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10 Best Car Rental Booking WordPress Plugins(Reviewed)

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In the last five years, there has been a big boom in the car rental industry. There are so many new car rental WordPress plugins to create online booking and reservation systems. All plugins are not good for creating an updated online car rental website.

That’s why we shared below the 10 best WordPress car rental booking plugins from the top-ranked. Car rental business owners can boost their business by using these WordPress plugins. They don’t have to be a coder to operate these plugins if they use our recommended one.

However, if you’re looking for an easy way to add some functionality to your car rental site, or if you’ve just started blogging about cars and want to make it easier on yourself with fewer steps when people book their rentals through your site, then one of these will work well for you!

Also, you’ll be able to integrate some plugins with popular booking engines like and Expedia as well as manage reservations through your WordPress website from anywhere in the world.

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Car Rental Booking WordPress Plugin

Top 10 Car Rental Booking WordPress Plugins

Car rental process is complex because customers always search for availability updates. The process of rental includes complex forms. But you can manage the entire business with a single WordPress plugin. These plugins include different booking forms, inventory management, and more.

Also, we have included some core features for the car rental business. You can flexibly create any rental forms. These forms are fully responsive, which means usable on different devices like desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Let’s start to know the top 10 best car rental plugins.

BRW – Booking Rental Plugin WooCommerce

Booking Rental Plugin WooCommerce

Booking Rental WooCommerce offers many flexible features. You can include multiple rental systems in one WordPress website. Woocommerce has developed this plugin with easy-to-use templates and features.

Besides, you can use this one plugin for car rental, hotel, tour booking, and many more services. The plugin is easy to use and well compatible with all popular WordPress themes and child themes as well.

booking form

key Features

  • Admin can set the price by hours, days, and mix it between hours and days.
  • You can also set a price for location-based services and special occasions.
  • Customers can set pickup and drop-off dates from the calendar. This calendar also helps customers to check availability and price related to dates.
  • Automated email notifications through an email after booking or canceling.
  • Includes a powerful search functionality to search for anything related to the rental service.
  • Admin can manage orders in both online and offline mode.
  • Customers can make payments for multiple orders with one order of rental.
  • Admin can manage orders from a vast selection by filtering orders.
  • Options for full or partial payment are available for customer satisfaction. It also includes multiple payment gateways.
  • Admin can manage booking requests by the customers.
  • Customers can effortlessly cancel their bookings and get their refunds.

Price: Booking Rental Woocommerce comes with a pricing plan of $39 for a 1-year update and 6 months of customer support.

Car Rental Booking System for WordPress

Car Rental Booking System

This plugin is one of the most popular plugins in the car rental booking WordPress plugins market. With this plugin, you can create a full WordPress car rental website.

This plugin includes unlimited forms and categorized pricing rules, and more options. Also, it is integrated with Telegram Messenger to connect with the subscribers. You can easily manage customers with an integrated google calendar. Users can book vehicles by using the online booking forms.

key Features

  • This plugin provides Geolocation services and location summaries with pop-up notifications.
  • Admin can enable service restrictions over Driver’s age.
  • Admin can change the default price and create different pricing rules.
  • There are different tools available to manage Google Map settings.

Price: The price of this famous plugin is only $40 with 6 months’ supports.

Native Car Rental

Native Car Rental Plugin

Native Car Rental, one of the most used car rental booking WordPress plugins. This plugin includes all the native functions of WordPress, which are secure. All the services and booking options are available in one panel.

The top Silicon Valley engineers are behind this amazing plugin. You can run your car rental business smoothly with this easy and powerful wp plugin. It offers different Woocommerce payment gateways.

Native Car Rental Booking Form

Key Features

  • This plugin offers vast features. You can put different widgets with a proper organization.
  • This plugin can handle high-traffic websites.
  • Admin can add various coupons and pre-payment methods.
  • Notification is sent to the customers with an invoice after a booking is confirmed.

Price: You’ll get this amazing and exclusive plugin at $55 with 6 months’ support. Pay an additional $19 to get a 12 months subscription and support.

Advance Car Rental Booking Management

Advance car rental booking

Car rental booking has never been so much easier! But with Advance Car Rental Booking Management Plugin, as an admin, you can list all the cars on your online store.

You can easily add customized and unlimited car features, types, or classes to your website. You can also highlight the real-time availability of car images to the clients. The price calculation method for daily, hourly, and the combination of both is exclusive.

Customers will be able to find your perfect car in just a few clicks, which means no more endless calls to get availability on whether or not a particular model is available.

Key Features

  • Automatically calculates distances between locations.
  • Well compatible with Woocommerce
  • Customers can book cars on a specific date and time range. Set your desired car block interval between two bookings.
  • Save time managing resources and prices.
  • Spend more time on maintaining your product’s website.
  • Increase efficiency of a car rental business.

Price: The plugin offers a reasonable price of $19. It also includes 6 months of support and regular updates.

Rent a Car – WordPress plugin

Rent a car plugin

To create any kind of vehicle booking online business, use this powerful plugin named Rent a Car. It can be used for taxi services because it includes pickup and drop-off services features.

