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10 Best WordPress Q&A Plugins 2022 (Compared)

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You already have noticed that almost all the websites have a special section dedicated to answering the audience’s questions or users. It has been one of the most common areas.

Also, there are some dedicated websites for answering the questions asked by the people. For example, Reddit and Quora are known to all. In these q&a sites, people ask questions and make answers to them. It gathers visitors to those sites, and as a result, people browse the sites for hours.

Answering the questions by the users and consumers is a generous business policy. It increases business magnitude. This article will help you to choose the best q&a plugin for improving or adding a q&a section to your site.

Important of Question-and-Answer Section

Now, almost maximum business websites include a question and answer section because of some valid reasons. One of the primary reasons is that it helps to bind the visitors with the sites and attract new visitors like a magnet.

Every time questions emerge in the mind of the people. That time they go for the question and answer section. There they post questions and answers. If people do not find any section that can meet their need to answer a question, they feel disappointed and leave the site.

So, for this reason, every website needs to provide a section where people can post questions and answers.

Why Use a WordPress Q&A Plugin?

As most of the websites are developed in WordPress, it can be possible to improve or update any section typing no code. In this case, the WordPress plugin helps a lot.

If needed to include or modify the q&a section of a WordPress website, it just needs to install a q&a plugin of specific features that can effectively improve q&a functionality.

All the plugins, including the pro version, premium version plugin, can enhance the quality of the answer questions section of a particular website that can also taste the discussion forums.

Every premium plugin gives an advanced question and answers functionality with the custom design to integrate with the site.

Best WordPress q&a Plugins

Most of the WordPress plugins built for facilitating q&a section of the websites are competitive in quality. So it is challenging work to compare among them to differentiate the best plugin. Among them, the most popular is going to be described in the following.

Sabai Discuss – Q&A Forum Plugin for WordPress

It is a premium version q&a WordPress plugin featuring asking and answering questions. It brings flat design with a facility to search for questions and answers through keywords and categories. It is possible to post comments in both questions and answer sections, including the file attachments.

Sabai Discuss

As an administrator of the site, you can restrict members and allow guest users of the preferable role. The plugin provides 10 email notification templates to notify people quickly with email. 

It facilitates the system by giving user profile pages and reputation. It is possible to set up numerous forums according to need and limit their access to the major section.

Price: It costs only $24/year with 6 months of customer support. (Price displayed excludes sales tax)

DW Question & Answer Pro – WordPress Plugin

It is a pro version WordPress plugin for q&a functionality. There are reviews that it is easy to set up. It is very well designed with a beautiful layout offering many more quality features—one of the significant contents that the admin can determine who can post private questions or not. 

DW question-answer pro

The private questions are kept hidden and only viewed by the author and the admin. It automatically sets the answer as the best answer that gets the most vote in the queue. 

While searching for it, it shows search suggestions to do a quick search. According to its Advanced Permission Settings, the admin can determine the activities of posting questions, answers, and comments based on their roles.

DW Pro testimonial
Some testimonials of DW Pro

Price: It costs only $39/year with 6 months of customer support. (Price displayed excludes sales tax)

bbPress Q&A/Forum Plugin


bbPress is one of the most popular questions and answer WordPress plugins developed by WordPress founder, Matt Mullenweg. It allows users to quickly create a forum with great features such as clean design, pagination, spam protection, and more.

It’s free and open-source, customizable with a large number of plugins. It offers great out-of-the-box integration with WordPress.

So if you are looking for a free plugin for creating a q&a or forum site, you can definitely love this plugin.

Price: It’s an open-source plugin, so it’s free. You can download bbPress from the WordPress plugin directory.

QaForum – WordPress Question & Answers Forum Plugin

QaForum is one of the simplest types of WordPress q&a plugins that may be broadly used as a forum discussion system. If it is set up on any WordPress website to make the q&a section, anybody can ask questions there.


There will be no restriction when it is time to answer any question. Anybody can make answers to any question. Moreover, in this plugin, anybody can vote to make the best answer.

A user can upvote or downvote an answer according to his wish. It offers a demo-free version.

Price: It costs only $29/year with 6 months of customer support. (Price displayed excludes sales tax) [This plugin is not available now.]

