they may or may not fit your needs so far. Google AdSense Alternative is the direct competitor of AdSense. In addition, Yahoo and Bing run this contextual advertising service which is the second largest in terms of revenue across the globe. is connected to almost 500,000 websites worldwide and supplies quality ads to them continuously. This advertising method has been programmed so that their auto-learn technology displays relevant ads and offers according to the user’s search activity, resulting in more clicks and generating more profits. shows different display ads, contextual ads, and native ads on your site. These ads will make you earn about the same as you expect from Adsense. 

This Adsense alternative gives you access to Yahoo and Bing search engines. In addition, it has a feature that allows you to customize the size and positions of the ads. You can also match the colors according to the background color of your site, like Adsense. has some approval requirements as well. For example, if your blog doesn’t offer better quality content and doesn’t cling to a clean and professional design, you are less likely to get ads from this service. On the other hand, if your website traffic mainly comes from Canada, the U.K., and the U.S., you will get quick approval.

Highlighted Features

  • Easier accomplishment
  • Better technology and self-reading ability
  • High paying rate
  • Sensible user experience
  • Performs native and contextual ads
  • Ads layouts customization
  • Almost zero error rate and high-quality ads

Payout Method’s minimum payout is 100$, which is higher than other Adsense alternatives on the list. They pay monthly through Wire Transfer and PayPal to their publishers.


Ezoic Google AdSense Alternative

Another service that is considered as an alternative to Google Adsense is Ezoic. It’s a certified publishing partner of Google, Cloudfire, Flippa website exchange, and JW Player. Ezoic assists Google AdSense, Ad Manager, and other website publishers and partners as a trusted source. 

In addition to helping the industry understand how ads affect visitors, Ezoic also researches how to improve advertising quality. As we realize that UX and ads’ earnings are related, digital publishers should provide a better experience to their visitors to earn more revenue. 

Ezoic has included machine learning and AI in its products and features to build a better user experience. Generally, they help publishers improve their websites and gain access to premium ads. This is so that the owners of the websites can obtain more visitors and clicks to increase their profits. 

To get account approval from Ezoic, you need a minimum of 10k page views per month. But, the good news is that sites that have less than 10,000 pageviews can join Ezoic through a program called “Access Now”.

Ezoic AdSense alternative

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to use.
  • It helps with sophisticated information to get more traffic.
  • Provides easy access and navigation to better ad operators, exchanges, and ad networks.
  • Requires no technical experience or coding knowledge.
  • Works with all kinds of hosts, website configuration, and CMS.

Payout Method 

The minimum payout of Ezoic is 20$. They usually pay within 30 days via PayPal, Payoneer & Local Ware Transfer. So, for example, you will get your January revenue in the last week of February.


Mediavine alternative to Google Adsense

Mediavine is another alternative to Google Adsense, which works primarily for bloggers. This ad management service provides its clients with lifestyle-based advertisements and gives an optimal experience to the readers.

To maximize earnings for their clients, Mediavine shares 75% of the revenue with them. Also, it requires only 50,000 monthly views of the page to get connected with them. 

Your digital property will remain secure, and you’ll be able to get more traffic than before once you join Mediavine. They aim to provide their publishers with every resource they need to succeed, including relevant and high-quality ads, page speed, and transparency.

If you can provide engaging and informative content every time, you won’t face any hassles at all. This will help you grow your page and get more and more traffic. 

Your revenue share will increase as you grow your site and spend more time with Mediavine. You can see your daily earnings and other data on the Mediavine dashboard. 

Highlighted Features

  • Clients receive three-fourths of the revenue.
  • Works with any niches.
  • Fewer requirements than other alternatives.
  • It keeps the sites running fast using ad tech and optional plugins.
  • No hidden costs and fees.
  • Easy monetization of videos through the video player.

Payout Method

The minimum payout of Mediavine is 25$ monthly, which is paid through PayPal Domestic ACH, International ACH, U.S. wire transfer, international wire transfer.


RevenueHits Adsense Alternatives

RevenueHits is another alternative with plenty of ad formats like sliders, popups, buttons, banners, etc. The most significant advantage of RevenueHits is that you don’t need to have a minimum amount of traffic to get started.

So you can join them at any time. They supply only high-performing ads on your site as they work on improving their performance by using advanced algorithms. These advanced algorithms will examine and research where the ads should appear on your site to ensure your readers do not feel bothered and are always engaged. 

You don’t need to worry about the adblocker because RevenueHits keeps this issue in mind. Therefore, they launched their own anti-pop-adblocker tool, which outsmarts all ad-blocking software.

This is why all the popup ads are displayed to your visitors even if they turned on the ad-blocker to their browser. As a result, you get more clicks on the ads, and your revenue level also increases. 

This ad network helps you maintain a better quality of your site by providing mobilized advertisements. Your visitors will experience relevant ads at a suitable time while surfing on your site so that they remain engaged with the article they are reading. That means the chances of getting clicks are high. 

One critical thing that you need to keep in mind is that RevenueHits doesn’t pay you for clicks only. You will get paid through the performance of your site, not cost-per-click. The visitor needs to perform some specific actions after clicking on the ads. You earn money only if they do so. 

Highlighted Features

  • No minimum traffic is required.
  • Access to different types of ads and formats.
  • Anti-Pop-Adblocker feature.
  • Desktop interstitials for perfect ad viewing timing.
  • Different types of payment methods are used.
  • On-time payment always.

Payment Method

RevenueHits offers you various payment options, including PayPal, Wire transfer, Payoneer, and Bitcoin. The minimum payout amount is 50$, and you get paid monthly.


BuySellAds Google AdSense Alternative

BuySellAds is a different advertisement network platform that sells the advertising space of your website instead of supplying any ads like Google Adsense or other alternatives.