Besides, customers and admin will get messages after reservations. Users can also get to accept and reject status via email.

key Features

  • Different currency options are available for customers in different countries.
  • Customers and owners will get a notification for every accepted or canceled reservation.
  • Comfortable selection process between daily and hourly time frame.
  • Set a time-space for preparing a vehicle for the next use and define a price range.

Pricing: This amazing WP plugin comes at an amazing price of $19.

Note- This plugin is not available now.

RNB – WooCommerce Booking & Rental Plugin

RnB WooCommerce Booking & Rental Plugin

RNB is a simple car rental booking WordPress plugin that has many premium features. It has an impressive GUI and is coded perfectly with error-free features. It offers some unique features for a car rental booking service.

The plugin includes various pricing options, calendar management options, etc. Also, you can easily integrate this with the popular WooCommerce plugin.

RNB booking form

key Features

  • The plugin comes with a Google map that you can use with some features.
  • Customers can book services through an integrated booking form.
  • Different pricing lists include daily, monthly, and per hour categories.
  • Manage inventory like order numbers, sales, deliveries, etc.
  • Excellent customer support system.

Price: This plugin costs $29 with all its functionalities and features, including 6 months’ support.

Booking Calendar

booking plugin

We well know the booking Calendar plugin for its powerful free features. Customers can easily create their preferred car booking site with this plugin. More than 60k+ users are using it to create a professional booking system site.

key Features

  • It offers live preview features so that you’ll get a demo outlook and change it anytime.
  • The plugin includes online booking services for customers to place their orders.

Price: This plugin is a free product that you can download from

Car Rental System (Native WordPress plugin)

Car Rental System

Car rental system Native is high quality and responsive WordPress plugin that offers flexible settings and features. It provides an online rental solution with multiple rental systems. This faster, secure, and user-friendly plugin is created by Silicon Valley engineers. It’s compatible with popular WordPress themes and plugins.

The plugin offers a slick slider, HTML5 Font, awesome icon, and many premium features. So your customer can see vehicle availability and booking a car rental with a highly customizable reservation system. Also, the detailed log with an individual review is perfect for increasing more trustworthiness of the customers.

key Features:

  • There is a slider, calendar, and price table options
  • You will get notification by confirmation with an email
  • The plugin is perfect to manage e-commerce and events tracking
  • It offers some popular payments like PayPal, Stripe, the bank, and even the manual as well.
  • You can find different customer reviews for your satisfaction.
  • Easy to learn and clean source code will help you add your feature on the plugin.
  • Secured by four security layers and the optimal BCNF database structure will help you stay connected with the plugin with no hassle.

Price: It costs only $55/year with 6 months of support.

Calendarista Premium Booking System

calendarista premium

Calendarista Premium is another fastest and convenient car rental booking WordPress plugin. It provides truthful solutions for car rental, apartment rental, travel agencies, beauty salons, and hotel reservation systems. For business people who want to make bookings online, this plugin is the perfect solution. 

Calendarista is functioned by unique software for giving the most efficient online booking experience and provides 3 payment gateways.

Also, it offers a store locator google map feature to set up the destination and departure of online business. It’ll help the customers calculate the route distance and cost of every journey.

key Features

  • ICAL live feeds help the customers to sync the appointments.
  • You can book the order with non-sequential dates.
  • You can accept payments via WooCommerce, Stripe, and Paypal.
  • It allows translation into multiple languages with the help of WPML and Polylang support.
  • You can cancel a booking with a flexible time limit.
  • Good for adding discounts/coupons and pay reminder facilities.
  • You’ll get a notification by email for every upcoming appointment.
  • All the information and data are protected by EU law and legislation.

Price: It costs only $79/year with 6 months of support.

Car Park Booking System for WordPress

Car park booking

In the WordPress plugin market, you can find different online reservation plugins. But among all, the car park booking system is the most trustworthy and influential online reservation WordPress plugin. It provides different tools and features to confirm every booking with satisfaction.

key Features

  • You’ll get notifications by email and SMS for every booking and update.
  • This plugin allows getting access to an unlimited number of locations.
  • This convenient plugin gives free lifetime updates to all the customers.
  • Its responsive layout helps you adapt the website to any screen size.
  • The built-in tool feature helps you create multiple coupons in one second.
  • The plugin is available with a smart sticky sidebar and business hour features.
  • You can add payment gateways with this, like Paypal, Stripe, Cash, and Wire Transfer.
  • Customers can change the language of the website with the help of WPML.
  • It has a location marker option that allows you to see parking information, address details, and opening hours.

Price: It costs only $40/year with 6 months’ support.

Which One Should You Choose?

We don’t see the listed plugins in the same eyes of different angels because mentioned plugins are very useful and best rated.

We’ve properly researched those plugins and then finally include them on our post as the top car rental plugins. But everything has the best things and always wins in one that we all know. So among these top 10 car rental plugins, we highly suggest using RNB- Car Rental that is our 1st recommended, and secondly Car Rental Booking System.

Not only these two plugins, but you can use any of them. Each plugin is best for its unique features. So you can use any of them and it’ll depend on your budget.


Online car rental booking systems are becoming more and more popular as the internet has made it easier to find a ride. There are many different plugins available for WordPress that can help you create an online reservation system with your business.

If want the best one for your car rental site, you can use our recommended one. You should also consider which plugin best suits your budget before making your decision on which plugin to purchase!

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