Built Question Answer Site for Your WordPress

The most astonishing matter of the plugin is that it supports schema.org, which gives it a specialty. It also supports the archive page, excellent account page, and frontend question submission form via shortcode.

Question answer plugin

It provides a highlighted background for the featured questions and allows searching and filtering by user slug, categories, keywords, and question status. Also, it enables the display of the view count for questions, answers count, and upvotes and downvotes. 

The admin can change the post status of any question as solved or unsolved. It brings a useful feature that any user can subscribe to any question to get notifications.

Price: Free of cost

Forum – Modern Discussion Forum for WordPress

It was formerly known as the WP Pro Forum system. It allows the admin to set up a user-friendly forum for q&a functionality. It works on the front end of a website, and the admins can manage forums, topics, replies, etc. 


The plugin ensures drag and drops file upload. It is very user-friendly with many unique and updated features with a modern look to make it more competitive.

Also, it includes both light and dark themes with customization facilities. So the forum plugin gives more power to the admin by blocking users’ blocking based on their activities.

Price: It costs only $19/year with 6 months of customer support. (Price displayed excludes sales tax)

YITH WooCommerce Questions and Answers

YITH WooCommerce questions

YITH WooCommerce Q&A plugin can make your business smoother. It allows you to create a q&a section on your business website where your customers can ask questions. Both the other customer or users or your admin can answer their relevant questions.

It’s an excellent way for the customers to make questions and answers. The plugin can give very beneficial services providing q&a functionality in the product pages. It is supported in almost all WordPress themes.

Price: Free.

WP-Answers: WordPress Question and Answer plugin

This is the very first questioning and answering system for WordPress websites. It is supported with all the WordPress themes and easy to set it up with the existing WordPress theme.

Ultimate WordPress question and answer

The plugin has an expert in pulling content from the Stack Exchange and making the sites busy. It allows the users to login with Facebook and Twitter, which ensures friendly usability. Integration with Facebook and Twitter makes the contents automatically intended to be virally spread. 

It gives points to the users and makes a leader board that encourages the users’ participation through competition. With it, you can easily add q&a functionality for your community to your existing site. 

WP Answers testimonial
Testimonial of WP Answers plugin

Price: It costs only $34/year with 1 year of customer support.

Heroic WordPress FAQs Plugin

Heroic WordPress FAQs plugin

This is one of the FAQ plugins for WordPress websites. It is complete with all features that a FAQ system needs to be implemented. When you first publish any FAQ in this plugin, you will not get repetitive questions. It is because it facilitates the functionality in just one page. This feature makes it simple and more user functionality. 

Besides, it enables the user to make questions and answers. Group FAQs are a unique feature of it. So overall, it is very user-friendly, and hence there is no complicated management. 

Price: It costs only $49 for a single site with 1 year of customer support and plugin updates.

CM Answers Discussion Forum Plugin

CM answers

CM plugin is a questions and answers plugin for WordPress websites, and it allows the users to post questions and answers to the questions. The users can also post comments to the questions, answers and they can even give upvote or downvote to the question and the answers.

The site admin can change the formation of the questions and answers. It allows the users to subscribe to specific categories and topics. They can also upload over one file and notify if there is any new question or answer.

Price: It has both free and pro versions. Premium version costs only $39 for a single site with 1 year of customer support and plugin updates.

Which Q&A Plugin Is The Best?

WordPress powers over 25% of websites online, and is without a doubt the most popular CMS software in existence. With that being said, the number of WordPress plugins available is staggering, with new ones coming out daily.

For this reason, you need to be careful when choosing an answer and question plugin for WordPress. To help you out, I’ll be reviewing a selection of the best WordPress Q&A plugins available and making recommendations on which ones you should be using.

I personally like Sabai Discuss Q&A Forum Plugin which is similar to Disqus but better because it’s very popular and can be found on most WordPress websites.

Not all plugins are equal, so you should take your time to pick the best WordPress Q&A plugin for you and your website’s needs.

Final Verdict

If you want to enhance your business by attracting more users to your site, you must facilitate your site with a section of q&a functionality. It attracts the people like a magnet and binds them with the site. The process becomes rapid when it is integrated with Facebook and Twitter.

However, choose the best suitable WordPress q&a plugin that meets your community’s needs. It is wise to select the one that integrates easily with existing WordPress themes.

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