First of all, you need to know how BuySellAds’ advertising system works. For example, say you have a space to display an ad on your site. Now, if you are connected with BuySellAds, they sell the space on your site.

In that case, ads are displayed in that particular space on your site for a certain period, and you get 75% of the ad price. This is where everyone likes this ad network. Because Google Adsense offers only 68% of total earning, everyone wants to join BuySellAds.

Various types of ads and formats are displayed in the space you sell. Contextual, native, banners, email ads, popup ads, and so on. As you know already, BuySellAds doesn’t show automated or random ads. 

You need to fulfill some requirements to join BuySellAds. When you submit your site to them to get approval, they check every detail of your site. For example, Page Rank, the number of inbound links on your site, and your Alexa score. Most importantly, your site needs to have a minimum of 100,000 page views per month. Otherwise, they won’t give you approval.

Also, they only accept websites in English Language and with top-quality content and design. So, before you apply to them, keep these things in mind.

Highlighted Feature

  • Offers higher revenue than other Adsense alternatives.
  • Top brands’ ads are always displayed.
  • Owning an Adblock recovery tool.
  • Displays various types of ads and formats.
  • Only English language sites are approved.
  • Native and Custom Placements.

Payment Method.

BuySellAds pays a minimum of 20$ through Check, PayPal, Wire every month to their publishers.

Propeller Ads

Propeller Ads Google AdSense Alternative

For publishers, Propeller Ads offers multiple ad formats and affiliate programs so that you can generate more revenue and get more shares on sales.

If you are a website owner or social media marketer, you can earn money easily through this advertising network. This is because it offers plenty of options to you. They provide various ads and formats to display on the publisher’s site.

They provide native banner ads with relevant contextual ads based on the contents of your site, smart links that lead your visitors to offers, popup ads, video ads, and many other ads format. 

The best part of Propeller ads is the Push Notification feature. Push notifications take no space on your site; instead, they are shown after the visitor has left your site and went out of the browser. Of course, this will only work when a visitor clicks on the allow button of the push notification bar. However, it helps you earn money even if a reader is not on your site.

For every niche and every type of content, they’re connected to various advertisers all over the world. So your site is never out of ads once you join Propeller Ads.

Also, you can show high-quality, malware and virus-free ads on your site. So don’t be worried about monetization. In addition, they have an Adblock bypass. This means that even if a visitor blocks all the ads from your site, don’t worry; the ads get bypassed, and you get to earn more money. 

Highlighted features

  • It has massive global coverage.
  • Increase revenue with the Push Notification feature.
  • No minimum requirement of traffic.
  • 24/7 ad monetization.
  • Virus and malware-free ads.
  • Ad Bypass feature to avoid Ad Blocking.
  • Earn more money through referral programs.

Payment Method

Propeller Ads pays to its publishers weekly, and the minimum payment is 5$ which is paid by PayPal, ePayments, WebMoney, Payoneer, Skrill, and Wire Transfer.


Bidvertiser Google AdSense Alternative

If you want to get paid both for clicks on ads and conversions and increase your earning, then join Bidvertiser. Bidvertiser is such an ad network that covers 100% of the traffic on your site from both mobile & desktop.

It is perfect for monetizing your site by providing a variety of offers and ad formats, including popup ads, banner ads, sliders, smart links, XML, and more. There is also a referral program by Bidvertiser. That means if you refer Bidvertiser to your friends and colleagues, it helps you earn more money. 

Bidvertiser introduces a new bidding campaign system. They don’t supply ads to your site randomly. Instead, they sell the ad space of your site to advertisers. Advertisers compete to get space on your site to place their advertisements by bidding.

If your site has more traffic, they start bidding for the space, and you might get more money from this process. In addition, Bidvertiser helps you to earn more revenue if you provide them with updates about your monthly page views.

Moreover, there are no minimum traffic requirements to get approval from Bidvertiser. This is why you can get started with them anytime. All you have to do is provide high-quality content to engage your visitors and spend more time on your site.

This particular ad network allows you to target ads based on your content topics, keywords, and location, so you never run out of ads. Additionally, they filter out any virus and malware ads so that you won’t face any hassles and your site’s speed is never down.

Highlighted Features

  • Full coverage of the traffic across mobile and desktop.
  • Pays both from clicks and conversions.
  • Multiple payment options.
  • Increasing revenue through a bidding campaign.
  • Artificial Intelligence ad optimizing technology.
  • Multiple ad formats and offers are displayed.
  • Filter out robot traffic, virus and malware ads.

Payment Method

Bidvertiser pays via PayPal, Wire Transfer, Bitcoin, and Check. A minimum of 10$ can be withdrawn monthly.

Which Is The Best Alternative To Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is a fantastic way to monetize your website and, at the same time, provide relevant, contextual ads for your visitor. However, sometimes Google AdSense just doesn’t work out for some websites. In this case, you can use an alternative.

In my experience and research, one great alternative to Google AdSense is Ezoic that offers high-quality ads from reputable brands. It also has a user-friendly interface, making it easy to get started.

Other great alternatives to Google AdSense are Mediavine and that I also recommend. Both of these networks offer a wide variety of ad formats and high-CPMs.

In Conclusion

To sum it all up, (in my humble opinion) the best alternative to Google AdSense is Ezoic. It has a very user-friendly platform, excellent customer service, and plenty of features to help you increase your revenue. The only downside is that it does not have a built-in ad blocker like AdBlock Plus. However, it does give you the option to use another adblocker if you wish.

I do not mean that other alternatives are not good, but after trying out many, Ezoic is the best for me. I hope this article has been helpful and informative. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below. Thanks for reading!

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